Day of the Tentacle

Made by LucasArts, released in 1993

The FUTURE!!!!!

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2006! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

Voice clips!

Bernard going whee

"Bernard, float over here so I can punch you."

Hoagie snorting. Hee hee.

Laverne: Well, I gotta go arrange your death now.

Laverne: I think I'm going to kill you.

I'm not sure what item Laverne is looking at here

Laverne: He looks like a beauty queen! (the way she says this cracks me up)

I love it when they break the fourth wall

Laverne going whee

Laverne: I don't think killing an old man will help...yet.

Another snip of Washington

We just unlocked Laverne, so let's go see what's happening with her in the future!

The guard sounds kind of...I dunno, hard to describe I guess.

How he says this line

"Have you seen a gangly human around?" Hehehe, gangly is right.

hee hee hee

Woah, strong language for a game like this.


How he says this line

Mocking the system and tentacles in general (hee hee, the last one is great).

All the kids start with their own item. Bernard has his textbook, Hoagie has a can opener, and Laverne has a scalpel. The scalpel is fun to play with. :D

And then I missed a line in here, I think. WOOPS. Well I think you can figure out where he was going with this anyway.

Haha I love how the -ed ending is such a running thing with their family.

Hee hee.



If I KNEW them, that'd be a different story!

How Laverne says this line. I love how she starts giggling halfway through.

The Tentacle guard hops off his chair in this neat animation, but I only got this goofy looking screencap. FOOSH RIGHT THROUGH THE CEILING

Hee hee, Dr. Tentacle just has a labcoat.

Dr. Tentacle has this british accent.

I love Laverne.

Dr. Tentacle is officially weirded out.

How he does this line

Alright, time to wander around!

Neither do I.



I love how it's a stick figure. TENTACLES CARE SO MUCH.

No human chart for me I guess.

Hahaha Laverne walks SO weird, but I can't rip the sprites for it cause for some reason they come out all distorted. Maybe I'll try some more later, but for now you'll just hafta imagine it.

The tentacle guard wasn't joking!

Front room! One of those humans looks familiar, eh?

How she says this

The fact that Harold looks just like George Washington amuses me SO MUCH. Harold has this outrageous French accent.

How he says this

I dunno, does anyone else have trouble picturing a tentacle actually caring about a human? I just think that mental picture is so weird.


You... people



Back to the hallway!

Old Purple basically just sounds like Purple Tentacle except old. Nothing really notable there.

His soldier dude sounds just like a soldier, really. Here's how he does this line.

Hahahahaha humophiles.

I want to mutilate a hot pocket beyond recognition.

Random white hole. WHO KNOWS.

I actually should have visited this maybe earlier, but this room looks exactly the same from the present. As one can probably tell.


Hee hee.

Hee hee hee. The tentacle guard has a kind of english that hunter guy in Jumanji, or in almost every cartoon ever. Just think of the stereotypical safari hunter accent, and that's the accent this guy has.

Glued to this spot indeed


HINT HINT our next goal! Getting Laverne a tentacle costume!

Next up, let's get cracking on that costume!

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