Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters

Made by Accolade, released in 1992

The Shofixti

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2006! I finally just give in and start screencapping everything. I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

ALRIGHT THAT'S ENOUGH ANGST OUT OF ME I am going to cheer myself up now! Right now!


Mostly me jumping around here, but we do encounter the Shofixti, our newest alien race! After this I'm going to pester the VUX for ENTIRELY TOO LONG so enjoy this (relatively) short post while you can. Suckers.

So I doubled back and met up with the Pkunk, whose Sphere of Influence was steadily heading towards the Yehat Sphere of Influence (I haven't encontered the Yehat just yet, but soon enough.) Did you notice?

Of course they will.

Two of these will make the Pkunk turn around and go back home. The other two are useless, I think.

Woohoo, the Pkunk are safe for a little while longer! I'll probably come back one more time to do this.

Aha, Delta Gorno. That little dart looking ship? That's our target.

The Shofixti! Well, Tanaka specifically. We never get to see any other Shofixti. I wonder what they might have looked like? Anyway, their music is cool. Kind of mellow but not. Mellower than some.

Here's the MOD
Mp3! Very close to the original.
Bonsai is the UQM remix and I gotta be honest with you, I'm not into it. Maybe some of you will be though.


Who can resist?

Note his one crew member and damaged display. Also the fact that a Shofixti ship only has six crew. This is the smallest crew allotment in the game. Note their small battery too.

Shofixti Scouts are fast and maneuverable, but that doesn't help much unless they've got a good weapon on their side. What do they have? A small gun with okay range that does one damage. Imagine taking on an Ur-Quan Dreadnought with one of these.

However, their ace in the hole, something that can turn the battle in your favor, is their Glory Device. Those switches on the bottom of Tanaka's display are the three switches required to set off his Glory Device strapped to the bottom of the Shofixti Scout's hull. When the button is pressed three times (or is it two?), another press will cause the Shofixti ship to explode in a huge fireball, causing massive damage to anything nearby. If I remember right they howl when they die too. Anyway, what this means is that the primary purpose of a Scout is to get close to an enemy ship and explode. Shofixti have no fear of doing this and view it as a great honor. They call it a Blaze of Glory if I remember right.

However, there have been skilled pilots who have taken down ships without using the Glory Device. I'm not one of them, myself.

But heck if I'm fighting Tanaka. I'M NO UR-QUAN.


The Shofixti are marsupials, if I recall correctly. Or meta-marsupials. One of those.

Take that!

Can't catch me. :D

"Pus-cup" has a nice ring to it.

Nah, perhaps that's pushing it.

I was always confused by this line when I was younger. Tanaka spoke fine before. Why the sudden weird grammar? I have my suspicions... there are just a lot of little things about the Shofixti that can add up to an uncomfortable racial allegory. I don't know if I'm qualified enough to talk about that, though.

I told you guys about their ultimate sacrifice earlier, right? I think the Arilou entry. You can use the tags to check back, if you're just joining us.

I love how mean the Captain can be sometimes.

FunRoms! Hehehe.

That was quick.



Hee hee. Wheeha.

Only mention of Daikon I'm aware of.

Limpets are the VUX Intruder's special ability. More on them when the VUX part comes up.

The Rainbow Planet! I think we already hit this one though.

Been there, done that.

In case you were wondering.

No regrets.

Possibly one of the bravest things done during the course of the first war.

This device will be very important later.

Alright, off I go.

Actually, since I hit that Rainbow World, might as well call up the Melnorme. Casters are great for that purpose. :D Never have to hit a Supergiant again! It's a litle risky, but not really.

Aha! I think I put up this quote earlier.

The Kohr-Ah.

Let's pick up those upgrades...

Eh, I guess that's interesting.

And you will DIE

Darn it, why won't you give me the Dynamo upgrade :<


Eh, I'll live for now.

I didn't actually think I could afford this, but hey! Info! Info on the Shofixti no less. I actually already know exactly what to do, but this should clarify things for you guys, I guess.

They helped in the first war by providing crew for short-staffed species.

Katana only shows up if you kill Tanaka somehow, but it's kind of tricky to do. I've tried a few times and never quite managed to get him to appear. Also "its"???

Insults. :D

ZEX <3

Perhaps a little too much, as we'll see.

This is true, you can fight ships forever and never see an end to them. His fleet is endless. His Intruder is also specially modified with Precursor Artifacts, tho I don't think you can fight it personally. He's a military genius but I feel like I've mentioned this somewhere before. Hmm.

Eh, that'll do it.

Heh, Bellatrix the star.


Since I'm not sure the Shofixti have a huge variety of things to say (mostly, what you say when you meet them and what they say when you come back with the maidens) I'll just throw up a few quotes here.

I, Katana the Warrior, have travelled for long years through space finally to come home
only to witness you blasting my brother to atoms!
Now you die!

~There you go. I've never personally seen Katana.

The Ur-Quan has returned! How unusually brave
for a leprous, non-functional sex organ, like yourself.

Evil murderer, you think to taunt me.
Ha! And again I say, Ha!
I have faced far worse than you
You pitiful imitation of six-weeks dead Dhrang!

I swear by the hero, Daikon, this time I will kill you.

~There he is again!

Captain: Fine. Go ahead. Kill yourself, you violent little weasel.
Tanaka: Wait! I have had a sudden realization!
If you are here, in such an amazing ship
that means there is yet hope to defeat the evil Ur-Quan pus-dogs!
A sudden exhilaration sweeps through my old body
I have changed my mind, Captain! I will not smash myself into an asteroid
instead, I will wait here, and when the time comes, Captain
when you have found the duty that only I can perform
I will be waiting here... eager to help you.

Next up, VUX! :D

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