Made by HAL Laboratories/APE, released in 1995

Lilliput Steps

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2007! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

At any rate, there's a lot of leveling in this one I should warn you. Also in the future, because I just got to the Fifth Sanctuary and spent like an hour or so leveling Poo up to at least ten levels below everyone else because otherwise he dies if you look at him funny. Ah, leveling. At least it's not as boring a grind as it is in some games. Woo quirky enemies!

Everytime I look at these guys, all I can think of is the guy who got one of his 1/128 items stolen by one of them. God that would be the worst thing ever. A 1/128 item if you're curious as an item that has a 1/128 chance of being dropped by a certain enemy. Usually these items are the ultimate items for certain characters (all four of the ultimate weapons are 1/128. Although technically the Casey Bat is more powerful than the Gutsy Bat, it also whiffs 3/4 times so no thank you, not to mention that that the Gutsy Bat ups your guts by frigging 127 points, and while the Holy Frypan whiffs a bit too, it also pumps your guts by 100 so yeah.)

Problem is, it can take a long, LONG time to find one of them because again, 1/128 chance. I've spent a few hours looking for the most famous of them (Poo's Sword of Kings, dropped by a Starman Super) because that was listed in the Strategy Guide and the only one I always remember, but I always eventually get bored and move on. I CAN'T HELP IT I HAVE A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN and it doesn't help that Starman Super is really annoying. I do want to see if I can get the Broken Antennae for Jeff at least this time, or a Star Pendant, or SOMETHING. Maybe I'll get lucky. And it doesn't hurt because at least you level while looking for it.

If I recall correctly (this was a long time ago, I think back on the AOL Pokémon Boards where, heh, we had two people who went by Ness) someone decided to unequip their Gutsy Bat and take on a Spiteful Crow "as a joke" to completely obliterate it, and the Crow snagged their bat and ran. Much keysmashing rage ensued. There's that and there's someone else who had a game with ALL the 1/128 items, including Star Pendants for everyone, and then someone saved over their game. I can't imagine the rage that would make me feel, for serious.

As far as I'm aware there's no trick for a 1/128 item except patience or outright cheating.

Woah deja vu.

OH YEAH the original reason I took the screencap. Note Paula's screen has a command called "Pray". This ability lets her pray in battle, and then brings down a random effect because of it. This can be anything from healing your party a little, to putting everyone to sleep, to instantly killing your enemy, to fully reviving someone, to making everyone in battle feel strange (REALLY BAD). It's a HUGE wildcard, and therefore I only reserve it for the most desperate of battles when I have no other option.

Ah frick.

OH YEAH I found an old Battle theme remix lying around on my harddrive! From 2000 according to the file date. Hahaha.
I also forgot to link to Battling Organs before, a rather trippy OC remix of the battle music
And Rake Dat Snake from Bound Together which I didn't put up before for some reason

Note to self - raid for remixes.


There we go, hopefully she won't die instantly now.



As you may already be able to tell, Paula gains A LOT of PP when she levels, and in fact later on her PP is equal or might even be greater than her HP. Thus her main function in battle is PSI attacks or defenses, and Paula can do some NASTY damage, not to mention throw up some absolutely critical shields. However, her low HP makes it VERY easy for her to die. A strange trade-off. :O After a while for some bosses and such it becomes the "everyone try and keep Paula alive" game.


The first of the Shields! Do you all remember that Shield that Buzz Buzz put up back in the first part of the game? Eventually Paula will learn how to do that and it will be invaluable. Well actually Jeff makes a Shield Generator at some point BUT PAULA IS MUCH FASTER SO

Useful for lines of weaker enemies.

Useful stuff, but if it misses you're out a turn. :O It can be better to wait for higher forms of Thunder and then use those, since then you have three shots to try and hit something.

Stop pushing your postcards on me woman

Everything's back to normal!



Another thing about Paula is that her speed is very high, meaning she usually goes first after a while. This is good because of that Shield thing I mentioned before. Also her Offense isn't that bad, really, so you CAN have her attack and not have her do like...two damage or something. It kind of breaks down, or at least it does for me currently, that while Ness can do say...250 damage one hit, and Jeff can do about 170, Paula does about 80 to 100. Which isn't bad, really, because it adds up and also can save you some PP if you're calculating your enemy's HP right.

Poor Poo does about the same as Paula if less, but he's again ten levels behind everyone, so we'll just have to wait until he gets even with everyone else to really judge how much damage he does. I remember him being around Ness' level of damage though, or maybe between Ness and Jeff.

Always up by 5 these early levels.

Oooo Freeze Beta.

WOO more damage than Ness at this point! Of course, you got to make sure that what you're fighting isn't resistant to Freeze, cause then you do 20 damage and waste a ton of PP on something. Very annoying.

Hey the bridge is fixed!

You're aaaaaalllright former cultist man.

You find these capsules lying around in various places. It's up to you who gets them though. I've been trying to give them out to whoever would find them most helpful (IQ capsules to Jeff, duh, and Vitality to Paula in hopes of getting her HP up a bit more).


Here you can see the enemies in different rows, the sprouts in the front and the UFO in the back. PSI Fire only hits one row of enemies. This can be really annoying.

You can kind of see how it looks here. It's kind of like a red flaring line of light.

I totally forgot about this while I was leveling Paula. Because her HP is SO LOW fighting these things always meant she was like two steps away from death after it exploded. God I hate these things.

Dum de dum

Here's an example of praying!

In general, the very subtle light gives you back about 10-15 HP, I think.


You can see her PP encroaching on her HP here.

Finally back in Twoson! Found an okay remix of the theme while I'm lookin around.

Her miraculous power and your...uh...your...courage. Yeah. Your courage is good too!

Hehehe. Finally looked it up and it restores about 100 HP. Not bad!

There he is!

"Man, I had the weirdest dream last night, Dad. I had to join up with this kid and save the world and stuff. It was really bizarre. Could you pass the milk?"

Yes, yes she will be.

And then there's that other guy, what's his name. yeah I guess he's helpful too, sort of. Whatever.

Paula's dad immediately runs upstairs and weeps into his pillow.

THAT SURE IS VAGUE. 100 HP though.

That's me. :B

If you don't take it he'll cry PLEASE JUST GO SEE HIM PLEASE OH GOD

It's not because I stole it or anyone's looking for it or anything, no, just take it take it now and you didn't get it from me alright



Oh no!

There you go, an example of the row thing.





Oooo nice, Paula's getting this.

When they DON'T SMAAAAAASH you.

I didn't give these guys a chance to hit me but I bet they hit pretty hard. A PSI Freeze and a whack from Ness usually took them out though.

Oh yeah, this is what happens when the bat's seduction works. Snerk.

Ooo, yes! This will be useful.

And it doesn't cost anything either. Well if it cost something that wouldn't really make any sense.

Ooo, awesome.

That sure is the Shining Spot.

Nah gonna level some more (my personal goal - Paula at least level 20 before leaving). Did you know that Mighty Bears sometimes drop Teddy Bears? I ended up getting like...two of them.


Eh, not bad I guess. HP is always good.

Haha at least I'm making money.

Bones! :O

Ah frick. Getting homesick is one of the worst status ailments because there's no warning for it, and when it shows up randomly in battle you are REALLY in trouble. I kept it for a bit to show you guys.


Ness: :<


Not bad!


There's only one cure for homesickness!

Hurray! I usually get hit with Homesickness in the Dusty Dunes Desert, or at least, that's where I usually remember getting hit with it.

Also only Ness gets homesick. :O

Alright, goal reached! Let's do this thing!

You're going down.

No wonder there were so many moles in here.

This is one of those bosses that has a specific note in pencil in my old strategy guide, I think from Alex cause it looks like his writing, that just has an arrow pointing to it and Paralysis written next to it. LET'S DO IT.


First things first. I mean, look at her HP compared to Ness's, it's ridiculous.

I remember there being a boss where I just drained away his PP so he couldn't attack me, but I can't remember who or what it was. Ah well.

Wow, that was easy.


Tiny little steps by tiny little feet.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot I have this version of the Sanctuary music I got ages ago.

And the melody plays. It sounds a little something like this!


And the soundstone version sounds a bit like this! Put it together with the Giant Step one and see how it sounds.

Anyway, heading out.

Ooo neat.

This can be very useful, let me tell you.

Yeah yeah yeah.

Oh no!


Let's go see the show!

Chaos Theater music! Plays in all theaters, actually.

Hmm...kay, I have to trigger the show first.

Oooo yeaaaaah he wanted to talk with Paula. WOOPS.

Alright, let's do this!



Paula is still too weirded out by this.


I call this one the spastic frog

Don't cause any trouble Jenkins

I heard if you show the boyfriend the backstage pass he like has a heart attack but I totally forgot to do it. :B

What, do you regularly punch kids who talk to you?

The Runaway Five? Never!


They suuuuuure will be



How complicated could it be?


Oh well.

For a minute I thought he meant actual bread and I was like "I don't have any bread rolls on me what do i do D:"

You guys are the worst money-handlers ever

Diggin it.


At least they have a sense of humor about it!

Not if I have anything to do with it.


Actually their song goes a little somethin like this. Hee. Catchy stuff. Listen along and imagine the sprites dancing around.


Yay I can still talk to them woooo

I think you're a little confused.

You know it, Mr. T!

Thank you, polite ticketmaster.

Runaway Five: HURRAY

Freedom's what we got (Let's Split!)

You're alright, sax player.

Become a groupie!

We're outta here! As a sidenote, for those of you who played SSBM, you know that one special promo video they have in like the extra menu, that's like fifteen minutes long and focuses on all the characters? The little shot they have of Ness is in Onett, and you can see the Runaway Five in the background for a few seconds. And also how he comes in is PSI Teleport, but we won't reach that for a while. I was so excited to see the Runaway Five again. :D I really hope there's more Earthbound stuff in Brawl.


Yeah, let's blow this popsicle stand.

Bus music!

Quick little bus remix I found ages ago
BUS! is a really nice OC Remix of it


Bye Burglin Park! I'll be back someday!

Bye Orange Kid you useless failure

Bye Apple Kid my inventing savior

Bye random locked house!

And goodbye Twoson!

Ghosts: Noooooo

We made it! Not a very cheery place though. Has some creepy music to boot!

And an old remix I picked up long ago. I like the BTP remixes, I can't help it. The normal Threed theme comes in at the end here. Of course we're going to fix Threed! What, haven't you played an RPG before?

What with your wads of cash and all

And away they go! Now it's time to find out what's going on in Threed, and to find that mysterious third friend that Paula was talking about. TUNE IN NEXT TIME.

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