Made by Nintendo, released in 2001

Day 12 - The Forest of Hope (Burrowing Snagret)

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2008! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

SO HEY HERE'S THE EXPERIMENT me and Funkmeister sat down and watched the video and talked over it, AND THIS IS WHAT ENSUED

by the way previous ones here

I'm thinking that with commentary like this, really doing the caps isn't as necessary, since I mostly cover things in the video, you know? And I think this is one of those games that really reads better as a video than caps, you know? The other games I've done have had a lot of text and all (lol adventure games), but the Pikmin caps seem hard to follow compared to that. At least, that's my impression but I do tend to be paranoid about this stuff. Not to mention doing things this way (just a video with commentary) would make this a lot faster too. What do you guys think? Are videos really enough? Do you still want caps? IS MY VOICE ANNOYING? DO YOU NOT CARE AT ALL? PLZ TELL ME ALL IN DETAIL

also funkmeister was quite insistent on joining me for this and all future Pikmin video endeavors. MAN WHAT A NERD AM I RIGHT

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