Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters

Made by Accolade, released in 1992

The Eternal Doctrine

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2006! I left my write-up mostly unchanged. I always titled these posts "Fun with [game]" when I did them on LJ, thus the first line.

And so we return to Star Control 2 for the final time, I think. I feel weird calling this "fun with" since this isn't going to be fun, but I'd hate to break screencap adventure tradition.

Anyway, Curious_velvet mentioned that she heard that if you let the Kohr-Ah destroy a race, you can then go to their homeplanet and scan it. This could be really helpful in terms of information on races (particularly hostile ones that will never let you on their world) so I decided to go for it. I decided I'd let the Kohr-Ah kill everyone.

I've never lost this game, on purpose or otherwise. Letting this happen was actually kind of hard...I can't off-hand think of any game that makes you watch the results of your failure so clearly as Starcon2 does.

I decided to hit the worlds that were already open before chronicling the Kohr-Ah death march. Here's Procyon, the Chenjesu-Mmrnmhrm world. It is so sad that I can spell Mmrnmhrm without thinking about it.

Even though it's a slaveshielded world, you can still get some info from it. No weather but those are some tectonics there. Also WOW IS IT COLD. Vacuum atmosphere? Huh.

Gamma Krueger I, homeworld of the Pkunk. Here, they'd already left to merge with the Yehat so I didn't feel too bad about that. A lot of species evolve on Water Worlds I found out. Colder than Earth, but those are some strong tectonics and weather. :O Slightly shorter days too.

Earth for comparison, which looks like is the default to which all other planets are compared. Looks like Earth is more tilted than some of these planets. Also weather/tectonics at 2, hmm.

The Moon just for the heck of it.

Eta Vulpeculae is the homeworld of the Androsynth, or was rather. Very similiar to Earth, but that's no surprise.

Vela, where the Captain was born. Hahaha it looks like Vela is mild even compared to Earth. You got lucky, Captain.

Epsilon Gruis is also known as SPATHIWA, the Spathi homeworld. SPATHIWA. I never get tired of that word. They already slaveshielded themselves as you can see here.

A water world! No surprise really. Also kind of mild compared to Earth, although a bit warmer.

Alpha Tauri is...what was it...the Green Eye of Kazon? Or was it Dogar? Either way, it's the homeworld of the Ilwrath, who at this point had attacked and gotten themselves slaughtered against the Thraddash. Hot world, and pretty rough in terms of tectonics/weather too!

Delta Draconis I, the Thraddash homeworld. Pretty heavy weather and tectonics, but that's not that big a surprise. Warmer than Earth again!

Betelgeuse, the Syreen's new home. Pretty nice, although a little colder than Earth. Not as tilted either...

On precisely February 15th, 2159 by my game, the Kohr-Ah's sphere of influence began to move, signaling they'd won their Doctrinal Conflict over the Kzer-Za. I doubled the size of these so you could see the spheres of influence easier.

Feb. 17...

The Kohr-Ah move on the Druuge, their first victims.

Then the Druuge's sphere of influence vanishes, and just like that they're gone. I'd feel bad about it, but then again the Druuge were directly responsible for the Burvixese getting wiped out so I can't really.

Zeta Persei I, the heart of the Crimson Corporation. Wiped clean. Huh, I would've thought that the Druuge's world would have been hotter, but I guess not. Rough tectonics/weather again though.

Next, the Mycon.


The Mycon homeworld. I got here and then thought "Wait a minute, what did I EXPECT to find here? It's going to be a Shattered World, duh."

Anyway, a typical Mycon planet. No weather that normal? Another vacuum type atmosphere.

The VUX, no! D:

Ducked into Quasispace quick here to avoid some Kohr-Ah ships that were tailing me.

Wiped out. :< Noooooooooooooooooooooo

I wonder if ZEX survives when this happens, if he's alive. Probably not. He was already dead by the time I triggered this so I couldn't check.

Hey, they have a moon! Heh.

Same type of world as ZEX's, hmm. If I remember right, the weather is a bit harsher, but the tectonics seem the same. I CAN'T BELIEVE I CAN RATTLE OFF THE STATS OF ZEX'S HOMEWORLD GOD WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME.

Their homeworld is fairly cold. :O Weird since ZEX's is so warm. Hmm. Looks like their days are just slightly longer than ours here, although on ZEX's planet it matched ours perfectly.

You can see the cities on the planets if you scan them and land on them. I probably should have done that in retrospect to get an idea of where everyone's cities would be. Woops. Anyway, you get this message on whatever planet you land on after the Kohr-Ah are done with them.

VUX have cities in the water? Huh.

The Kohr-Ah head for the Orz next.

Gone. Or are they? They did come from another dimension after all. They might have just gone back to where they came from.

Frick a Kohr-Ah caught me

Wait a minute, I thought the Kohr-Ah followed the Eternal Doctrine. Everything I've read says they do. Now I'm confused. ahfuahusdgh

Okay, checking on it, the Kzer-Za say the Kohr-Ah follow the Eternal Doctrine and say that they themselves follow the Path of Now and Forever. And apparently the Kohr-Ah also believe that they follow the Path of Now and Forever and don't mention an Eternal Doctrine.


Oh Captain.

Anyway, battle time, blah blah teleported out etc.

Not the Zoq-Fot-Pik! No!

Frick there are Kohr-Ah ships here. Darn it.

Gamma Vulpeculae, the Orz homeworld. Odd, I would've thought it'd be more watery. Pretty warm though. Rough place too...

Noooooooo D:

I caught them moving here, thus why their sphere of influence is white.

The homeworld of the Zoq-Fot-Pik. Another redux world like the VUX! Kind of rough weather though.

Man look at all those Kohr-Ah ships in the bottom right corner there. You can see that it's only May and the Kohr-Ah have wiped out five races.



What the are they heading for the Arilou?

Darn it more Kohr-Ah ships.

WOW the Umgah homeworld is warm. Also very earthquakey apparently.

They did! They cleaned out the Arilou sphere! But the Arilou live in Quasispace, they can't be gone.

So I went to go check.

And it looks like they're fine! At least THEY survive.

Moving the Slylandro?

No, the Supox and Utwig. I decided to go check on the Slylandro anyway.

Looks like they're okay...


And the Utwig aren't far behind. I wonder if the Supox had the chance to warn them? Not that it would've done any good...

And this is after I fixed their Ultron too. :< I can picture them believing that it would save them and oh god.

The Kohr-Ah move down.

The Supox homeworld of Beta Librae. Wow, that's some intense weather and tectonics. Also fairly warm. Hmm!

Frigging Kohr-Ah ships.

Beta Aquarii, the Utwig homeworld. Fairly similar to Earth, actually. Not a lot of land on it...

The Yehat are next.

While this was going on, I decided to talk to the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za.

Thanks, Captain. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

We, who have tried to protect you. This is one of those moments that kind of puts it all into perspective. The Kzer-Za aren't evil, they're just paranoid in a way but dealing with the universe the way they know how. In a way they DID protect everyone from the Kohr-Ah, and they tried to stop them.

I don't know, I always thought this is one of those kind of important moments for the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za.

There, they call it the Eternal Doctrine.

I also think it's interesting how obviously disturbed the Ur-Quan are at the Kohr-Ah's genocide.

A nice sentiment.

Meanwhile, the Kohr-Ah continue towards the Yehat.

Sep. 28th and almost everyone is gone.

The Royalists go first.

Then both are gone.

All that's left is Earth itself.

Gamma Serpentis, the Yehat homeworld. You can see where that huge mountain might be that caer they talk about, the one they fought over. Cold place. Pretty harsh weather and tectonics too. Yehat are probably pretty thick skinned.

Ducked into Quasispace again. Oct. 14.

Closer and closer.

On exactly October 21, 2159...

And that's it. The end.

That was hard to watch. :< I love all the races in this game so much, so to see them all die like that...

I think you can still beat the game when the Kohr-Ah begin their death march. You can take the bomb from the Utwig after they're dead without dealing with them or the Druuge, take it back to the Chmmr, and trigger the endgame that way. Whether or not you'd have enough time to beat the game still I'm not sure. Getting the bomb attached takes two weeks no matter what. How much time would you have after the Utwig die? And what kind of victory would it be anyway?

Everyone would be gone.

Man that was depressing. :< But at least I got the info. I can't believe I didn't scan for cities though darn it. I should have. If I feel up for it maybe I'll go through again...not right now though.

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