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Back in 2005, I wanted to share an old game named Phantasmagoria with my Livejournal friends, so I took a ton of screencaps and wrote up some posts about it! It was a lot of fun, and after that I started doing it for other games too, and it sort of became a whole thing. I've done a bunch of them and they're all pretty long and it occurred to me that I should mirror them here as well, so they aren't just stuck on LJ/DW since who knows if that site will go down someday and I'd hate to lose all that work, haha. And all the images are hosted on my site anyway so it was pretty easy to transfer it over.

There are a lot of them though! So I'm going to try and just chip away at them when I get the time. The old LJ index is here, although if the images are acting up there, you can also see them on Dreamwidth. I haven't done one in a while... I should pick that back up again sometime.

Phantasmagoria - Sierra, 1995

(LP done in 2005, warning for blood and gore!)

Chapters One and Two
Chapters Two, Three, and Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven

Star Control 2 - Accolade, 1992 (Original here, Rerelease for modern systems here)

(LP done in 2006)

Allying with Starbase
Captain Fwiffo
The Pkunk
Vanquishing the Evil Ones
The Zoq-Fot-Pik
Ur-Quan, Orz, and Androsynth
The Melnorme
The Arilou and Quasispace
The Slylandro
The Kohr-Ah
The Shofixti
The VUX and Admiral ZEX
The Rebirth of the Shofixti
The Umgah and the Dnyarri
The Utwig
The Supox
The Yehat Revolution
Welcome to the Crimson Corporation
Melnorme Infodump
The Dill-Rats
The Thraddash of Culture 19
The Mycon
The Syreen
Pestering the Dnyarri
The Birth of the Chmmr
The Ultron LIVES
Loose Ends
The Eternal Doctrine

(Done in 2006-2008, warning for sexual content)

The Secret Theater
Part One
Part Two
Eww Eww Eww
Just Can't Get Enough
Please leave a message
What's that coming over the hill

(LP done in 2006)

King's Quest I - Sierra, 1984/1990 (AGI here, SCI here)
The Magic Mirror
The Magic Chest
The Magic Shield

Day of the Tentacle - LucasArts, 1993

(LP done in 2006)

Let's Get Crackin!
Meet our Founding Fathers
Snubbed by a Horse
Die, Kumquats!
The Future!!!!
The Quest for a Costume
Hotel Hijinx
Weird Ed and Edna
Boring People to Death: The Novel
It's Perfectly Safe
The IRS mean business
Let's All Go to the Human Show
Return to Yesterday

EarthBound - HAL Laboratories/APE, 1995 (Available via SNES ROM here)

(LP done in 2007)

Bug of Destiny
Shark Attack Shark Attack Shark Attack
Giant Step
Do the Twoson Twostep
Peaceful Rest ValACHOO
Happy Happy is Blue Blue
Lilliput Steps
Threed is Zombiefull
...Brick Road
That was a ZOMBIE'S LIFE.
Hi Hi Hi!
Milky Well and the Dusty Dunes Desert
Super Dry Dance
The Big Banana
Third Strongest
It's Never Morning in Moonside
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Rainy Circle
Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap
Mu is Nothingness
Magnet Hill
Pink Cloud
Turn the Desert to Glass
Into the Pyramid
...Dungeon Man
Just how deep is this darkness anyway
Stonehenge's Dirty Secret
Lumine Hall
Fire Spring
Need a more Magican do attitude
The Razing of the...hey wait
The War is Over
Smiles and Tears

Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter - Sierra, 1986/1991 (VGA version available here)

(LP done in 2007)

This isn't part of my job description
That dry, itchy smell
Ulence Flats
The Deltaur!

Legend of Kyrandia - Westwood, 1992 (Available here)

(LP done in 2007)

Just a Magical Land
Into the Timbermist Woods
Hope you've got a pencil and paper
Has anyone seen my objectives around here? Anyone?
...That's it?

Pikmin - Nintendo, 2001

(LP done in 2008)

Day 1 - The Impact Site
Day 2 - The Forest of Hope
Day 3 - The Forest of Hope
Day 4 - The Forest of Hope
Day 5 - The Forest Navel
Day 6 - The Impact Site
Day 7 - The Forest Navel (Puffstool)
Day 8 - The Forest Navel
Day 9 - The Distant Spring (Smoky Progg)
Day 10 - The Distant Spring
Day 11 - The Forest of Hope (Armored Cannon Beetle)
Day 12 - The Forest of Hope (Burrowing Snagret)
Day 13 - The Forest Navel (Beady Longlegs)
Day 14 - The Impact Site (Mamuta)
Day 15 - The Forest Navel
Day 16 - The Distant Spring
Day 17 - The Impact Site (Goolix)
Day 18 - The Distant Spring
Day 19 - The Distant Spring
Day 20 - The Distant Spring
Day 21 - The Distant Spring
Day 22 - The Distant Spring
Day 23 - The Final Trial (Emperor Bulblax round one)
Day 24 - The Final Trial (Emperor Bulblax round two)

Quest for Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero - Sierra, 1989/1992 (VGA version available here and EGA here)

(LP done in 2008)

I heard you want to be a hero?
Magic, Books, Getting Stinking Drunk
Peace, as you call it, is an illusion
There are certain rules for surviving an adventure game
Erasmus and Fenrus
Can you play cribbage?
Dance, dance like butterflies
Thanks for NOTHING
Grind grind grind your stats
Banditry begets banditry
Mandrake Mousse

Snatcher - Konami, 1994

(LP done in 2009)

Sarah Connor?
Abort retry INFODUMP
Are criminals just genetically drawn to abandoned factories
He was a great peasant!
The dangers of good hygiene
She's eighteen, we swear
Gillian has a latent appliance fetish
Wilkommen Bienvenue Welcome
I'm going to open up a nice pie place here
Gillian kills a guy
It doesn't taste fat free
Appeal to your audience, kill the cute dog
Gillian jumps a 14 year old girl in the shower
Does this mean I'm not getting that promotion
Goodnight, Sweet Prince
The only end, my friend
Kojima has a huge boner for Russia
Gillian fails all over everything

Fallout - Interplay, 1997

(LP done in 2009-2011)

So thirsty
Abandoned vaults and giant scorpions
Killing Killian??
I was doing... something... what was it...
The day is saved!
Well he did drink a lot of phosphorus
Brotherhood of GET OUT
Gotta run some murder errands
Rollin down Deathclaw Highwaaaay
I took the path less traveled by, so then I loaded and took the other path too
Can't throw a stone without hitting a supermutant
The plot just spills everywhere

Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge - Sierra, 1988 (Available here)

(LP done in 2012)

A majora part of the game you could say
Is this asteroid up to code

Mother 3 - HAL Laboratory/Brownie Brown, 2006 (Available here)

(LP done in 2013)

What's the worst that could happen
Is it too late to go back to Onett
Unassuming local guy cavorts with ghosts, news at 11
Animal abuse
Burning through batteries like a mad man
Can't go back to yesterday
Labor laws, pfft
Tonda Gossa!
With a shovel or a pick
Might want to rethink your five dollar security budget
I think I'll try defying expectations
How do you write the grant application for this
Light and Flakey
Ladder game
My life my love and my lady
Red Green Yellow Yellow and Yellow Yellow Green Red (or the whole thing in one post on dreamwidth)
See you next fall
Bye Bye~
Wake up, sheeple!!!
Or did I just blow your mind
Someone yells "less talk more rock!" mostly unironically
Shenanigans! SHENANIGANS!
Someone's Memories
You have no choice.

What might have been

Mother - Ape Inc., 1989

(LP done in 2015)

Livin on easy street
For Fun or For Glory
Bottle rockets, bottle rockets for the rats!
You come into MY house
Take a Melody and Simple as can be, or both as one post on dreamwidth


Caps Not Necessarily From a Game
Silver Chaos
Level C
Haru wo Daiteita
Okane ga Nai
Ai no Kusabi
Okane ga Nai episode two
Legend of the Blue Wolves
Boku no Sexual Harrassment
More Haru wo Daiteita
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Boku no Sexual Harrassment Ep 2
The Tyrant Falls in Love
More Ai no Kusabi
Bronze - Zetsuai since 1989

Mewtwo Strikes Back - One | Two
Birth of Mewtwo
Revelation Lugia
Entei, Lord of the "Unknown" Tower - One | Two
Celebi: A Timeless Encounter
Guardians of the Water City, Latias and Latios - One | Two
Wishing Star of the Seven Nights, Jirachi - One | Two | One post on Dreamwidth
The Sky-rending Visitor, Deoxys - One | Two | One post on Dreamwidth
Mew and the Hero of the Wave, Lucario - One | Two | One post on Dreamwidth
Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea, Manaphy
Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai

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