Day of the Tentacle

Made by LucasArts, released in 1993

Boring People to Death: The Novel

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2006! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

I'm mostly screwing around for this one because I realized I could read Bernard's textbook to people, which prompted me to read it to everyone I met. WHAT HAPPENS

Cigar to Hoagie...

Cigar lighter to Hoagie...

Lever to Laverne!

Oh frick I forgot she had to BE there to pick it up. Ah well, I'll do it later.


Teeth to an idea of what I'm gonna do yet?

Textbook to...actually wait.

Hahahahahaaa for some reason just how blunt that is amuses me.


This is a power that must only be used for good.

BURN how he says this


how he says this

Even FRED thinks its boring.

Anyway while I'm up here I better pick up this vomit


Ted's been moved out of the bathtub since Maniac Mansion it seems.

Marry a rich Sim +15000


This guy sounds like Jack Nicholson, yet strangely enough I didn't get a clip of him. Odd!

What do you think Bernard

Bernard, the ever-observant!

This is what those keys in the door in the hotel are for, if you're curious.

Oh Spider Man, you're so...strong.

If you hang around the screen, the masked guy will continue to complain about the keys. I think eventually he leaves the screen tho, one can guess because he finally found the right key. Or got bored. One of those.


That dime WILL be mine!


I am going to use the heck out of this gum.



Let us forget that unpleasantness in favor of petty larceny.

A ready pose!

He does this very quickly so I didn't catch it, but Bernard thumps the machine with the tip of the crowbar, thus the avalanche of coins.

I never understood Bernard's fascination with the dates on coins, but perhaps it's a trait of the true nerd.

Good estimate.

I WILL have that sweater!


We'll fix that!

Yeah, that should be enough.

Come back and check in on it in 200 years or so.

Back to the past with Hoagie!

I'm not.

Hahaha IT DOES SERVE A PURPOSE was there any doubt

Let's bore the art majors! I mean, artists.

But how could mad science be empty?! D:

I'm getting to it Ben keep your pants on

Kitty will not stand for this!

Hahahahahaha Hancock cube. Hancube.

Something about this cracks me up. Just how straightforward Jefferson is.


This'll wake you up.

I love how Hoagie says this. I shoulda gotten a clip of it.

I love both how casually Hoagie pulls the gun out of his pocket, and how Washington doesn't react.



Why yes, here you are.

My precious PRECIOUS LOG

This is exactly how arguments between me and Alex go.

Jefferson says this in the WEIRDEST way. I don't have a clip of that either tho. Play the game yourself.

Heh, it changes. Awesome.

Alright, enough of that!

Next up, either I finish Hoagie's scenario, or go back to Laverne. I CAN'T REMEMBER.

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