DELICIOUS COLLARBONES Wilson is his only friend. Tick Quote, yo. His true form. BBOOOORRRRN FREEEEEEEEE Clomping with his hooves. His clumsy, clumsy hooves. AND I RUN TO THE SUN A pony of space. IT IS NOT HIS PENIS HE EATS THE PEOPLE Bleeeeee Blooloolooo His sexy voice compels you. Centaurs have giant penises, you know. Itty bitty living space. SEE SEE it is the COMING And by drink he means suck him off. KWARK A woman of raging juice BUT HOW DOES HE MASTURBATE If message=semen, then SURE. Ye olde Pony coq ONNA NO HITO HARHAR CHIBI CHILLING IS THE FOOLS Aliens exist. BUT WITH NO FINGERS It claimed my mother. Right after Space did. MARKERS CANNOT CAPTURE HIS MAJESTY. My Little Space Ponyyyyyy RUNAWAY Har. SONG AHOY. He wants a woman/man. HIS LOVE Space cannot have good advice. WHEN FEAR TELLS ME TO TURN AROUND No one can understand their beautiful love. WINDY? perhaps...fart? WOOP From Yui. From Sunni HE WAS ON THE GRASSY KNOLL I RUB ACORNS PANTY SHOT A rearing horse IS TO BE FEEEEARED HE EXISTS They're all so PHALLIC HUMANITY IS MIIINE HAHAHA IT'S TRUE This mascot WILL BE YOUR LIFE The birth of PENIS PENIS ATTACK kerGAY HE EXISTS courtesy of Kitty-N SUMMONETH THE PONYETH douglas ~ Mari Oh space pony OUR LOVE IS MEANT TO BE :O ~Arby My Little Pony, Outer Space Pony, look at how his rainbow grows! My little pony, outer space pony- the manhood beneith him shows and glows!/ humping he does dare, species he don't care/ a sexy pony is heeeeeeeee/ My Spaceypony, outer space pony, the sexiest pony you seeeeeee ~Soshi A fairer flower there never was! MAN-EATING CONDOM HIS MOUTH BE PLUNDERED ARRRR ::itemfanfare:: WE HAVE A WEINER With a blow wave in their haaaair ::pushed into the mud:: It was all worth it ma From Kat!