Made by Nintendo, released in 2001

Day 1 - The Impact Site

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2008! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

PIKMIN TIME. I was so stupid about this, you have no idea. I recorded myself playing, then used the prtscrn key to take caps and paste them into Photoshop. I ended up cropping and renaming some 160 shots, which takes a LOT of time to do by hand. Seriously. Then I looked it up and found out that fraps would take screenshots of movies at the touch of a button. DURR HURR. Not only that, but half of the caps I handcropped and such didn't even save correctly for some bizarre reason because Photoshop sucks! \o/ So I went back through with fraps and took more caps and it took me a fraction of the time it would have otherwise. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME WHY AM I SO STUPID SOMETIMES

But anyway, Pikmin adventure awaits! I was also considering maybe putting the videos for each day on youtube as well. What do you think, would you watch that too? They might be edited for dead time here and there or stuff like that, and I wouldn't narrate them or anything (I guess?), and it might slow these down a bit. But if you want to see the game in action that would work. Let me know. :O

I'm not really sure how much of a preamble I need to give this one. Pikmin came out with the Nintendo GameCube and was one of their flagship titles. It became a sleeper hit. :D I got it the day it came out and played through it constantly, along with Luigi's Mansion. I have so much love for this game it's like unbelievable. I adore almost everything about it so much. SO MUCH LOVE.

When this logo comes up, a Pikmin says something that sounds like "Pikmin!" but it's a little hard to be sure. The Pikmin all have such adorable little voices ajguahghagj


:D The logo made up of little Pikmin flowers that sway and move. I love this game to death. IF YOU CAN FIND IT PLEASE PLAY IT I SWEAR

Anyway. The main title music (Pikmin) is very simple, with a kind of weird panting sound and this kind of dangerous woodlike feel to it. Wild Kingdom! This is the theme that gets reprised in the Brawl rearrangement and in various tracks throughout the game, and in Olimar's victory music. :D

And although you won't see it here, the music that plays during the demo is It Carries, Fights, Multiplies, and Gets Eaten which is a phrase that tends to reprise a lot about Pikmin in Ai no Uta. It's just cheery, happy music. PIKMIN IS FUN AND INNOCENT! it tells you, which doesn't give you any hints as to the darker side of this game at points.

Save game screen! You can see I have three games already cause I play this game a lot. :B One of those was my deliberately bad one to get the Become Pikmin ending, one's a legit run, and the other I just did for fun. You can see the stats and such beneath this one... this is my first game, with 29 pieces in 23 days. :B

The theme that plays here is Carry a Logbook, just kind of floaty and pleasant. I heard this a LOT what with my constant restarting at first.

Another run, with 29 pieces in 16 days. Much better!

And the slot I used for the Bad Ending. :B

Come to think of it, I should have erased the first one. :B OH WELL.


And the Prologue kicks in. I LOVE this theme, you can match it to the screencaps really easily, but I especially love the turn it takes around 0:40, it's just so serious and dramatic and it's just awesome.



Meteor: lol

Take a good, hard look at his ship. No, I'm serious. Look at it. It's important.

Meteor: lol hi

Olimar: D:


actually it wasn't clear at first, it only really got confirmed in the second game. :B

This is when that bit in the Prologue theme would kick in, the 0:40 bit. Arrrgh I love that part.


I'm not sure if you can see it here, but Olimar has little swirls around his head that pop away. BUT HE IS ALIVE!

The Impact Site is very cheery and chirpy. It was one of the first tracks I managed to download back in the day, so I've heard it a lot. :D It's just very pleasant. This fits I think cause it's one of the safer places you'll go to.

Our mighty thewed hero, fierce warrior of the skies. You may notice that his suit is fairly smooth and unremarkable. It was the same in the second game too, and in official art or the little Olimar plushie which I have two of not that that's here or there BUT the point is, the detail on the SSBB Olimar was added in for that game. They added a lot of straps and detail to Olimar's suit, most notable some that kind of make it look like he's wearing overalls, which I thought was pretty clever. Why? Because Olimar's name is Mario's backwards, at least in Japanese.



So the vaguely overall looking spacesuit just seems like a clever nod to that to me. :D

oh noes

Olimar really loves his ship. Aww. :< Actually as another fun note, the Dolphin was Nintendo's...what's the word, prototype name for the GameCube? Project name? I can't remember, but you know what I mean. Like the Revolution was the early name for the Wiiiii for example. Another little nod here which I liked, since this was a launch title and all.


I wonder what Olimar breathes then. Carbon monoxide, maybe? Hmm. :O


And there we go! That purple thing is your targeting reticule. You use it to tell where you're throwing your Pikmin and such. At the bottom are various little doodads that tell you info about the Pikmin you currently have... I think in order it goes Pikmin currently under your command, Pikmin on the map at any one time, and total Pikmin in all. At the top corner, the day, and in the bottom left, Olimar's energy.


The backgrounds in this game are just gorgeous. I wish I could show you it in like, HD or something.

Olimar: ::single tear::

Just kind of a neat angle. :B


I didn't think the blurring effect would be so severe when I was moving around. :O A difference between 2D and 3D games I suppose.





And a tiny seed flutters down.

These show up on the SSBB stage. :D Hee, Onions. I love how Olimar names things based on things on his home planet... it just seems natural to me. Anyway, Onion Discovery! Short and goofy.



lol fourth wall what's that

I like how it helpfully highlights the right button on your Cube controller and flashes it at you. THIS ONE PRESS THIS ONE.

Olimar, compelled to pluck things.


It's a very quick smooth animation, which is good because you will SEE IT A LOT. NOT EVEN KIDDING.

A PIKMIN! :D This doesn't really show here due to the angle, but Red Pikmin have long noses. Hee.

Encounter with Pikmin! Similar to the Onion discovery music. :D

And that's where their name comes from. :D No relation to Pokemon whatsoever in any way, which was a common misconception when this came out.

I know the first thing I'D do with an alien creature is throw it at things.


Aww, Pikmin.

A Pellet Posy! Heh. If you throw your Pikmin right on it, it kills it one shot. Otherwise they'll attack the stem and knock it down that way.


You throw Pikmin at things you want them to interact with, so if you want them to pick up or attack something HEAVE AWAY

I'll get to that giant one in a minute.

The Onion is... something, that's for sure. Who knows what exactly though. :O It is very mysterious.

Heh, I think one goofy site a long time ago referred to the Pellets as Invidivually Wrapped Cheeses, and to this day I still think of that whenever I see one and giggle. Hee. They DO look like little cheeses.

There, caught Olimar whistling, which is how he brings Pikmin back to his side. You can see him doing that in the SSBB screenshots too. :D Hee, little rainbow swirls. PEEPEEEEEP.


Five Pikmin, and no more Pellet Posies. HMM.


level five cheese spotted straight ahead

Toss the Pikmin over the side...

Go back around and the Pikmin are hard at work!

You can see they aren't carrying the whole thing though... for almost everything, there's a minimum amount of Pikmin you need to carry it, and a maximum amount. The more Pikmin you have on something, the faster they'll carry it back.

Ten Pikmin, and a box that says ten on it! How convenient.

Look at those leaves. I could just stare at this game all day.

Heh, Pikmin running all over Olimar's ship, getting into his things. SHOO YOU PIKMIN SHOO

B is whistling, and X also separates all your Pikmin by color, making it easier to get the one you want. The C-Stick causes your whole group of Pikmin to move in one group, and keeps them tight together, which is useful for like, bridges and the like.


Heh, they jump like this when you call for them.

y halo thar

Spaceship Part Discovery!


Hey it's not moving

Aha, here you can see the numbers. Basically, the top number is how many Pikmin you need to move it, and the bottom is how many Pikmin you currently have on it. I need ten more Pikmin. :O

darn it


There we go, that one reached him.

One Pikmin to this...

Five to this one...

Another one to this...

Hmm, I don't see any other individually wrapped cheeses around here. I mean, pellets.

Once you tell your Pikmin to carry something, they'll automatically take it down the straightest path to their Onion, or your ship if it's a piece. Then they'll wait for you beneath the Onion to come back. This works out pretty well if you're multitasking during the day (and you will NEED to multitask), but you got to watch out for enemies snacking on your Pikmin that are making their way back, as they're defenseless and won't try to get away. :< Poor things are so dedicated.

There you can see I've got extra Pikmin to get things movin CHOP CHOP

These designs on the ground are intriguing. Did the Pikmin put them there?

Multiply my army MULTIPLY

The first hint you get that Olimar isn't just some random loner who got hit with a meteor. HE HAS A FAMILY, DARN IT. HE HAS A WIFE.

Hee, little Olimar drawings.

But this is a good way to find lost Pikmin... just search for the glow. Their paleness does make them a bit hard to spot though. The map is really useful for that kind of thing.

MWA HHA HA HA wait I only have 19 according to my doodads at the bottom. DARN IT. I'M MISSING SOMETHING.

For these I zoomed out a notch to give you a sense of scale. I was zoomed in all the way before.

And apparently being so zoomed in made me MISS THIS darn it argh


All the foliage in this is just beautiful. The shadows all move just like in real life, and ajsifhaghag i love this game so much


Spaceship Part Successful Recovery!

Olimar: :D

Pikmin: :D :D :D :D

They DO actually cheer everytime they bring you back a piece. Like they know how important it is to you. Aww.

Spaceship Upgrade! Everytime you unlock a new area. So triumphant.

Olimar's a SURVIVOR

And night falls! This theme you hear both in this game and the sequel, and you hear it A LOT. It's the first part of the Pikmin remix in Brawl before it goes into the title, and man when I first heard that my heart just jumped. This theme is so totally Pikmin for me, even though it's so short. Everytime I can still hear Olimar's PEEPEEEEP timed along with it. I hope these aren't too dark to make out what's going on. D:

Pikmin: olimaaaaar~


Pikmin: <3

Olimar: |<

And Olimar takes off!

And so does the Onion. :O

Today's Record plays after every day, so you hear it a lot. Just kind of mellow and synthy. :D

Olimar says different things depending on what you've done that day, but some days have set journals. This day, the next to last day, and any day you get enough pieces to get to the next area, for example. But if you're just winding down days to see what will happen (like I did with the Bad Ending) Olimar just kind of rambles about Pikmin or what his homeplanet was like and it's all really fascinating. I'll see if I can get some of that for you guys. :O

I love how Olimar names everything. But that's right, you gotta get 29 pieces in 29 days. This isn't too hard, if you get the hang of how Pikmin are handled. Like I showed you, my first game I got them in 23 days. But apparently some people found that time limit really stressful, which is why they took it out in the second game. But 29 pieces in 29 days SOUNDS scary though, doesn't it? :O

Hee, Hocotate.

These little graphs are always interesting because if you REALLY screw up and lose like, 80 Pikmin, you can see the huge dip at the time of day it happened and everything. I always feel so guilty at times like that. D:

You see Left Behind there? If you leave Pikmin behind on the surface, as in they're not under your control or under their Onion, then the night creatures of the planet will come get them. D: This is where Olimar's Final Smash comes from, End of Day. But it's also where some of the most horrible guilt trips can come from. You saw that little sequence above with Olimar getting in his ship and the Pikmin taking off? When you leave Pikmin behind (and this includes Pikmin that were carrying things back to your ship or their Onion), you actually see them run up to your ship, and then you watch them get eaten or killed as you fly away. It's horrible. D: You just want to turn around and call to them and bring them back to you but you can't, they're gone. D:

Olimar makes a really angsty journal entry about it if you let it happen. I'll see if I can get it for you.

But when the day starts ticking down, and it warns you to Gather Your Pikmin!, I immediately put everyone away and check my map. If there's a Pikmin lost somewhere, I'll go immediately search for it. Sometimes I've nearly gotten Olimar killed racing past huge creatures and such so I can find that little glowing light of a pale Pikmin and whistle to it in the nick of time. It kind of makes me feel heroic. |B I'm so lame. But I really hate to lose Pikmin to being Left Behind... such a terrible and pointless way for them to die. D: I try to be very careful about that.

This is that dark tone I mentioned before about Pikmin... it seems really cute, but there are some genuinely horrific little sequences in this. D: And it's partly even more macabre because of how cute it is at times.

You can save after every day, but never during the day. So if you screw up, you CAN reset, but that's totally cheating yo i don't roll that way.

And our next destination, the Forest of Hope! And some map music, Complete View. I so rarely heard more than like a few seconds of this in general since I'd always zip to some new location and land. :B

And in case you want to watch the day go down, YOUTUBE VIDEO! :D

WHAT WILL DAY 2 BRING? TUNE IN NEXT TIME! Do you think these are a bit small? I can tweak their size for the next one if you think that'd make them easier to seeeee. Man i need to go to bed

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