Day of the Tentacle

Made by LucasArts, released in 1993

Weird Ed and Edna

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2006! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

I'm not sure if I put this up before but here's the Honeymoon suite music.

Upstairs we go!

Look familiar? We got a peek at this room earlier when we changed the statue's arm.

Edna has a crazy old witch voice, like the Wicked Witch from Oz. Here's a snip.

Edna's theme!

Hee hee.

Back in the original!

Nurse Edna doesn't really care.

We're going to have to do something about that!


Ned! Or was it Jed?

Back when VCRs were hardcore.

Oh yeah, everytime Edna says "Don't touch!" Bernard had just tried to touch it but backed off when she said that.

I'll get to them eventually. Just you wait.

She does hit shamelessly on you in this game AND the first one.


Alright, time for the other door!

Weird Ed! Another character you could tweak in the original game. He was all into paramilitary stuff. In the first game you could steal a package that arrived at the mansion for him to get stamps for one thing or another.

A snip of his voice actor. He's got kind of a lispy, vaguely unstable accented voice.

Interesting double L there.


How he says this

Weird Ed wasn't this crazy in the first one, altho I guess the whole Edison family was pretty unbalanced.

cough MUST GET ONE cough

Okay, this was a fun glitch you could do in the original Maniac Mansion. You could snag Ed's hamster, then throw it in the microwave. The hamster would pop, then Ed would show up and kill whichever kid was in front of the microwave. Fun thing was, that kid could still do stuff as a ghost. The hamster in the microwave I think was NOT cut from the NES port of Maniac Mansion, which is weird considering all the other things they cut from it (changing an arcade machine called "Muff Diver" to "Tuna Diver" for example). I think they might have released another version later where they cut the hamster in the microwave out. I think the copy we had still had that in there though.

This info actually is kind of useful later.

You can imagine how crazy Ed sounds when he says this.


At least he's honest.

Oh ho ho.

I must ruin this immediately.


You can actually keep this if you want to.

Eh, I'll be nice.

Hee hee hee hee hee I love this game.

Fun stuff here. You can actually play the original Maniac Mansion on Ed's computer. That game is much harder than this one.

Anyway, upstairs!

We'll be back here.

AHA my lever thingy! I can get Laverne her flag now.

Down the chimney!

I'm sure you've guessed that this is what the gun is for.

Hee heeeeeeee.


Exploding cigar! You know this'll come in handy.

Hahahaha, foiled you, cigar salesman.

That's enough for now. Next up, I think we'll be cutting back to Hoagie. Or Laverne. ONE OF THOSE I think.

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