Do you like ANIMATION?? Do you want to see what kind of ridiculous things Zarla has animated over the years?? Well you've come to the RIGHT PLACE!!

These were all animated in Flash, and as such don't play on modern browsers because Adobe hates everyone, but thanks to a plug-in called Ruffle, they should play in your browser no problem! You don't have to download anything, it should all be handled on my end. The problem is that it doesn't work on preloaders and since some of the movies are kind of long, you'll have to give it a minute or two to load before the movie appears. So just be patient if it's not showing up!

Some of these are hosted on Youtube as well, I'll give alternate links to those too! More details about each one is on their individual page.



The first Flash animation I ever made. I had no idea what I was doing! But I didn't let that stop me. A little music video done to Slalomicide by Mazedude.


Move Your Dead Bones

The legend........


A very special preview

What could it be???

Things Can Only Get Gayer

Watching my Otacon and Snake Sims dance and then


Mambolawyer (Newgrounds mirror)


Always Hardcore

An old gift for my cousin, long lost.


A Walk in the Woods

doot doot BRRREEEP doot doot BREEEEP

Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise

Warning for Mother 3 spoilers!

8 Melodies

Celebrating the release of the Mother 3 translation patch!

Star Control 2 Western Show


I am a prince

space pony


I like you, I love you

Teisel/Glyde ahead, watch out for SEX

i don't even remember making this


My quest to be the most annoying person continues unabated

Stamp on the Ground (Newgrounds mirror)



On the move

Fastest Heavy or slowest Medic in the world

All the People

Les Enfants Terribles dance party!!


I hear a Hunter

Louis can't eat anything in peace around here

Left 4 Totoro

Featuring the original dub version of Sanpo!


Little My Star ~Infect of Love Version~

La la la la little my- [gets throat torn out]

everything you need to know about the SPN fandom

self-explanatory, really

Buri Hamachi

MORE MEMES MORE MEMES this one is only on Youtube for a change


What if your girlfriend was gone?

jk.... unless....?

Smoker boppin

Really just a looping gif I rotoscoped from a dance video for Happy Synthesizer but I did it in Flash so THERE.

Charger dancin

See above except rougher

I've Learned Too Much; I Have Gone Mad



Childish War

When you least expect it, it's Edgar and Scriabin!!!!!! (who?)

MGS Smooooch gif

I started a whole redo of this with MGS characters and then never finished it, this is all that remains.

Half-Life Smooooch gif


are you actually mad (Tumblr mirror)

Remember Attack on Titan? anyway


Tan Sólo Hazlo Tú

Little rough animation of Juan Corrida singing a Spanish version of All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera.

Partial redraw of Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise

From 2008 if you recall! I wanted to redo the whole first part of it and then I ended up petering out, but still! It's really striking to compare the different shots back to back, the new ones look so much better.

Papyrus hugging Sans

Another gif! Reffed from the Gravity Falls opening.

Speed Racer Sans and Papyrus



Mitch Hedberg Sans (Tumblr mirror)

I kept hearing Sans's voice as Mitch Hedberg's voice so I decided to illustrate it to prove my point.

Mitch Hedberg Sans: the sequel (Tumblr mirror)


Papyrus picking Sans up

I actually did this in Flipnote but I'm putting it up here anyway, what are you going to do about it

Undertale Little My Star gifs

Memories of 2011


You and Me (But Mostly Me) (Youtube mirror)

More of an animatic than anything else but whatever I still think it's hilarious. Handplates based.

Papyrus Smooooooch gif

SMOOOCH NEVER DIES I figured in an Undertale version of Smoooch Sans would never run, Papyrus would have to carry him, haha.


Ladies in Stamp on the Ground

The only reason they weren't in the original Stamp on the Ground is that they didn't exist yet. If you watch the version of Stamp on the Ground on my site now though, you'll see I finally added them in! Along with Gaster and Alphys, haha.

Dad?! (Tumblr mirror)

I watch too much Gumball.

Pa-Py-Po (Tumblr mirror, Youtube mirror)

Celebrate Undertale's third anniversary with a dead meme!


There can only be one (Tumblr mirror)


Caipirinha (Youtube mirror)

Another dead meme for the fourth anniversary! Fun trivia: I had to do a lot of this on my laptop with a trial version of Flash (""animate"") since I didn't have my normal install with me and now the .fla won't open in any older version of Flash I have so I guess I can just never access the files for this one again, oh well

Gaster shielding the bros

From Handplates again, I mostly only used Flash to put this together but whatever, I spent a lot of time on it

dead (Tumblr mirror)

how could this happen


Rolling Girl (Youtube version with distortion)

Fifth anniversary! A Handplates mix of the two classic mvs for wowaka's Rolling Girl. The youtube version has added video distortion/subtitles which gives it a cool feel, but if you want to see the art the clearest then the one hosted here is your best bet.


Run Edgar Run!

HE'S GONNA GET YOU boy putting this together was a nightmare, i had to use like four different programs for it

Move Your Dead Bones dance redo

I was thinking of Move Your Dead Bones and how the recurring dance that shows up in it was supposed to be similar to one in the actual music video for the song, but I didn't have the skill to do that at the time. Then I thought hey, maybe I can do it now! So now Edgar dances way more closely to how I was actually picturing back then, haha.


An interview with a cured zombie (Youtube mirror)

For the lady anniversary. LOOK MA IT'S SHADED

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