Limited   Edition   Dolls

Here's where all the Limited Edition Dolls end up. Remember, some of them have restrictions and they're all different, so watch it. ^_^

~*Limited Edition Dragon Cid Doll*~
Marbled BlueScarlet Red
Glittering GreenShimmering Yellow

This adorable little doll is a item anyone would want to add to their collection! Everyone's favorite foul-mouthed, smoking, bad-tempered, lovable pilot is here for everyone to enjoy! Look at those beautiful blue eyes, that cute ruffled hair, that little felt cigarette sticking out of his mouth! How could anyone NOT fall in love with this doll at first sight? And of course, this Cid doll has those special extras, such as the wonderful wings and tail. Ever wonder why Cid can jump so high? He's got the blood of dragons! And now you can have a doll of him as a dragon as well!
And that's not all!
Limited Edition Dragon Cid comes in four designer colors, including
Marbled Blue
Scarlet Red
Shimmering Yellow
Glittering Green
Yes! That's right! Remember, as supplies are limited, you may only get one color only, so choose carefully! Each color is carefully done so there is now loose threads or the chances of dye leaking out onto Cid's back if he gets wet somehow. They're all so beautiful! This beautiful doll is just dying to go in your collection, or wherever you keep dolls of anime characters!
It's a doll your children will enjoy for the few sparse moments you let the little devils alone with it before you cuddle it yourself and never let anyone touch it again.
No harsh, sharp, pointy parts! Not even the spikes are remotely hazardous, as they are soft and bendable and nice to touch, so Dragon Cid is safe to sleep with (not that way, perv!). Feeling lonely at night? Don't worry, Dragon Cid will be watching over you if you decide to get this limited offer today!
Wings are connected firmly to Cid's back. Not removable. Hands,boots, tail weighted down so they won't flop all over. Wings made of felt (and beautiful felt it is). Cigarette does not actually burn. Do not set on fire. Do not leave in direct sunlight as the light glinting of the magnificently colored wings may blind you. Do not leave in sight of airplanes, as the doll may suddenly "mysteriously" dissapear and start mailing you post cards from Rocket Town and take up residence with a Shera doll (not included).
Limitation - Must get only one

~*Limited Edition Chaos Doll*~

Yes, everyone's favorite demon spawn is now available to own! The utter torment of Vincent's soul and mind in cute, cuddly merchandisable form! Get one today!
Note the glowing firey eyes, reminscient of Vincent! Note the sharp, razor sharp claws that protrude from both it's adorable paws and footpaws! Note the sharp fangs used for ripping into flesh! The adorableness of this doll may boggle the mind!
The large wings that inable it to swoop down and devour prey are now made of silk and are easily posable and can be folded or spread out dramatically. It's limbs are posable and will usually stay where you put them. Usually.
You think a deal this sweet, to own this priceless and beautifully evil doll, must have a catch, right?
Only one!
This Chaos doll is one in a series, which means that he comes along with the other parts of Vincent's fractured psyche, Hellmasker, Death Gigas, and Galian Beast! You can't seperate the four from eachother, just as Vincent can not remove them from his own tortured mind and finally be happy!
The Doll Shoppe is not responsible for Chaos suddenly moving or taking life.
Do NOT leave this doll alone with a Vincent doll. EVER.
Do NOT turn your back on this doll at any time.
Do NOT leave it out somewhere in the middle of the night, as Chaos may rise, take a sharp implement, and stab you in your sleep. The Doll Shoppe is NOT responsible should this happen.
Do not give this doll to small children, as the sharp claws may be used for purposes other then decoration. Do not attempt to remove the claws as this may result in massive lacerations. Do not pull on wings. Do not tease Chaos Doll.
Should the Chaos doll cross it's arms of it's own volition and seem to sulk, do not bother, speak, touch, or generally annoy the Chaos doll for a few hours if you wish to retain your limbs.
Throwing Chaos doll sadistically off a balcony to see whether or not it can truly fly may result in something you did not expect. The Doll Shoppe is not responsible should this happen.
Limitation - Must get other Limit Breaks

~*Limited Edition Hellmasker Doll*~

Can you hear that? It's the sound of a chainsaw revving dramatically as the Hellmasker doll takes the display stand!
Yes, yet another part of Vincent's broken mind has come into adorable doll like form! Hellmasker comes with a REAL unremovable mask from which stare two crimson holes, burning with some inner fire (not to be taken literally)! His tattered rags and loose, long hair give the impression of the savage ferocity of the Hellmasker, also adding to the dolls cuteness! How can you resist that adorable blank look, that hockey mask, those bloody weighted hands! You can't!
Unlike Chaos, which should not be held for any long period of time, Hellmasker can be hugged at will, as long as it is not equipped with it's chainsaw. If it is, do not bother or try to touch Hellmasker. Try to remove the chainsaw as quickly as possible if you care about your furniture.
Do NOT leave this doll alone with a Vincent doll. EVER.
If you do get the chainsaw accessory to complete the Hellmasker ensemble, be prepared to face the consequences. The Doll Shoppe is not responsible should something "bad" happen.
Do not leave this doll in a forest of any kind.
Do not leave this doll with a group of teenagers.
Do not stick any extremity into the eye holes if you wish to keep it. The Doll Shoppe has yet to have a explanation for this, but until we do, keep away from the eye holes.
Do not attempt to remove the mask.
If Hellmasker begins to move around, do not try to stop it. Wait until it flops over again. If it begins to chase you, contact the police. The Doll Shoppe isn't responsible should this happen.
If strange unearthly laughter seems to come from Hellmasker, back away immediatly.
Do not take any kind of bath or use of the bathroom unless Hellmasker is securely stored somewhere it can not escape.
Do not do sadistic acts towards the doll unless you wish them returned at some point when you are asleep.
Chainsaw not included.
Limitation - Must get other Limit Breaks

Next In Line Fer da Doll Shoppe-Limited Edition Death Gigas Doll Electrifyingly adorable!

~*Limited Edition Death Gigas Doll*~
Death Gigas

Death Gigas.
You know you love it.
Well now you can own your own electrifying torturer of Vincent! Death Gigas is designed to be larger then other dolls because of it's massive strength. This does not make it any less cuddly! It just means there's more of it to love!
Death Gigas comes complete with a small supply of electricity, which can be dispensed usually when you wish it to. Usually.
Death Giga's bright red eyes come from it's "parent" Vincent. The only hard part of this doll are the bolts in it's neck, which usually shouldn't be touched, if possible. Other then that, the doll is soft and nice to touch. This doll is great to sleep with and can usually double as a pillow, although the latter should be used at your discretion. Death Gigas also plays a good game of Basketball. Beware it's Giga Dunk!
Do NOT leave this doll alone with a Vincent doll. EVER.
Do not bring this doll into the bathroom.
Do not bring this doll near any CD's or diskettes or anything else that could be deleted from electro-magnetic waves.
This doll generates a lot of static electricity. Be warned.
Massive crowds may suddenly surround Death Gigas and chase it into a windmill. If you keep your Death Gigas hidden from others eyes, this should be avoided, but the Doll Shoppe is not responsible if it does.
Do not touch Death Gigas' stitches.
Death Gigas' may shock you with no warning. This is not faulty wiring. The Doll Shoppe has been led to believe that it may be Death Gigas' own frustration at people teasing it.
Do not tease Death Gigas.
Limitation - Must get other Limit Breaks

Next In Line Fer da Doll Shoppe-Limited Edition Galian Beast Doll Furry, purple, and breathes fire! What more could you want?

~*Limited Edition Galian Beast Doll*~
Galian Beast

That adorable, whip-tailed, sharp fanged little terror is now available to own! Galian Beast is also equipped with claws made of the same material as Chaos and thus should not be touched too much, but other then that, the doll is soft and cuddly. Avoid the claws and you should be fine. It's mane has been tamed slightly and it's horns are far from being sharp enough to implae someone. It's tail is long and flexible and weighted down slightly to avoid it flying all over the place. Occasionally. Put on some music and watch Galian Beast groove out! Galian Beast is always willing to watch over you, as long as you don't make it angry. Get yours today!
Do NOT leave this doll alone with a Vincent doll. EVER.
This doll has been known to generate extreme heat randomely. Beware.
Do not leave near open flames.
Do not leave near pets.
Do not leave near food.
Do not tease Galian Beast.
Do not put in water.
Galian Beast should be handled with care. Rough handling will be returned at some later point of Galian Beast's choosing.
Galian Beast may dissapear for long periods of time. If this should happen, before you go to sleep, check your room carefully to make sure it isn't there, then lock the door. It should return soon. Attempting to find out where it has been has so far been unsuccessful.
Do not show Galian Beast blood or anything resembling blood.
Do not rub Galian Beast's fur the wrong way.
Limitation - Must get other Limit Breaks

~*Limited Edition Demon-Vincent Doll*~

Yes, the long awaited time has come! A Vincent doll has finally come in, and it's one of a kind!
Vincent's inner hatred and self-loathing over his failures in life have become manifest in the forms of soft pointed horns, floppy wings that can be posed because of wire in the fabric, and a long floppy tail (not seen here). The wings don't sparkle or glow at all, but can be folded against his back in shame! His claw is made of shiny plastic, not hard enough to harm anyone, and his normal claws are also unable to hurt! He's safe to hold, if you would dare try and unangst him!
Demon-Vincent likes to be with Dragon-Cid. If you're going to get a Demon-Vincent, you have to get a Dragon-Cid as well, because they cancel eachother out. Demon-Vincent dolls are known to destroy things or themselves in depressed, angsty rages. The Dragon-Cid'll watch it while you're gone.
Demon-Vincent dolls will not trust you for a very, very long time. It CAN be done, however! Keep trying!
Don't ever put a Lucrecia Doll near it, unless you want it to lock itself in a room and cry for a month.
Don't put it near a Hojo doll. As a matter of fact, don't even say "Hojo" around this doll.
We're not responsible if certain one-winged feline dolls with long silver hair appear.
Demon-Vincent may run away with Dragon-Cid. They'll be back, just be patient.
Demon-Vincent's angst is contagious. Be careful.
Don't pull it's tail or make fun of it's hair. It'll either cry or go complete demon. And you DON'T want that to happen. Trust us.
Demon-Vincent's are loners by nature, but will tolerate other chibis or such, as long as they aren't some mentioned above (::coughLucreciaHojocough::). As said above, however, it's angst CAN be contagious. Don't put it with other depressed chibis or dolls.
Demon-Vincent likes hugs. But will deny it.
Adopt one today!
Limitation - Must get Dragon-Cid

~*Limited Edition Tseng Doll*~
Hee hee, dot.

The leader of the Turks is now available to own!
The black-haired, be-dotted Turk is done with a soft material, and his suit is pressed and well taken care of. His hair is very soft and shiny, and he doesn't appreciate people mussing it.
Tseng's catch is that you have to get a Rufus doll as well. It'll make them both happier.
Tseng is good with other Turks, meaning he can keep them under control, mostly. It'd probably be a good idea to get a Tseng if you're going to get ALL the other Turks.
Tseng does not approve of your antics.
Don't play with Tseng's hair.
Don't mess with the dot.
Don't tease him about the dot.
Don't leave him alone with a bunch of crazy dolls. Even HIS patience wears thin.
Don't put him near a Sephiroth doll.
Putting him near an Aeris doll may result in bizarre behavior changes.
Adopt one taday!
Limitation - Must get Rufus

~*Limited Edition Reno Doll*~
Where'd those scars come from?

That angry, smoking, drinking, goggles wearing guy is now in doll form! (Woah, that sounded a lot like Cid for a minute there)...
Reno is here to be adopted, and aren't you happy? His cigarette is felt, unremovable, and he comes with a cattle prod (requires batteries). His hair is spiky and his goggles are plastic, and his suit is made out of the same material as Tseng's, only mussed and untaken care of. The scars under his eyes are done with white felt.
If you're going to take a Reno, you have to take Rude as well. Those two are always together.
Don't try to clean Reno.
Don't try to make Reno do ANYthing.
Don't push Reno around.
Don't make fun of Reno's cattle prod.
Don't talk about Cloud in front of him. In fact, don't talk about Avalanche in general in front of Reno.
Don't take away his cigarettes or his alcohol.
You can hug him. At your own risk though.
Adopt one today!
Limitation - Must get Rude

~*Limited Edition Rude Doll*~
Baldy. Hee hee.

The strong, silent type makes for a strong, silent, yet cute doll, don't you think?
Rude comes with non-removable sunglasses (don't EVEN try) and the same suit that Tseng wears, this one in just as good condition. He's soft and huggable, with no real hard parts (cept the sunglasses, those are real).
To get a Rude doll you have to get a Reno doll as well. That's their little limitation.
Rude is a good doll to put with hyperactive or angsty dolls, as he can usually calm them down. He has a very calming affect and is very rational and clear headed. However, don't push him too far.
Rude ALSO doesn't approve of your antics.
Don't tease Rude about his baldness.
Don't rub his head for luck.
Yes, you CAN hug him. Just be careful.
Don't let him punch you, no matter what reason he gives for it.
Limitation - Must get a Reno doll.

~*Limited Edition Elena Doll*~
Young and blond.

The youngest and most naive of the Turks is now here to own!
Elena is made of soft material as well and is easily huggable. Her hair is very shiny and her suit is in even better condition then Tseng's (cause it's new).
If you want an Elena doll, you must get a Tseng doll as well. She has to crush on someone, right?
Don't tell Elena anything. She's REALLY bad at keeping secrets.
Don't tease Elena.
Don't mention her crush on Tseng, she's very shy about it.
Limitation - Must get a Tseng doll.

~*Limited Edition CidxVincent Doll*~
One of my absolute favorite pairins. ^_^

Ever gotten two of your dolls, put them together, and wished that the relationship you imagined for them was sanctioned, and two dolls were created for the sheer purpose of being together? Well, wish no more! Cid and Vincent are here in one adorable package!
This doll is wonderful for couple shrines, varying from Shounen-ai such as Shattered to Yaoi such as the Yaoi Federation. They can have any variant on their relationship that you wish, even trading seme and uke roles! They ARE your dolls, after all. In terms of personality, the two keep much of theirs the same, meaning that the Cid doll and Vincent doll will behave much the same as their non coupled counterparts, except for that relationship.
The restriction fer da CidxVincent doll is that ya hafta support da CidxVincent pairing. Simple, eh?
Do not seperate them for long periods of time.
Do not hurt one in front of the other. In fact, don't even THREATEN one in front of the other.
Don't try and get them into threesomes and the like. They are a COUPLE, not sex-fiends.
Don't tease them.
They may grow wings at some points or leave for long periods of time to go to college, or do other such things. This is normal, and they'll go back to normal eventually.
Adopt them today!
Limitation - Must like the CidxVincent pairing.

~*Prof. Hojo Doll*~

It's that wacky, crazy, I'll kill you and make you have tiger babies doctor scientist person, Prof. Hojo! He's evil! EVIL! But ownable? OWN HIM!
I lost my other description fer him and Jen down there, but what da heck, I can do another one. Yeah. yeah. Of course. Yup. Um. Wait. Okay, I got it. back ta work.
Hojo's hair is made Wait, no that makes no sense. Okay, Hojo's hair is made of really limp yarn. There we go. Somehow, it floats upwards fer his bangs. Dolls can do that. Yup. His glasses are not removable and neither is his labcoat. Cause he wears that coat everywhere. EVEN THE BEACH! EVEN WHEN HE HAS SEX! Actually, I wouldn't know about that. I bet Jenova would tho. Wait, that's terrible. I'm sorry. Tentacle sex should not be spoken of. ::writes on a blackboard:
Um...he wears normal jean type pants. Yup. And plastic shoes. They don't come off either.
Prof. Hojo does not get along with ANY other FFVII dolls. Except Jenova. Which is why ya hafta get both of em at once. Cause they're inextricably linked! I can't believe I managed ta spell that correctly right now.
Anyway, do NOT put Hojo with Vincent. Terrible things ensue. Or Cloud. Or Sephiroth. Actually, didn't I already mention this?
Hojo likes ta experiment on things. Like yer pets. Watch yer pets. Yup. He loves ta experiment. Yup. Experiment real good. He's Hojo. HE'S HOJO! What more do ya want?
Yeah. He might have things in his pockets, but I really wouldn't recommend looking.
Hojo may occasionally grow tentacles or second heads or things that go "MEH" or something like that. Yup. It happens. Then again, if yer adoptin a Hojo doll, I'm assumin ya know what yer doin.
Do NOT give him scissors, a scalpel, or any other kind of medical tool.
Hojo seems happy around big glass tubes. Ya should prolly give him some.
Do NOT go inta any tubes. NO matter what he says. Don't fall fer da "Oh, I seem ta have dropped a five dollar bill inta da specimen tube." trick.
No Mako. Just no.
Adopt one taday!
Limitation - Must get Jenova.

~*Jenova Doll*~

Jenova will mess with yer mind, make ya crazy, and talk ta ya all whacked out like. Yes! ALl that and more CAN be yers! YES!
Jenovas are made of a WEIRD substance. Like...I dunno. It's all shiny and not at da same time. It's a whacky weird substance. It's a JENOVA SUBSTANCE.
I wouldn't recommend puttin a slave crown on her. Actually, just don't.
If yer gonna get Jenova, ya gotta get Hojo too. They're all linked and stuff. And stuff. Tentacles. SHUT UP BRAIN.
Jenova's tentacles will go all over da place. This doll is not recommended fer virgins. Especially in school uniforms. That would be terrible.
Jenova does NOT GET ALONG WITH ANY OTHER DOLLS. She will drive them INSANE. ESPECIALLY Cloud and Sephiroth dolls. JUST DON'T DO IT!
Jenovas like sparklies.
Jenovas will sometimes take up residence in laundry baskets. That's their crater. Don't mess with them.
Things will talk ta ya and ya'll see some pretty whacked out stuff. Ownin a Jenova is like goin onna acid trip. Except a lot more sinister. Or something. I would almost recommend not gettin this doll, but heck, why not? Life's fun this way.
Adopt one taday!
Limitation - Must get Hojo.

~*TulioxMiguel Doll*~
It's so frigging obvious

Everyone's favorite conmen. HE HEE HEE. Aren't they cute?
Anyway, TulioxMiguel dolls are incredibly sweet most of da time. No hideously abusive or unfair relationships here, folks! More often then not, they get along so cutely. YES! Unless they're bein all difficult and dysfunctional. DARN YOU. They still are awfully sweet.
More often then not, Tulio is seme. But then again, they're yer dolls. MAKE MIGUEL A SEME! That'd be hilarious. God, that'd be way too funny. Hee hee hee hee. Those big eyes are good fer something. SHUT UP BRAIN.
Sometimes these dolls will run about naked. That's okay. A monkey as stolen their clothes. Or maybe YA did. I hafta admit, it is pretty funny.
Tzekel-kans = no.
Chel = no. Unless yer inta angst or something.
DO NOT throw them inta da brig. Hideous torturing ensues. It's terrible. Whips and everything. THE PAIN! OH GOD hold me and then sex me up real good. YES OKAY.
They may jump four centuries and head ta California. That's normal.
They make great gods. Put em tagether and they can do whole numbers. They can do crazy stuff together they can't do apart! Like...take baths! Hee hee hee hee hee. Hee hee.
They get dragged on more adventures then anyone could possible imagine. They also manage ta get outta incredibly tight situations. THROUGH DA POWER OF THEIR SHINING LOVE! ::flashs peace sign, background goes all seizure-esque:: AAAAAAAAAAGH
Rain. It happens. Why does that always happen?
They're so cute. They'll brush eachothers hair. GOD. ARGH! ::dies::
Limitation - Must like the TulioxMiguel pairing.
Adopt one today!

~*Bucky/Al Doll*~
Square birdies

Don't let da moonlight out. Tee hee. Hee hee hee hee. It's so obvious.
Bucky and Al are all inseperable. And stuff. Cause Bucky's all cute and silly and hides Al's keys. And Al is all like ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH ::kaboom:: but he secretly likes it anyway.
Bucky and Al have a pretty normal relationship. More normal then some I could name ::coughEdgar/Nnycough:: but not entirely healthy. Like, Al is all mean ta Bucky sometimes. He's all like "KID YOU'RE DUMB" altho not in those exact words and Bucky's all like "I'm a good uke so Ok yeah sure". They're cute tagether tho.
They do care so awfully much about eachother. Yes. They're adorable. Yes. Al will take care of Bucky if he gets hurt. And they will hug and it will be sad and so sweet all at once. Kasniff. I get a tear everytime. Poor Bucky.
Al gets different when he's with Bucky. Like, he loosens up. So he's not like "OOH EE OOOH, OOOOH OOOOH" anymore. He still tries ta turn Bucky inta a square tho. But Bucky's too RANDOM FER THAT! HA! HAHA!
Al will try ta protect Bucky if he gets threatened. It's so sweet.
On da whole they're pretty cute tagether. Occasional moments of weirdness and stuff, but they're pretty normal. Hee hee. They're so cute.
Da restriction fer this is that ya hafta like da Bucky and Al pairing. Yup. But who wouldn't!? Hee hee.
Restriction: Must like Bucky/Al.
Adopt one today!

~*Limited Edition SatoshixShigeru Doll*~

Yes, I'm a tool. And a sucker fer rivalslash. shut up.
Shigeru is seme in this relationship. He is ALWAYS SEME. I have yet ta see it ANY OTHER WAY. Shigeru also has a frontal lobotomy most of da time, but that's not too far off from reality anyway. SatoshixShigeru is where Satoshi really earns that "boyish charm" title that people give him. what people ya ask? I can't name em off da top of my head, go away. Okay, Kobe Bryant. Yes, I know he plays football. Basketball. SHUT UP! SHUT UP! LOOK OVER THERE A SNORLAX ::runs::
Invariably Shigeru's hate is all misplaced love. That's how it works in rivalslash, kiddies. Dependin on yer mileage, ya may have a angsty!Shigeru doll fer a long long time. And then they kiss and live happy ever after and run inta da plastic backdrop of a sunset. I TOLD them that wouldn't work.
Once they DO hit it off tho, SatoshixShigeru dolls can be incredibly cute and sweet. Shigeru will be all reserved about his mad passionate lust love and only admit it at terrible key moments. Satoshi, reversely, is incredibly open and happy and pretty and gay with his love, flaunting it all over as if it were a truck of beans. Heck, I'd flaunt that. It'd be really friggin weird, don't ya think? "Look at me! I have a truck of beans!" wow, that'd be da worst pickup line ever.
Satoshi is uke, and does a darn good job of it. Someone out there prove me wrong. Shigeru is often older then him too. I don't know why. Is he canonically? I don't even think that's a word.
Kasumi does not enter into this equation at all unless it's to a. cheer them on or b. become raging-evil-witch Kasumi bent on their relationship's destruction. Nothin unusual about this slash pairin HERE folks.
Shigeru is also mad jealous. If Satoshi flirts with some other doll, which would be amazing cause that would mean he had da braincells or maturity ta know HOW ta flirt in da first place, Shigeru will be very upset and punish Satoshi with rough sex accordingly. However, sometimes Satoshi and Shigeru can get inta threesomes or massive orgies with other Pokémon characters. FOR KIDS INDEED.
Takeshi often either supports their relationship or secretly has da hots fer Satoshi himself, leadin ta hysterical catfights between him and Shigeru, which hafta be seen ta be believed. ORDER NOW.
Kojiro often is only in this couple ta seduce either one away or pine fer one from afar. After he has sex with one/both of them of course. Kojiro is da manslut of Pokémon. It's sad but true. But hey, if ya get him and get Satoshi and Shigeru, maybe they'll have threesomes! However, SatoshixShigeru is often pretty monogamous though.
"Jari-booi" will be heard often, as well as it's partner phrase "ashy-boy". ShiShi lives on petnames. SEE? SHISHI! IT RHYMES! Yikes...BIKES! HAHAHAHA
I'm hungy. Maybe I should get somethin ta eat.
Sometimes Shigeru becomes crazy Stalker!Shigeru and leaves creepy messages and dead Pokémon at Satoshi's door. Ya should watch out fer this cause this is one of da warning signs ta one of em killin themselves/eachother in a very angsty way. It's fun ta watch tho.

Restriction: Must like Shigeru/Satoshi.
Adopt one today!

The Doll Shoppe is not responsible for any injuries, emotional trauma of being seperated from the doll for more then a few seconds, or the irresistible urge to make a real one of these results in you impaling your finger on a sewing machine.