Made by Nintendo, released in 2001

Day 2 - The Forest of Hope

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2008! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

I made these screenshots bigger by about 100 pixels, which ramped up their size but I thought might make it more clear what I'm doing. But then I decided I'd just upload a video of each day at the end, so I think after days two and three they'll go back to being the other size.

Speaking of which, uploaded a video of the first day! If you want to see Pikmin IN ACTION or something of that nature. :B Also went and embedded videos for Phantasmagoria (fun fact: Phantasmagoria is still one of my favorite screencap adventures, i think partly because the expressions i caught while screencapping were so much fun to caption) and Day of the Tentacle to save you time and money.



As a side note, I really love that name.

The Forest of Hope has a really pretty, gentle kind of theme. Just very pleasant and mellow. Not as cheerily chirpy as the Impact Site, but still generally optimistic, I think. This track made it into SSBB as is, I think, which is nice. :D I do love this one.

Awww, Olimar wants company. I'D BE NERVOUS TOO MYSELF I DON'T BLAME HIM.

Sometimes it's easy to just think of Olimar using the Pikmin for whatever he wants to do like some cruel dictator, or that their lives are worthless to him because you get so many and lose them over the course of the game. That's why I really like little things like this that show that Olimar cares about the Pikmin and thinks of them as living creatures, allies, in his efforts to try and get home. Like the SSBB site said, they have a fated symbiotic relationship. I think representing it as unbalanced one way or another doesn't really capture the whole thing. They really need each other.

This little screen is one you'll see a lot. It swings on and you basically take Pikmin out or put them back in as you need.

Pikmin: :D

Olimar: |<

I forgot to mention this before, but Pellet Posies actually make this squealing noise when you hit them. :O I never really gave this much thought, but in the second game, Olimar mentions in one his journals that the Pellet Posies are related to the Pikmin in a way, like they're from the same family of plant/animal creatures. Which makes it a bit weird that the Pikmin attack the Pellet Posies even if you don't tell them to (I guess the Posies are lower on the food chain than Pikmin), and that the Pellet Posies scream when they die. I wonder if the Posies are kind of sentient, like the Pikmin? :O THIS GAME IS FULL OF VAGUELY CREEPY MYSTERIES

Not sure if you can make this out, but do you see that patch of green near Olimar there? It's grass!

But more on that later. YELLOW PELLET WHAT COULD IT MEAN???

Alright, back to the grass.

When your Pikmin run into grass, they automatically start uprooting it. Even though you don't tell them to. This can get a bit annoying if they keep ignoring you to pull up grass while you're trying to do something. They won't stop until it's all gone. Why?

The Pikmin know what's goin down. :D

Grass (and some rocks later) can be really useful to help turn your leafs to flowers fast. Flower Pikmin are stronger and faster than their leaf counterparts, and occasionally if they die in battle, they'll leave seeds behind for the next day. They also can lose their flowers in battle too, which is annoying. But basically, flower Pikmin are the best kind to have when you're wandering around, primarily because they can keep up with Olimar when he's running. Leaf Pikmin lag behind a bit, and can get lost if you're not careful. :< YOU MUST BE CAREFUL.

Flowers! :D As a side note, I think Nintendo had some kind of contest or giveaway or something like that where they gave away seeds to actual little Pikmin flowers... a kind of flower bred specifically to have five white petals and look just like a Pikmin flower. I was tempted to try and get it but I suck at gardening so I probably would have just killed them or something. :B


When Pikmin attack something, they basically latch on with their teeny arms and flail at it madly with their flower/leaf/bud. It's weird that THAT doesn't knock off their flower, but sometimes getting thrown off a Bulborb will. OH WELL.

I guess one flower Pikmin decided it'd rather stay with Olimar. Oh Pikmin.


Success! The way is open!

Dandelion flower toot toot

Our first enemy! A Dwarf Bulborb. These guys aren't too tricky, mostly because if you aim correctly and throw fast, you can kill them in one hit if a Pikmin lands right on them. If not, you still have some time to just have Pikmin attack it in general. It can grab one of your Pikmin and start eating it though, but if you kill it fast enough it'll drop your Pikmin before it dies none the worse for wear.

These guys CAN squeak out and wake up any sleeping Bulborbs nearby though, which can be annoying. So take them out first.

Notice that Olimar is holding a Pikmin behind his head? Just hold A and wait.

HAHA INSTANT VICTORY they can occasionally drop pellets as well.

And yes Pikmin can carry off their corpses to make more Pikmin. FAMILY FRIENDLY! Enemy bodies actually are a great source of Pikmin, and probably where most of your Pikmin will come from. THE BODIES OF THE DEAD.

Anyway, clearing out the area.

A bud Pikmin! :O Bud Pikmin are a bit harder to come by than leafs or flowers. If you leave Pikmin planted during the day, they'll gradually grow from leaf to bud to flower. You can instantly make flowers through nectar, but you can only get buds by leaving leaf Pikmin in the ground just long enough. They're between leafs and flowers in terms of abilities. I always liked bud Pikmin, just never quite fitting in. Heh.

Anyway, heading out. GIANT WHEEL OF CHEESE AHEAD

Clear out the dwarfs here...

That other dwarf toddled over and grabbed one of my Pikmin here, which makes a shocked shriek when it happens. You have a few seconds after hearing that noise to kill the Bulborb before it eats your Pikmin for good. :O

The shriek of a Pikmin dying/getting grabbed by a creature is a sound you'll hear a lot. THAT'S WHEN YOU GOTTA MOVE


Hahaha, rescued!

Dang what kind of technology do they HAVE on Hocotate

40? Darn it. I'll have to get the rest back from their trips to the Onion.

One of the selling points behind Pikmin as an example of the power of the Cube's hardware was that it could handle a lot of things on the screen at once without any lag or slowdown. The magic number here? 100. I don't have that many Pikmin with me here, but it can be pretty neat to have a massive army of Pikmin behind you, but still have them look like little ants when you zoom out. Heh.


As a side note, to also help point out certain times of day, small chimes and bells will sound. They can be pretty subtle, but they're definitely there. They tend to ring at about midmorning, noon, midafternoon, and near sunset.



leaves? that seems awkward somehow for Pikmin.


note to self: do something about that giant 20 block of cheese

One of the things I liked about this game was that you can actually see each individual piece take shape in Olimar's ship when you bring it back. :D

hee, candles.

Three more, eh? Not so bad.

There's a full grown Red Bulborb (or Chappy I believe it's called in Japanese) and in a way, sort of another mascot for Pikmin aside from the Pikmin themselves. They're definitely the enemy that gets the most publicity (they're even on the SSBB stage for example).

Since Bulborbs are nocturnal (thus why they come out at night to eat your Pikmin) they're always asleep during the day. The best way to deal with them is to get behind them, then pelt them with Pikmin as fast as you can. The time it takes for it to wake up and shake off your Pikmin, then try to turn around to start eating them, is usually enough time for the Pikmin to kill it without suffering any losses. It's close, but you can usually get away without a Pikmin dying that way.

THROUGH SHEER FORCE OF NUMBERS, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE! even if the lag between my recording software and the game makes it a bit hard to throw Pikmin as fast as I'd like.

Another gate, eh? HAVE AT THEE

I paused here to eat some pizza. :B But go to sunset can be useful if you're trying to zip through for the bad ending, but mostly you'll want to use every single scrap of the day you can, so apart from that I never used it. Or continue from last save, which I guess you can use if you make a huge mistake.

You get a loooot of Pikmin from Bulburbs. THEY ARE QUITE NUTRITIOUS


Get that out of the way...

Again, the Pikmin just naturally killed this Pellet Posy. I didn't even tell them to. :O But there are some enemies that Pikmin will just freak out and attack no matter what you tell them, so they have a mind of their own in some cases.

Why hey, is that...

An Onion! Well what do you know.

But before I deal with that, let's get rid of this problem here.

There we go, now let's get plucking.

I have a weakness for yellow Pikmin, if that wasn't already obvious. shhh.

But now we have one yellow Pikmin in a sea of reds. THIS MUST BE REMEDIED.

However, I forgot that one convenient feature was added in Pikmin 2 that's missing from this one... namely, if you hold a Pikmin with A, you can use the control pad to cycle through which Pikmin color you want. In this one though, you have to grab the right color and then they'll sort automatically behind you, which can make it tricky to grab the one you want.

So you generally have to dismiss Pikmin and sort them that way in this one. This might take a while to get used to again. :O

Yellow Pikmin, as Tane no Uta helpfully states, fly high. :D And Pikmin will bring whatever they're carrying back to their color Onion. Something to keep in mind when you have a lot of Pikmin carrying a huge enemy... whatever is the majority color of the Pikmin carrying it is the Onion they'll bring it back to.

Slowly building up...

Oh, this is adorable. Watch the bottom screen here.

YES that yellow Pikmin just COMPLETELY FACEPLANTED like hardcore. You can even see this in the video I took, I think around 7:20. :D I love random details like this, they're just adorable. One of the journal entries Olimar makes while rambling about stuff talks about how he looks behind him and can see some clumsy Pikmin tripping all over themselves and stuff like that. Aww.

Yellow: I'M OKAY~

Just enough to have majority to take the big Bulborb back to the yellow Onion. WERE YOU WONDERING WHY I KILLED IT AND THEN JUST LEFT IT THERE? HAHA I PLAN AHEAD

Yellow seeds~ a glowing rain~


Aww, Olimar, so concerned. THEY NEED YOU TO LIVE, OLIMAR

Put the yellows back so I don't have to worry about them...

Haha, I pulled up my map to see if there were any lost Pikmin, but forgot that technically I don't have the pieces to have a map yet. :B DURR.


When you start making a dash back to base like this is when it gets dangerous to have leaf Pikmin with you, cause they can trip or fall behind and you won't even notice until it's too late. D: So if I have leafs with me I always slow down every now and then so they can catch up.

61 back in... but there's still 77 on the field. :O I hope those are just the ones I planted. TIME TO CHECK



And night falls! This little cinematic plays everytime night falls. If you have any Pikmin in your group, they follow Olimar like so until he slows down...


Pikmin: <3

And the Pikmin go back into their Onion while Olimar goes back to his ship. It can be kind of fun to deliberately end the day with three types of Pikmin in your party, since they all split up to go back to their Onions.


Some journal entries are scripted and happen no matter what happens that day. This one is one, since I also found yellow Pikmin and he should mention that. He does mention yellows the next day though, I think. He makes specific journals for new Pikmin, new areas, and I think some time ones like 15 days or 29 days. Otherwise his journals change depending on what you do, like leave Pikmin behind or blow them up or just dork around during the day for no reason.

This is very convenient. Too bad it doesn't work in the dungeons in Pikmin 2. Ah well.

Haha, no deaths! Awesome. Too bad the next day wasn't as successful, but more on that next update.

Back to the Forest of Hope for another round? Why not!

And just for the heck of it, Day 2 video! Might make things more clear if these were a bit fuzzy or hard to follow.

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