So hard, it bleeds.

~17~321 Stars~Against All Odds~B4U (Remix)~Boys~BreakDown~Broken My Heart~Burnin' The Floor~Burnin' The Floor (Remix)~Bye Bye Baby Balloon~Cafe~Candy(Heart)~Candy(Star)~Cartoon Heroes~Cats Eye~Conga Feelin'~Cowgirl~Cutie Chasers~D2R~Dead End~Destiny~Dive~Dive Into the Night~Do Me (HIGEO Mix)~Dream A Dream~Drifting Away~Drop The Bomb (System SF Mix)~Dub i Dub~DXY~Dynamite Rave (B4ZA Beat)~ElectroTuned~El Ritmo Tropical~Enter the Dragon~Fantasy~Fantasy (DDRMax2)~Fire~Firefly~Flashdance~Follow the Sun~Forever Snow~Freckles~Get Up~Get Up and Dance~Graduation~Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)~Highs Offf U~Holiday~Hot Limit~I Feel...~It's Raining Men~Kind Lady~Let's Groove~Let the Beat Hit Em!~Little Boy (Boy on Boy)~Living in America~Long Train Runnin'~Look At Us~Love This Feelin'~Make a Jam~Matsuri Japan~My Summer Love~Furuhata's Theme (Ninzaburo)~Only You~Orion.78 (Civilization Mix)~Paranoia (Clean Mix)~Paranoia (Dirty Mix)~Paranoia Evolution~Paranoia Millenium~Paranoia Rebirth~Right Now~Rock Beat~Shooting Star~Silent Hill~So Many Men~Somewhere Over The Rainbow~Speed Over Beethoven~Spin the Disc~Stay~Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious~Sweet Sweet Heart Magic~Telephone Operator~Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me~The Cube~The Reflex~The Twist~The Whistle Song~Together Forever~Tribal Dance~Trip Machine~Trip Machine (Jungle)~Twilight Zone~Upside Down~Vol. 4~We Are The Champions~Wild Rush~