Day of the Tentacle

Made by LucasArts, released in 1993

Meet our Founding Fathers

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2006! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

I went through and ripped a few more little things for you guys, like voice clips and animations and stuff. Alriiiiight.

Green Tentacle! I might do Purple with/without arms later. I love Green. I put up a clip of his voice, just right click save as.

"It looks bad for you."

For Purple...

"It makes me feel great! Smarter! More aggressive!"

For Bernard...

"He belongs to Weird Ed Edison, and it looks like he's brought us a note!"

For Dr. Fred...

"We've repaired the primary device! But before we can do anything, both time pods must be energized as well! Then we can bring back, er, what's his name and who's her face."

For Laverne...

"Look, Hoagie, it's a hamster!"

"Just what I need for dissection lab tomorrow!"

For Hoagie...

"I think I need that for the band, Laverne. You know, we can bite its head off, or whatever."

And finally, the noise that played when it said "click".

I love the voiceacting in this game.


Bernard's REAL quest!

There are no points in SCUMM games, unlike Sierra games, but if this WAS a Sierra game, I bet that woulda given you points. I hope that sentence makes sense.

Why, what's this paper over here?

Tadaaaah. I think you're supposed to go wandering the house at this point until you find it, but I know where it is so I just did it this way. Puzzles like this, where the item you need is hidden on a screen or easy to overlook, can be really frustrating. I think that's where most of the challenge is in these games. Unlike Sierra games, where you're constantly flirting with death. Ah, I love you Sierra.

Wow indeed!

Hee hee. New music plays at this point! Flushing the Plans to Hoagie.

Hee hee.

Inanimate. Make a note of that!

I love Dr. Fred.

I love the idea of Hoagie just standing around doing nothing in the past.

Old pal, hehehe.

Dr. Fred just ignores him. Hehehe.



There we go! You can see Bernard's picture over on the side there. Whenever I want to switch to a different kid, I can just click their picture and it'll take me to wherever I left them last. The fun thing about this game is that you can pretty much do it in whatever order you want. Well, I can't really get to Laverne just yet, but after that I can just play through the game whichever way I want. All three of the kids have a kind of "mission" they have to complete before they're all set to return. Laverne and Hoagie have to plug their time pods into a power supply of some kind, and Bernard needs to get a diamond for the main unit. All three of them have puzzles that involve pieces of items from other times, thus the whole flushing thing, but I could, say, complete Hoagie's quest and then move on in that order, or just do bits and pieces of everyone here and there. If you're playing through this for the first time, you'll probably be jumping around a lot. I've done this like, a BILLION times, so I'll mostly be doing everyone in large chunks. I decided to start with Hoagie, since he was there. I'll do most of Hoagie, then probably do most/all of Bernard, then shift to Laverne. Or I might do Laverne, because I really like hers.


Hotel Exterior -Past-

Yes, these will be important.

Who do we have here? Music snip for this.

Franklin has the most goofy voice ever. It's hilarious.

Here's how he says this line.

And two other lines of his!


Haha I love Hoagie.

Here's how Hoagie says this line.

Hee hee. You know, after this game I always have this image of Ben Franklin being a total goofball in my head.


The fun thing about conversations in this game is while yes, sometimes you only have one chance to say something to someone (altering the dialogue tree...for example if I said "You mean PRESIDENT Washington?" I could have altered the dialogue tree after that for Franklin) it won't hurt your chances at finishing the game. You can't say anything to anyone that'll get em to kill you or anything. It does throw some replay value in tho in having you be able to pick different options and ways to talk to people depending.

I'm working on iiit

How Hoagie says this line

I'm gonna open the HECK out of that mailbox.

Hee hee. How Hoagie says this and what he says if you try to change it.

How Bernard says it and what he says if you try to change it.

How Laverne says it and what she says if you try to change it.

Dead Cousin Ted! He was in the original Maniac Mansion, along with Dr. Fred, Nurse Edna, and Weird Ed.

Also, music change! Hotel Interior and The Inn, which both play in here but I can't exactly remember when for which. Oh well.

I love seeing plugs for other games like this. It really amuses me. Sierra does this all the time.

I'd watch that movie.

Before you think Hoagie is just dumb, you can also have long conversations with Dead Cousin Ted with Bernard and Laverne. AS WE SHALL SEE LATER.

Haha, can you guess who's who?

Hee hee.

Anyway, this is John Hancock. He sounds like Woody Allen, which amuses me waaaay too much. Hee hee.

A clip of him talking about a possible amendment to the constitution.

The eternal question.

Hee hee, childhood complex.


A suggestion box, eh?

Thomas Jefferson sounds like Dudley Doright. No seriously. Hee hee hee hee.

His time capsule dealy

This one cracks me up. What lady made cupcakes, I wonder?

hee hee.

Four hundred years, eh?

A log. snerk.

I love this game.


What's with that, anyway?

Ooo gold, I'm gonna need that later.

Hmm, I need a clever scheme then.

George Washington sounds like the most yuppy yuppy to ever own a great deal of money. Hahahahaaa.

Hee hee hee.


Here's how he does this line.

Oh, you will.

Hehe, smoke detector.

Anyway, I thought that'd be enough screencaps for this installment. Next up, exploring more of the house and meeting/harrassing some more historical figures!

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