Silver Chaos

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, except with lots of gay sex

Current Zar note: I eventually branched out from just doing game screencaps to doing them for yaoi as well since a bunch of yaoi is ridiculous. As a warning, if you're unfamiliar with yaoi, it in general plays pretty fast and loose with consent! There is often a lot of "no but yes" on the uke's part and at times it's just flat-out rape. I usually mention if it's rape, but "no but yes" shows up a lot in yaoi so be warned if you are sensitive to that kind of thing! Otherwise it's just something you've got to roll with.

Most yaoi also involves sex so these are DEFINITELY nsfw and are for adults only!

I did this LP in 2007! I left my write-up mostly unchanged. Silver Chaos does have rape in it! It's just discussed instead of depicted though, except for one shot with some tentacles in Lawrence's section.

I think I was reading some hentai reviews at Something Awful when I remembered that while looking for Mewtwo Strikes Back, I found my old Silver Chaos CD.

A bit of backstory I guess. I bought Silver Chaos off Ebay something like five or six years ago, mostly just because I thought it might be funny, or at least have some nice art. Why not! When I got it though, I couldn't play it because it only runs in Japanese and at that time, I was still running on Windows ME (yes, this was a long time ago) that didn't have that option, so I kind of forgot about it. Now that I have XP, I can play it!

Silver Chaos has a plot. It's not a good plot, or a very complicated plot, or anything particularly notable in the realm of yaoi plots, but the thing is that it does have one. Which is a bit unusual, I think. So that's a point for it. Also, it has a bunch of characters that I like. They're all archetypes that I'm positive you've seen before if you've had any experience with yaoi (or heck, any fantasy story ever), but you know what? I'm cool with that. There are certain archetypes that, no matter how cliche they or their setting is, I can't help but love. I'll point them out as we go along.

But anyway, as silly as this whole thing is, the characters really make it for me. Well, that's not accurate. They don't really make this, since it's gay porn, what do you want, but they make it at least more interesting than most stuff in this genre. And when it comes down to it, I'd rather have fun characters than a complicated in-depth story. With fun characters I can at least just imagine better stories for them in my head. THUS THE BIRTH OF FANFIC but anyway.

Also it is very pretty, if you're into this sort of thing. And most of the sex is consensual! A+++ in that department, Silver Chaos.


I would really love to share this with you guys so you can play it for yourself as I do with all the things I put up here, but my copy of this is burned to an actual CD, and I don't know what to do about that. :O

HOWEVER if this little review type thing intrigues you, you can get it at Aarin Fantasy I'm almost positive. Just register an account (it's free!) and head to...let's see. Here for torrents or here for just a direct download. I haven't checked those so I don't know if they work. But just look around the site, I bet it's there somewhere if you really want it.

So, anyway. Silver Chaos plays out like a choose your own adventure book. A bunch of stuff happens, then a choice pops up. You choose a path, the game progresses, etc etc to the end. There are a lot of different paths and endings, and sometimes getting one can take very minor adjustments. :O

The music is alright, pleasant enough but you do hear it a lot. The game also has pretty much full voice-acting for all the characters, and they all do a good job of that too. But more on that as we get to it.

Also, you can have sex with almost everyone you see! with only a few exceptions. I'll point them out as we go along.

FIRST UP who is this game about? WELL this game has no english translation available when you play it. After I beat it once, I went and looked it up and found out that there IS a translated script out there, and once I read that the whole thing made a ton more sense. WOO.

Here's the translation. If you want to see what the dialogue or branches end up, you can actually sort of "play" through it by just following the links through the script right there. Also, hilarious euphemisms during the sex. But anyway.

Blah blah fantasy kingdom, blah blah legend heroes evil demon king etc. BORING. Who are our main characters?

This delicate looking fellow is called Adonis. Remember our spot-the-uke game that we played with Level C? WHAT DO YOU THINK, IS THIS GUY AN UKE OR NOT? Well we'll have to meet his counterpart first. Adonis is one of the main characters this thing circles around, but he does have one distressing feature. SILVER HAIR. This means nothing good can come of him. YOU KNOW THE RULE ABOUT SILVER HAIR.

That beaten up dude there is Might, our other main character. Might is shorter than Adonis, but notably more masculine. Not that that's an accomplishment, given that Adonis is described in the narration as being exactly like a woman. BUT Might is shorter. YOU KNOW THE RULES. Who tops? More importantly, who cares? I can't help it, I am tremendously bored by both Might and Adonis and their big gay love for each other. Yet again, I find myself completely disinterested in the main characters. IT'S THE SIDE CHARACTERS THAT ARE REALLY AWESOME

If you're curious, they switch depending on the circumstances. But I think in the end, Might tops. Sort of.

So anyway, backstory I guess. Might and Adonis were childhood friends forever, etc. raised on an orphanage together, so on so on.

Might's training to be a knight, Adonis a magician or something, blah blah. YOU'VE HEARD THIS BEFORE. Dedicated to each other and such. Anyway, Might falls off a cliff or something and pretty much kills himself. Well, not quite. He is almost but not quite dead. Adonis is understandably ;_; about this.

sadface :(

Closest thing to a smile. Anyway, this is how the game really works, in a way. You got a sprite like this, that changes just a bit from one expression to another, and they change according to what they read. Not a lot of animation, but it does its job.


so right, Might's dying. suddenly a demon shows up. This demon thingy here is one of the few things in the game that has a sprite that you can't have sex with. Probably better off that way.

Anyway, demonface tells Adonis that if he does this super evil soul stealing spell, he can save Might's life. WELL, THIS CAN'T HAVE ANY CONSEQUENCES, LET'S DO IT!

You can't have sex with that thing either, by the way.

So blah blah, Adonis does the spell because HE LOVES MIGHT SO MUCH

But then after Might is all alive again Adonis gets taken away by demons.

WAS IT WORTH IT, ADONIS? We'll find out in a moment.

And here's our hero, Might! Might is as bland and generic as they come. Dedicated to finding his buddy Adonis, Might will face all obstacles with faith and determination. Might is also the guy who bangs everyone in the game, since he's the main character. He's still pretty boring though, if you ask me. And really, I don't care that much about him and Adonis. BUT HEY there are other characters!

Like this guy, who is a bonafide psychopath! His name is Hector, and I can't get over his weird clothes. I would probably like him more if he wore some kind of sensible outfit. Hector you're going to get a chest cold. >(

Right, Hector is nuts. And he whips the heck out of you right when you start the game, thus why Might is all naked here. Hector hates Might because he likes Adonis. OR DOES HE? Through a bunch of convoluted and bizarre circumstances he actually likes Might. But because he is crazy, the only way he can express this is through raping him a lot. I think choosing the Hector path gets you the most sex in one sitting. Raped twice then one consensual one.

Anyway, Hector's got issues cause his parents got murdered in front of him or something. I can't get over his clothes, I'm sorry. I CAN BE SHALLOW, THIS IS PORN. But he has a very nice voice. He calls Might Might-kun, which makes him the only person to do that. :O


comforting expression

Anyway, Hector's nuts. But if Might sticks through all the random rape he inflicts on him, he finds out that Hector really likes him in a weird twisted way. Which makes all the rape perfectly fine and they fall in love, and then Might goes and tracks him down at the end of the game, since Hector ran off to become a pharmacist.

Might hon that is not a healthy relationship. That Hector's just going to use you and abuse you! But hey, what can you do.


Stockholm Syndrome at its finest!
Crazy people

Might is all sadface from being whipped so much. :( But here's the first choice in the game. When you play through this the first time, the choices are blue, then they mark ones you've done before in pink. Helpful! Especially if you can't read Japanese. I played through this quite a bit to try and get all the CGs, since I like collecting things and it's not like it was tremendously hard.

So what are the choices here? Basically, go with the demon guy outside, or stay. If you choose the first one, it takes you outside. The second one? Gets you raped by Hector with his boot. No seriously. Hahaha dodge a bullet there.

So Might runs around outside and meets some more wacky characters! Who can they be?

Our requisite Prince and Servant! That incredibly effeminate Prince there's name is Beruna (or at least, that's the katakana for it) which I've seen romanized as Werne. It's hard to me to mesh those two, so I think of him as Verna or Berna depending. I'm pretty sure you've already guessed who Verna is. Yes, the kid on the left. I swear, he needs to eat something. YOU ARE TOO THIN, PRINCEY.

On the right, we have Fritz, his devoted and long suffering servant. Even without a translation, it's pretty easy to figure out what was going on here, what with Fritz's constant "VERNA-OUJI~ ;_;" cries and such, and I immediately fell in love with him. That's just a character type I have a bulletproof weakness for. Devoted, faithful servant. Even more so if they secretly love their master, even more so if somewhere during the course of the story the master finds out about his servant's feelings and reciprocates them. I will read a story with those elements in it no matter how awful it is because I can't help it, I absolutely love that dynamic. I'm lame that way. SO YES, I LOVE FRITZ VERY MUCH.

Also, Fritz is unique in that he has a lot of expressions and motions, but Might does not sleep with him. This is probably because the way it breaks down is that either Might sleeps with Verna, or Fritz reveals that he loves Verna in this gooshy scene and that's it. Which is fine with me really, Fritz belongs with Verna if you ask me. WHY AM I SO WEAK FOR THIS KIND OF THING.


Oh yeah, here's Might in his more normal clothes. Slightly less gay looking here.

It was pretty easy to pick up on what was going on, even without a translation at first. Verna was sneaking out, much to Fritz's D: we're going to get in trouble ouji-sama lets go back plz, and Verna was like SHUT UP I AM GREAT FRITZ YOU SUCK when he ran into some bandits, creatively named Bandit A and B. As you can guess they are very important characters.

Oh noes!

Thankfully, Might is wandering around, so Fritz asks him for help. You can agree or not. If you don't though, Hector comes out of nowhere and socks you in the stomach then rapes you, so it may be in your best interest to help them. Unless you're into that.

Also I could never resist poor Fritz. Oh Fritz. <3

Verna: THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT FRITZ asjuihighsahg

Fritz: ;_;

Might: oh gdit.

Most of Fritz's little emotions are like this, just despairing or confused. Oh Fritz. you try.

So anyway. If you go this path, eventually Verna runs into the woods after angsting about how Lawrence isn't paying attention to him (more on Lawrence in a bit) and then gets attacked by some random monster.

Oh noes!

Might gets to work, but in the end Fritz jumps in front of the monster and gets nailed in the face for it. cue big dramatic scene and Verna being all :O why would you do that fritz and fritz smacking him in the face and going DON'T BE SO SELFISH OMG YOU COULD HAVE BEEN HURT and Verna having a moment and realizing that he should stop being a stuckup prick.


And then while Fritz is in bed recuperating he's all I KNOW I'M NOT AS STRONG AS LAWRENCE BUT I CARE ABOUT YOU JUST AS MUCH OKAY VERNA-SAMA and Verna is like I'M SORRY FRITZ I WILL BEHAVE FROM NOW ON and aww. I am so weak for this kind of thing, I swear to god.


I would have at least liked a kiss or something Silver Chaos come on. Ah well, take what you can get.

Anyway. In a completely different path (somewhere in the Hector path where he rapes you) you can end up with Verna, if you want. He's not nearly as obnoxious in that path, and Fritz plays something of a smaller role. Weird stuff!

Fritz: Verna-sama pay attention ;_;

Verna: Sex?

The sex scene is pretty ridiculous though, since supposedly Verna has never had sex or even masturbated in his whole life and needs Might to teach him the *~ways of love~* and yeah, I don't think so. Hahaha.

He grows up nice though, dang. :O



Younger than you?
Might!seme :O
Ends with you being his loyal knight type person

Oh yeah, fun fact - whoever you choose to have sex with, you're pretty much monogamous with them. Except for Hector and his raping. But when you have sex with one character, you're usually stuck with their ending. Haha.

Lawrence is Captain of the Knights or something and another main character, and you'll be seeing him no matter what path you take. Well that's pretty much the case for everyone, but you know. He's big. I've seen his name romanized as Lorence which seems silly to me. It's obviously supposed to be Lawrence.

Anyway. Originally I was suspicious of Lawrence since I expected everybody to rape Might the second they looked at him, and Lawrence looked and sounded like a likely candidate. Also he is kind of boring, and I don't really like his outfit. HOWEVER reading the translated script actually made me rethink him quite a bit. He's actually very noble, gentle, a huge romantic, and very serious business. A noble knight through and through. The big thing though?

He's actually an uke in disguise.

No seriously! :O I was surprised by this myself. Lawrence is one of three characters (him, Raika, and Pam) where you have make the right decision at two junctions to unlock his path at a third one. So it can be tricky to get him. But basically, he gradually develops a crush on Might as he goes along, as you find out by that miracle of miracles, booze.


Raika: GAY

This ended with Lawrence just falling asleep innocently. Then he felt all bad about it in the morning, since Raika teased him unmercifully. hahahahaha.

Also, fluff.

Also, Might always wanted to be a knight, so there's a bit of that in there since he kind of looks up to Lawrence. :O


Anyway Lawrence feels all self-conscious and bad about crushing on Might, so he keeps it to himself. And the king. The king is all like JUST TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL GOD and Lawrence is like NO HE'D NEVER ACCEPT ME I WILL JUST LOVE HIM FROM AFAR and finally Might walks in on him and is like WHO WERE YOU TALKING ABOUT and Lawrence is like NO ONE and Might's like WAS IT ME and Lawrence is like OMG BLUSH BLUSH NO MAYBE SORT OF OH GOD D: and Might's like WELL I LIKE YOU TOO LET ME SHOW YOU HOW MUCH and then has sex with him. And Lawrence is seriously an uke all the way through, which amuses me way too much. SO LAWRENCE YOU ARE OKAY IN MY BOOK if only you weren't so frigging boring most of the time. And wore a better outfit.

Also the ending was pretty cute cause Might is all like HEY LAWRENCE GIVE ME SOME SUGAR and Lawrence is all :O omg i am so embarrassed jahshghah and Might's like HAHAHA and rides off.

I'm amused by the switching of traditional roles okay get off my back

Also he gets tentacle raped by a crazy evil Hector if you choose a certain path. Hahaha talk about drawing the short straw there, Lawrence.


Might!seme (sort of)
Romantic, deep love
Knight stuff!
Hesitant declarations of love, virgins, that kind of thing
Tentacle rape! If you go a certain path.

So I mentioned the king up there with Lawrence. Here he is! And yes, you can have sex with him! I was pretty surprised at this, although I'm not sure why now in retrospect.

Anyway, the king is...a king. His name is Sergei, actually, and he's just an old king who tries the best for his kingdom.

If you choose the right path, you can totally bang him. Which I think is hilarious.

I would probably like Sergei a lot (given my general weakness for older people) but the thing is his voice annoys me. It's kind of really deep and odd sounding, and so I tended to skip anytime he's talking. Which is a shame, because I'm sure I would have totally loved him to death otherwise. CURSE YOU, WEIRD VOICEACTING.

Anyway, Sergei falls for you cause...I think Might reminds him of Might's dad? And they were buddies, or something? I dunno. It's kind of sweet, in a way.

Although a bit odd at points because Might mentions it's like being held by his father at points and uh D: but that quickly passes into DESPITE HIS AGE HE WAS STILL VERY STRONG AND HANDSOME during the sex scene and hehehe.

Anyway, Sergei gets really sick if you go down his path and comes with you anyway, since he wants to spend the rest of his life doing something rather than waiting around to die. You go, Sergei.

Poor Sergei though ends up sacrificing himself to save your life at the end of the game, even if you end up with Verna instead. He's the one character that Might doesn't ride off into the proverbial sunset with. I felt strangely disappointed by this. Getting Verna and getting Sergei both ride on one decision, and either way you go, Sergei kills himself. How sad. D:

Verna agrees!


Older guy!
Father issues (a bit D: there)

This is Pam. Pam looks, acts, and sounds like a five year old. Consequently I stayed the #$^# away from him. I'M ON TO YOU, SILVER CHAOS. I AIN'T GOING FOR NO SHOTA, THANK YOU.

Apart from the fact that shota disgusts and repels me more than anything else, Pam is just irritating in general. He's whiny and obnoxious, and I hate him. YOU ARE A DARK SPOT IN A CAST OF OTHERWISE LIKEABLE CHARACTERS you miserable shotabait.

Go die in a fire, Pam.

He grows up nice though.


SHOTA D: D: D: D: D:

Now here we go. :D This is Raika, and I love him to death. Raika (which I've seen romanized as Leica, which totally doesn't sound right to me so Raika it is) is your sassy, smart-mouthed, Kansai-speaking bountyhunter who's out for a quick buck and doesn't respect anyone or anything. He is hilarious and I love him. RAIKA YOU ARE GREAT

Raika constantly teases or messes with other people in your party, particularly Lawrence. Haw haw.

Interestingly enough, if you go the Hector-rape path, Raika finds you after you escape his clutches and nurses you back to health, and it's a totally different perspective on him than if you go the Verna-rescue path. :O

Raika generally is always teasing or messing with Might. :D And anyone, really.

Lawrence hates him. :D

And yes I took a lot of screenshots of him because I like him. WHAT.


Might+Lawrence: oh great

There we go, shot of him in better light. Oh Raika. <3

Lawrence: >(


Anyway, Raika is also a gambler, and you can come along with him to the horse races!

And you can also come along with him to a singing contest, where he does very well. Although he does shout THIS SONG IS FOR YOU MIGHT HONEY <3 thus causing Might to want to burst into flames with embarrassment. Heh.

After the singing contest the wrestle around for a bit and then Raika is like HUGS

And Might is like wtf and Raika's like JUST LET ME DO THIS A BIT...KAY DONE BYE and Might's like wtf.

If you keep going with Raika's story, you find out that he actually runs an orphanage for kids, thus why he was so tight with his funds. Despite the fact this has been done a million times before, Raika with a bunch of kids is adorable.

See? How can you resist that?

Also most adorable wall picture ever or most adorable wall picture ever.

Anyway, Raika reveals that his old partner died because of him, and that's why he only has one eye and arm. And also a huge guilt complex. :O And Might reminds him of his old partner. Aww. So thus why Raika stays with him no matter what.

This is a cute hug, I have to admit.

Anyway, if you end up with him, you join up with Raika and become a bounty hunter and raise all the kids in the orphanage, who are all like RAIKAONII-CHAN AND MIGHTONII-CHAN ARE MARRIED OOOO and it's too cute for words.

Which makes it kind of weird that Raika's into bondage. Well maybe not that weird, I guess.


Bondage! (light)
Rimming! lol

Kurt! :D Kurt is a high priest in a temple you meet at some point. I forgot to mention the plot but basically Adonis gets possessed by some crazy dark god so you need your own god to fight him. And Kurt's the guy to hook you up. :D

Kurt can probably best be described with the emoticon |3 Nothing shakes Kurt, nothing surprises Kurt. He's mellow and chill all the time, and he has this weird kind of lilting, floaty sound to his voice. Kind of like he's stoned, actually. :D It's neat to listen to. Everyone gets frustrated by him at first since he doesn't answer any questions cause he's all like "i'll get you guys some tea |3 wait, i need to bring in the laundry, hold on. |3" and everyone's like KURT GOD STOP IT JUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS

Anyway, Kurt is super polite and speaks in that weird way like I said, and I love him too. He falls into the same thing as Fritz...he's a priest, and god help me I can't resist a good priest character. I LOVE THEM. :O

And he does embroidery!

And he even gets all selfconscious about it all MIGHT-SAN DO YOU THINK ITS WEIRD FOR A MAN TO DO EMBROIDERY and Might is like NO IT'S VERY NICE and Kurt's like thank you |3 and aww.

When I was playing through this, I ended up banging Kurt the time through. This was mostly cause I liked him, and therefore when he offered me some kind of crazy drink, I immediately drank it.

It turned out to be a fairly harmless energy drink. Then I agreed to whatever he asked me next, by avoiding anything with nai at the end of it, which turned out to be sewing a little thingy on Might's scarf.

How does this end? Well, in the process here, Kurt has called up his god, Ragshiel.

Ragshiel is a giant slut, and wants to bang everybody. This includes Kurt. Even without a translation my first time through, I knew something was up by the fact that Ragshiel called Kurt Kuu-chan. DING DING DING.

Kurt of course replies with "Please don't call me Kuu-chan Ragsiel-sama, I'm not a kid anymore. |D" but he doesn't sound angry at all.

SO WHERE IS THIS GOING? Well at one point, Ragshiel has to possess Might's body or something.

This is of course how you go about such things.

Anyway, so Might's got Ragshiel hanging around inside him, and after you do some nice things for Kurt, Ragshiel is all like SO HEY, CAN I BORROW YOUR BODY FOR A SECOND? and Might's like HMM, YOU MIGHT DO SOMETHING WITH IT THOUGH and you can make a choice.

If you let him take it, Ragshiel of course immediately runs off with your body, finds Kurt, and sexes the heck out of him.

WOOPS. Kurt pretty quickly realizes its him though. I guess spending years worshipping a pervy god would prepare you for something like this eventually. Although he is still pretty :O :O about it, which is about the first time you ever see Kurt surprised or unsettled by anything.


If you say NO though, Ragshiel is like WELL I WAS GOING TO GO SEDUCE KUU-CHAN BUT MAYBE I WILL SEDUCE YOU INSTEAD so there's that as well.

If you sex Kurt, you end up staying with him in the temple, since Kurt says he's always been alone except for Ragshiel and would like the company. Aww.

I think if you sex Ragshiel you get sucked into heaven with him to become his eternal boytoy with Adonis. But I'm not sure. :O

Ragshiel just can't keep his hands to himself. :O


Priest fetish!
God in human form sexing up his high priest!
Might!seme :O


Mind control
Masturbation? Sort of.
Eternal afterlife sex!

Oh right, the plot. Yeah, Adonis got possessed by some crazy god. what's his face...Hadeus? something like that. Anyway, evil demon god. Pretty standard where this is going.

In the end Might has to kill Adonis because he can't be saved. A tragedy.

Or you know, you can get the free will banged out of you and become Hadeus's willing slave.

Or agree to work beside him and become his partner. Up to you!


Mind control!

Oh yeah, crazy tentacle Hector! I forget how you get to this point. It's somewhere down the hectorrape path, but you have to do some weird stuff to get it. I forget what though.

Raika however does not get tentacle raped. Only Lawrence does. Score one point for Raika!

Anyway, a doofy fun way to pass the time, and the art is nice and the voice acting is good too. Music is fine, and the pace is alright. Once you go through a scene you can just skip right through it if you want, which makes it easier to get CGs for the gallery if you've beaten the game already. It's a yaoi game, what do you want? Although really, you could do a lot worse than Silver Chaos. It covers a pretty wide variety of partners and stuff, for all its silliness.

Ah yes, the CGs! Here you are - tadah! You can probably put together everything I didn't mention here just through the little pictures.