Made by Nintendo, released in 2001

Day 3 - The Forest of Hope

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2008! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

I will tell you right now, Day 3 did not go well. In my defense, when I record these little movies, I can't increase the size of the window that they record in, therefore I have to play the game at a very small resolution. How small?

See that window in the right top corner there? That small, and there's nothing I can do to make it bigger. Not even changing my screen resolution, and I've tried believe me.

So basically, I have to play the game in that small box, and when you're playing a game like Pikmin where you're dealing with small, antlike creatures to begin with, it can get pretty tricky to see what you're doing. Of course, I already knew that this would make this screencap adventure a bit difficult because I know that Pikmin can rely a lot on seeing small things, but I was sure I could deal with it. And in general so far, I'm pretty sure I can, so I'm not worried about not being able to beat the game or anything like that. I CAN DO IT.

HOWEVER, it's this small screensize that leads to certain tragedies like what happened this day. I SWEAR I WOULDN'T DO THIS NORMALLY. Well I did do it once last time while I was taking notes for the yellow Pikmin, BUT IN GENERAL I WOULDN'T BE THIS CARELESS I SWEAR.

If you can see those little stars in the corner underneath the name of the area, that indicates how many pieces are in the area and how many I have yet to find. Only gotten one here so far. SHOULD FIX THAT.

And the Yellow Onion comes to join us! :D Once you find an Onion, it leaves where you found it and sets up with the Dolphin wherever it lands. Aww.

A little hard to see, but I missed with the yellow here and it's just attacking the posy's base. It takes a bit longer, but still gets the job done.

Another small detail changed from Pikmin to Pikmin 2. In Pikmin 2, your Pikmin get dismissed and go do their own thing much more easily than in Pikmin. For example, after you throw a Pikmin and it knocks down a posy, it automatically picks it up and takes it back. You don't have to throw it again. Also when you call Pikmin out of the Onion, sometimes they get dismissed at the bottom of the legs and just attack or pick up anything nearby. This actually was pretty convenient and cut down on some time you had to spend throwing Pikmin to get them to pick things up, but it's such a minor change that I probably wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't been playing Pikmin 2 so recently.

Frigging Titan Dweevil.

Get some yellow flowers in here, there we go.

In general, smaller groups of Pikmin can be easier to control than giant hordes, so I don't usually pull out all 100 at a time, unless I'm going through an area and breaking off squads to do this and that while exploring. But mostly 50-70 is a good range for me to have at any one time, since I can mostly keep an eye on all of them in that case.

Also helpful if you run into some apocalyptic boss or another that slaughters all your Pikmin, since you won't lose EVERYone at once. D:


When dismissed, Pikmin pick up or interact with anything nearby. For yellow Pikmin, this includes...

A CAN wow faily camera angle for the win self

YOU'LL SEE IN A SECOND I really did not think the camera would zoom in ON THE CAN I should have picked up some other bomb rocks in a clearer area. Ah well.

There, you see those yellows in the back holding those giant grey rocks with the pulsing veins? Those are bombrocks.

I always thought it was kind of weird that they took out bombrocks in Pikmin2, but actually I thought the electricity trade off seemed fair enough. One ability for another, I suppose, and the electricity worked better with the whole general theme of elements in Pikmin2. :B

I didn't show you guys this, but if you have your Pikmin wail on these walls, they get discouraged and shrug and come back to you after a while all "man we can't break this what are you doing". BUT I WILL BREAK IT NOW.

JUST DROP THE BOMB don't get me wrong i'm a pacifist the mind can do more than the fists okay enough DDR flashbacks

Bomb rocks are incredibly dangerous. If you want to kill Pikmin fast, this is one way to do it. A bombrock explosion will pretty much take out anything nearby, and this includes any Pikmin in the blast range, killing them instantly. This can reeeeally suck if you have a whole squad of Pikmin that get caught in the blast as you're trying to move away and just die, leaving you with forty Pikmin ghosts and a D: expression.

more on that later.

However, bombrocks are the only way to get through these doors, and in some cases, the only way to defeat certain bosses. But you have to be super careful with them, and Olimar isn't kidding here when he tells you to be vigilant. It can be really easy to call a Pikmin and forget they'll drop a bomb on the way back and BAKOOM Pikmin ghosts everywhere. Touching Pikmin will cause them to EEP and jump just like whistling, and bring them back into your squad safely. So when you're dealing with bombrocks, it's generally a safer idea to touch any bombrock Pikmin lying around, if you're not paying attention to how you dismissed them.

As a sidenote, I love how they come back to Olimar if he touches them. I just picture him tapping Pikmin on the shoulder or something and then they just latch onto him all <3 and Olimar is like you pikmin. |< get in line. but don't mind me.

That little dealy there tells you how long you have until the bomb explodes. It's really not a lot of time, just barely enough for your yellow to come back to you safely when you call it. Unless they trip. D:

You can also use bomb rocks to take out enemies, like Olimar suggested. Useful for Bulborbs or Bulbears in the way, but again, you have to be careful. If they eat a Pikmin with a bombrock and it explodes, sometimes the explosion out of the enemy's mouth can still kill any nearby Pikmin, even if the enemy's dying. D: BE CAREFUL.

Darn it, I should have had my yellows pick up these bomb rocks first to show you guys. Ah well.

Haha this was a close one. You notice the yellow dropped the bomb (JUST DROP THE BOMB sorry) and there are still three in front of me? I noticed that the explosion would set those off too just in time.

Waaaaaaaaay too close. D:

Light grey doors tend to take about three bombs to come down, but you can stack the explosions and take them out at once. I forgot about this, so I throw bombs one at a time like an idiot. :B But you can throw three Pikmin at once, call them back, and then the three bomb explosion will take it down. This can save you time, which is always important.


Ah, see those grey bugs there near the Dwarf Bulborb's corpse? Those are sheargrubs, and they kill Pikmin in one of the worst ways imaginable. D: They just grab them in their incisors, and then they just squeeze and the Pikmin screams and pops. IT'S HORRIBLE. Thankfully they're easily swarmed and killed, but they tend to pop out of the ground at bad times. I was being cautious here cause I knew I still had a bombrock with me, and that can be dangerous. Stupid sheargrubs.


I think I just went for it here. Sadly, there were Pikmin losses. D:

See the little Pikmin ghost? :< Sorry little guy.

And it looks like some got caught in the blast. Woops!

This piece needs twenty... must head back for reinforcements!

There we go.


Also Whimsical Radar, hee hee. All of the parts of such goofy names.

You can attack with Olimar by himself. He punches with and does an alright amount of damage, but you can use his attack to clear the way for your Pikmin, or to distract enemies while your Pikmin run by with a piece or something. Enemies will gladly follow Olimar around if he's whacking them and such, so it can be a good way to come to your Pikmin's rescue if you see that danger is headed their way. <3

Dark grey wall... I think this needs nine bombs to come down. I can't quite remember. Maybe six though.

It can also be useful to explore just with Olimar, since he can generally move fast enough to stay out of harm's way. I think he can outrun pretty much every enemy on this planet (Olimar is a surprisingly speedy little guy for his teeny little legs) and he can kill things along the way. But you can check out areas just with Olimar and then come back with Pikmin when you know what's goin down. This is REALLY useful in Pikmin 2 in the dungeons, where you can scout out a floor with Olimar and set off traps and clear the way for your Pikmin.




I'm going to take down that wall near the Dolphin, darn it.

Honeywisp! How convenient.

If you whack a honeywisp with a Pikmin, they'll drop a glob of nectar. Flowers for cheap! They can be kind of annoying to hit sometimes though.

Grab those bombs, yellows!

I really should know better than to walk around with a large group of Pikmin and bombrocks. IT IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER.

You may notice here that I don't have all the bombrock yellows. There's one lurking by the reds. I didn't notice him on the tiny screen.

This will come back to haunt me.


Darn it, I was hoping it'd take out the big Bulborb. Ah well.

And THAT yellow decided to toss their rock at a posy. DARN IT.

I'm glad I did this, cause that meant some yellows were spared.

Poor reds.

Looking at these NOW, all I can see is that giant bombrock yellow in the midst of the other Pikmin. WHY DIDN'T I NOTICE THIS. DARN IT.


Another mistake here - attacking from the side. This doesn't give your Pikmin enough time to do enough damage before it turns around and starts eating them. Darn it.

When a Bulborb sets up like this, you're in trouble.

om nom nom

nooooo stop eating my Pikmin COME ON REDS GO GO

There we go. Surprisingly, I didn't end up throwing my bombrock Pikmin here and killing everyone. yet.

I even called this one back. HE COULD HAVE ESCAPED.

Sheargrubs! Here I used the c-stick to swarm them, which works well for sheargrubs and other more land based enemies, like the water...what are those things called. Water... frick, they're related to Bulborbs. Argh I can't remember their names. BUT YES you can swarm them to great effect later.

Olimar got bit by a sheargrub here. D:


and you may ask yourself, hey, where is that one yellow with the bombrock

that's where they were.

only TWO PIKMIN survived the explosion. I was shocked when this happened because I had NO IDEA there was a bombrock Pikmin with me. NONE. To me this was like ALL OF A SUDDEN, A PIKMIN SPONTAENOUSLY COMBUSTED and I was pretty D: about it. My Pikmin noooo

Then, watching the video again and taking caps, I clearly saw the bombrock Pikmin with my squad and I was like HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT AJSIFHAGUHUGHHADGA

I lay the blame firmly on the tiny recording window. DARN IT. Hopefully this will not happen again because I am going to be REALLY careful about this in the future.

arrrgh my poor pikmin I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT I'M SORRY D: There's nothing as terrible as hearing the pathetic little Pikmin death whimper in concert.

And the two survivors come back to Olimar's side, still completely trusting. Oh Pikmin.

I can only imagine how terrible Olimar feels when this kind of thing happens. He actually makes a specific journal entry about it. Let me see if I can find it, since I hopefully won't do this again.

Oh, horrors! A bomb-rock explosion engulfed my Pikmin! That last horrified

facial expression is burned into my memory... I must review my procedures for

handling Pikmin with bomb-rocks so that I do not repeat this mistake...

And then he tells you the controls again, but god how horrible would that feeling be? D:

Most of the victims were reds, so building them back up is first priority in terms of Pikmin growth. The yellows are at an alright amount, and it's okay if you don't have a lot of yellows as compared to reds or blues. Yellows are kind of "specialty" Pikmin in a way.

30 Pikmin! I was almost at 100 or so a little while ago. Argh.

Well, good thing I left this behind, this'll help replenish their numbers a little.

DARN IT I didn't even get to open that one dark gate like I was planning, what a waste. Only one piece today. >( I could so do better than this.

Everybody's safe with me, so I decided to let them stay until time ran out so I could watch them run back to their Onion. What I'm lame shut up.

This time I went into photoshop and lightened these up a bit so hopefully you can see what happens more clearly. These get so dark. :O


Olimar goes into his ship to D: about what happened to the Pikmin today. Darn it.


I like the yellow flying away from the explosion in the little drawing. Hee.

Ugh, look at that dip for the explosion. D: So horrible. ARGH.

Most advice regarding Pikmin recommends restarting or resetting or loading your last save if something like this happens. That feels like cheating to me, still. I made this mistake, darn it, and I'm going to live with it and recover from it naturally. IT WAS MY FAULT, I WON'T ERASE IT.

Back to the Forest of Hope again! Mostly since the other piece in the Impact Site is inaccessible without the final color of Pikmin. Hopefully Day 4 will not be such a failure like this one.

Well I DID get the radar I guess, that's something.

And as usual, video! And yes, you can see the deadly explosion in this, and the few moments of me kind of stunned all OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED and such.


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