Go here for details on how to install and use these.

This skintone was specifically based on the Bean people from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Just kind of a smooth green. It applies to all age groups and genders.
Bean Skin - Download

This white white skin was intended fer a genetic experiment Sim (for those familiar with my stories, Kame's skin), but can pass fer any geeky or vampy Sim if you just CAN'T GET PALE ENOUGH! All ages and genders.

This dull grey is specifically for some Sims of mine (Michelle and Gabriella), but will it be useful to you? Try it and find out! All ages and genders.
Grey skin - Download

Actually, this is really facepaint, but eh. This is based on Zorn from Final Fantasy IX. It's male only, because da idea of a female Zorn makes me laugh and freaks me out at da same time.
Zorn facepaint - Download

Going along with Zorn, here's Thorn's facepaint. It's too bad there are no jester hats ta play with yet. I content myself with facepaint. Male only, fer reasons stated above. :O
Thorn facepaint - Download

Another fairly specific one (fer Caleb), this is da pale skin tone with a huge scar running across the face, fer those who want Sims that appear ta have lost knife fights. This is male only, and da scar only applies from teenager to elder.
Knifefight skin - Download

This is a very specific skin fer a character of mine (Teishi), but I suppose if you whack off to child abuse this is right up yer alley. That's creepy. Please don't use this skin for that.
Anyway, this skin is male only. The injuries vary on the age of the Sim. As a toddler, there's a black eye, as a child there's a scar over the eye and bruising, as a teen there are two scars on the face, scars down the arms, a large scar on the chest, and bruising, as an adult the scars are still present (tho faded) as have da bruises, and as an elder no bruises, but faded scars.
Teishi skin - Download

Another specific skin, tho this one I can see having more application then da Teishi skin above. This one has flame patterns up the arms and legs and around the eyes for females (Tsukiyo), and for males it has mottled kind of blotches (Gekkani). The child has the flame markings, although by teen years you can tell them apart. Da toddler has no markings. As an elder, da markings on both have faded a little.
Tsukiyo/Gekkani skin - Download

A simple one here. This one mimics Zell Dincht's tattoo from Final Fantasy VIII, and does a darn good job of it if I say so myself. Tattoo shows up from Teenager onwards. Male only.
Zell tattoo - Download

I didn't take a fullshot of this skincolor because apparently I'm an idiot, BUT as ya can see here, it's quite blue. In fact, it's very much Freakazoid blue. Altho I suppose there could be other uses for it. Should be all sexes and ages.
Freakazoid skin - Download

Another one lacking a straight shot of da skin, this is a kinda powerderblue skin color here. Males have a lizard tattoo on da shoulder, females do not. This is totally fer Amarant from Final Fantasy IX, altho ya can get creative I suppose. All sexes and ages.
Amarant skin - Download

This is an incredibly specific skin made fo my good friend, the human captain. I MEAN, Funkmeister S-SHI YO. It's fer her character Grey from Inhuman. Anyway, as a toddler, there's only a few scars on da knees and on da hands. As a kid, there's a scar on the arm (Drakia) and scars on the knees. At teen all the scars kick in as shown. As an adult, da scars have faded ta a yellow/white color. As an elder, they continue ta fade. Scars are male only.
Grey Skin - Download

Man I suck at drawing gemstones agcyahfhag. This is actually just an eyebrow tweaking but it fits better here I think. Meant to emulate Vrumugun from Slayers, although I guess you could find other uses for it. I THINK it's all sexes and ages, but I could be wrong. If that's the case then it's just for adult males.
Forehead Gemstone - Download

A mottled green kind of skin! Specifically for a certain alien race from Star Control II...
VUX Skin - Download