Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters

Made by Accolade, released in 1992

The Yehat Revolution

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2006! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.


Now where were we? That's right, Yehat space!

Woah, three ships already. Nice.

Those boomerang type things are Yehat Terminators. One of the original ships from the first Starcon, the Terminator is pretty well rounded in terms of acceleration and turning. They have a double barreled primary weapon which makes a VERY distinctive sound when firing (I can't even describe it, except maybe something BRRBRBRBRBRBREEEYEEHA or something like that.) and can do pretty good damage pretty fast. Their secondary weapon is a temporary shield. Unlike the Utwig, this shield uses their battery and therefore can't be used all the time, but the Yehat can also regain their battery so they ALWAYS have their shield as an option. Terminators can be pretty good when flown by someone who knows what they're doing. Me, I'm terrible with shields, which is why I suck with the Utwig and Yehat. GIVE ME SPEED ANYDAY.

Were you expecting pterodactyls? BIG BUMBLEBEE PTERODACTYLS??

The Yehat music is some of the BEST IN THE GAME, in my opinion. If you don't download ANY music from this game, AT LEAST download this one. I just love this music SO much. It's dramatic, but it's still...I don't even know how to describe it. It's just so awesome. It fits them perfectly I think.

The original MOD
The Mp3, matches the MOD pretty closely, but I actually like how the MOD sounds a bit more for some reason. Like it's more clear.
A remix of the Yehat theme called the Revolution Remix. Every single time I hear the opening voice in this I get goosebumps.
The RUSH remix of the Yehat theme, which is good stuff
The UQM remix is called Years Late, since it took a long time for it to get released compared to the other UQM remixes, haha. A more sweepy kind of sound.



Woah, that's a first. I've never seen there be SO MANY responses that they scrolled off the screen. Weird.

Which is why I'll be exploiting this.


Something about this makes me laugh so hard. Just the idea of the Captain saying it in a deadpan, serious voice.

Hehehe. I like the idea of their random YEEP things just being totally uncontrollable.

Shattered Worlds! Have I talked about those? I'll be hitting one in a bit.

Without looking this up, I'm going to say it's Beta Copernicus.

HINT HINT actually yeah I should do that soon. That'd probably be helpful later on Zeta Hyades. I'll probably do that after I finish with the Thraddash.

Did I mention why the Yehat like the humans so much? The Yehat and the Humans both managed to achieve starflight without the influence of any outside civilization. Most other races encountered other species who helped them out of their own stars, but not the Yehat or the Humans. The Yehat really respect Humans for doing that, and the Humans respect the Yehat in return. They treat each other as equals, maybe brothers but that might be going a bit far. This is why it's killing the Yehat to have to try and turn against you, and why they want to help you so bad. Just in case this seems kind of strange to anyone out there.

::could ramble on for hours about the history of various races in this game::


Also the Yehat have this deep sense of honor, more so than humans, so another factor on why this bothers them so much.

Then they booted me out of the conversation. Well darn. On the plus side, they didn't attack me tho. Woooo

I'm not done with you yet.


I picture the Yehat leaning over their monitor, feathers all up, just snarling this out with all the rage they can muster.

Hee hee, Veep-neep. I can't help it, all of the Yehat names make me laugh.

More on this in a bit.




And to think, currently the Pkunk are on their way to "reunite" with the Yehat once again as their mystics have foretold. I SEE LOTS OF BLOOD IN YOUR FUTURE PKUNK which reminds me I need to tell them to go home again before they get slaughtered.

I like that there's no exclamation point or anything. Just idly "Oh yeah your children are alive by the way"

Wondering why I had the Scout with me?

I wonder how the Yehat felt when they first found out about the Glory Device. I'm thinking that it was purely a Shofixti invention (could be wrong tho), and I don't know if they'd feel entirely at ease with the Shofixti blowing themselves up everywhere. Then again, the Yehat value honor and loyalty and bravery over everything else, so I guess they'd view the Glory Device as the ultimate sacrifice for a battle and therefore not as a waste of life. Random speculating.

I get this image of a Yehat holding a Shofixti in its wings and just being so shocked beyond words that they can't even express how happy they are. I mean, thinking about the horrible way they saw their children die, and how heavily that weighed on their conscience about what they're currently doing, and then suddenly finding out that no, their children are still alive.

Hahahaha. Every species takes potshots at the Spathi. The Yehat I can definitely see being disgusted with the Spathi's cowardice. BUT THAT'S WHY I LOVE THE SPATHI


DARN IT I just hear this in such a dramatic voice and arrrrgh it's so cool leave me alone

I can totally see a Yehat yelling this at the top of its lungs. So awesome.

After this, the Yehat Sphere of Influence splits in two, with the Rebels and the Royalists in constant battle. You have a 50/50 chance of running into either after this point. Rebels of course will be on your side, but the Royalists...

Two thousand years. Two thousand. I can't even imagine peace for two thousand years with US, much less the Yehat.

Hee hee hee hee.

HAhahahahahaaaa I love the Captain. It's just such a casual way to say it.

I picture the Zeep-Zeep showing the Shofixti to every Yehat they can to try and get them on their side. I'd imagine that most would change allegiance, tho I guess not all.

Hahaha. You know what, technically at one point, I, personally, can cause the double-genocide of two entire races. I'LL SHOW YOU LATER.

Aww, now I feel all bad. Revolutions have costs!

And then they attacked me. Pff. I teleported out.

There, you can see their double spheres.

HEY this wasn't MY idea!

Then after that they attacked me again. Boring.

Hee hee. Darn it, their names never stop being amusing.

Oh neat! I should drop back by here sometime, Terminator ships are pretty good.

I don't know why they included sterile. I guess to emphasize how cold the entire thing was towards the Shofixti.

Which, in turn, screwed over the Kzer-Za when the Kohr-Ah came back. If the Shofixti hadn't destroyed a third of their fleet, the Kzer-Za would have defeated the Kohr-Ah handily. Weird how things work out, eh?

I don't know about you, but I mean, the Shofixti blow themselves up without a single care all the time. I guess the Yehat trusted they'd use the bomb against the Ur-Quan or something.

Speaking of which, this bomb is probably similar or identical to the Utwig bomb. Both were Precursor made, I'm assuming for the same original purpose of terraforming large planets.


I know nothing of science or astronomy so I'm gonna take their word on it that this is possible. It IS a huge bomb capable of destroying an entire planet. I'm assuming it could take out a chunk of the sun in that case.

Related note, I love the word Caer. I don't know why.

Well, there you go. Maybe cause there was NO ONE TO FIGHT 2000 YEARS AGO but hey.

Hee hee, dandies.


I'm tryin to think of another race that's this self-destructive (besides humans of course) and I think the Thraddash top them. The Thraddash are waaaay more self-destructive than any other race. Heck, I'd even say they're worse than the Utwig who want to commit mass suicide. BUT WE'LL SEE THEM LATER.

The Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm were the leaders of the original Alliance, but I think I went over this before. We humans weren't the main force, but our productivity was vastly helpful. Back then, they didn't have the ability to produce things very quickly, so when the humans suddenly kicked up all their factories again after agreeing to join the Alliance of Free Stars, the other races were able to manufacture ships much more effectively and efficiently. I can't say that the humans were the most important part of the alliance because they weren't, and I think I'd put them in the low-middle range of usefulness. But maybe that's just my bad associations with the Earthling ship though.

Of course, back then there were fewer races involved anyway...

Hahaha, I bet the Shofixti were less than pleased to hear about the Yehat retreat.

I was just thinking of how their ships would work together in battle. I'm thinking that due to the Scout's small size, it would tail the Terminator and use it as a shield kind of, while the Terminator itself worked through the enemy's defenses. Once close enough, the Terminator would provide enough cover for the Shofixti Scout to maneuveur undetected close to the enemy ship, then use their Glory Device while the Terminator shielded through the blast. Just a thought. I'm sure there are other methods fer how they worked together, but that's just the one that comes to mind most clearly.

Something about that image just strikes me as really powerful. Watching from a distance, unable to see the Scout on the monitor, just the tiny occasional flare of light as you knew a Shofixti captain had ended their life.

Oh yeah, part of this that I forgot to mention, when a Shofixti captain finally fully engages their Glory Device, they make a kind of howling sound as they explode. A short "AWOOOOO" before they die.

Yeah, I can't imagine them lasting very long against the Ur-Quan even WITHOUT their Glory Devices.

Oh woah, I didn't know you could ask about them!

Effete? What a weird word choice. That's not the first thing that comes to mind for me for VUX, although it's interesting. Effete, hahahaha. The more I think about that the more it's making me laugh.


Except when it was his weakness for the human Captain. :(

Another hint from a different race to go check out ZEX. Heh, because of how non-linear the game is, almost any race can point you in any random direction at any time.

The Sa-Matra! Have I mentioned that before?

And it totally screwed us over.

breeg what

HAVE YOU GUESSED WHAT I'M GONNA DO YET? You've got all the pieces to put it together! Hahahahaha


I like that this still bothers them on some extent, to war against their own people, and they aren't like YEAH TOTALLY KILLING THE ROYALISTS HAHAHA AWESOME

Ha, woops.

Pfff, nothing new.

Altho I love the Yehat and their music and would like to stick around and chat with em more, it's getting really annoying fighting the Royalists and my crew is taking hits from it. Time to move on!

Druuge time!

Anyway, let's see what Yehat quotes I missed!

BRAAK! It is sure and a true thing that the alien interloper has now been warned
not to approach Caer Zeep-Reep, the Queen's High Perch
lest it be blasted without further warning!

~Haha, you may run into Rebels anywhere else, but NEVER at their homeplanet.

BRAAK! It is a shocking thing to see the return of the human renegade!
One knows this will not be boding well with her Majesty today.

Captain: What's happened in the twenty years since our species last met?
Yehat: HEEP! It is a wondering thought that crosses my mind human starship Captain.
Are ye not knowing that the cause of our Queen and empire
is now allied with the fortunes of the mighty Ur-Quan?...
...and that yer presence here is being only the end of yer life?
Haven't ye got the sense, human, to know this simple thing?


BRAAK! Ye are asking the words of a mindless child, human!
Here, in the Hall of the Queen's High Perch
ye shall not be finding the sympathies ye so vainly seek.
There are none here but the nobles and thanes of the Yehat Clans.
It is a sure thing that we will not be casting flower petals in yer path of rebellion.

~Thanes is a new word to me. I like how that last line is phrased tho.

Captain: You must help us. Surely you owe us this much, at least!
Yehat: BRAAAK! It is an unbelieveable thing!
Ye speak the words that ruffle our feathers and cause our blood to boil!
We, the loyal servants of our Queen, bless her Beak, will not be helping the likes of ye
or any of the traitor Yehat bastards ye may have found among the ranks of the starship Clans!

~WOAH. I didn't know they swore. I'm in shock.

Human! I am beginning to think that ye are touched, fer sure!
Ye tempt fate and our sympathy too much, I think.
This time, perhaps we cannot be as much yer friends as ye would like.

AWK! Human! Human. You try our souls with yer return!
What is it ye be wanting now?

Captain: What about your legendary honor? Your courage? What would the Shofixti think?!
Yehat: AWK! Awk!... hiss... awk... (sob!)...(whimper)!
We have fallen so far. (sob!)
We are not being the same (whimper!) great birds of prey your people were once knowing and trusting.
We have each betrayed the honor of our Clan, Awk! (whimper!)... just as our Queen
is betraying each of us with her association with the Ur-Quan...
If the valiant child species, the (sob-gulp!)... Shofixti were being here today
the shame!... Oh the shame!... it would be unbearable!
(whimper!)... awk!


Captain: Goodbye Yehat... our allies and friends.
Yehat: Though honoring our past commitment we are not, AWK!
we will be letting you go in peace.

Yehat: Ye are lying to us once, Captain. Now we need the hard evidence.
Order yer supposed Shofixti to come to us, Captain.
Captain: Well I don't have one right HERE.
Yehat: It is a trick then, isn't it, BRAAK!.. and nothing more.
Human, we have been patient with ye up to this point, CLACK! but now ye have gone too far.
Ye have most skillfully rubbed the salt into our wounds, and ye shall pay fer it in blood!

Human! Like all heroes, ye be as brainless as ye are brave.
Do ye not know, HEEP! that here there be none of the traitorous Zeep-Zeep Starship Clans!
Ye are as good as dead, human.

BRAAK! Cease yer bloody taunting, human!
Ye dance like a sick breeg, never engaging us in battle-to-the-death
as honor and true courage are demanding, BRAAK!

~I'm assuming this is if you keep teleporting out of battle. Hee.

Next up, the Druuge!

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