Go here for details on how to install and use these.

This hair color was done for a character of mine (CYRUS heeheehee). It's white with a slight purple tinge at the bottom. It's done for all age groups. Male only.
Also included - white eyebrows for any light-colored hairstyle.
White/Purple Hair - Download
White eyebrows - Download

This fro recolor is done to mimic the Toad people from Super Mario Brothers. The elder fro color is brown in color and matches Toadsworth's cap from Super Mario Sunshine. It goes through all age groups. Male only.
Toad Hair - Download

For those who want silver/grey hair but can't wait for Elders. These recolors only apply to adult males, although I may go back and apply it to the younger ages as well.
White shaggy hair - Download
White beard - Download

A simple white hair recolor fer a specific Sim (Kame!). Female only, all ages.
White long hair - Download

This shocking blue was intended fer Michelle, but perhaps it can be of use to you! Female only, all ages.
Blue longish hair - Download
Blue eyebrows - Download

With shocking blue comes what-the-heck green. Your Sim will stand out with this color. I guarantee it. Female only, all age groups.
Green short hair - Download
Green eyebrows - Eyebrows

It's pretty obvious where this hat is from, isn't it? Luigi from Super Mario Brothers, ready fer service! Well, if ya combine it with his outfit of course. It's too bad ya can't make hair longer with hats. Ah well. Anyway. Male only, all ages that da hat applies.
Luigi hat - Download

What's a Luigi hat without a Mario hat? Hats are easy ta make. Male only. Snerk.
Mario hat - Download

This hat is fer a character of mine, specifically Red. I know it may be hard ta tell cause Radic and Red's hats are fairly identical, but still. Red's hat. Male only.
Red hat - Download

Radic's hat! They are different, as ya can see.
Radic - Download

This hair is specifically meant ta go with Gekkani's skin. It's a nice purpley color with grey splotches in it. Silver as an elder. Comes with matching eyebrows! Buy today! Male only.
Purple/grey hair - Download
Purple/grey eyebrows - Download

I wanted ta make Toadsworth (of various Mario game fame) so I wanted his mustache. I noticed da one that was closest went a bit too far down his face, so I clipped it a bit and turned it white. Voila! Male only, of course.
Clipped stache - Download

This hair goes with the flameyskin. Mwaha. It's a nice shifting gradient kind of like FIYAH. Fades as an elder. Female only.
Fire hair - Download

I wanted ta make Peasley, but his hair seemed so limp. So I livened it up a bit here. Fer those who want REALLY BLOND SIMS OMG. Male only.
Really blond hair - Download

Fer those who want a little Devi in their life. Purple fer Adult and kinda fer elders, black fer teens and below. Female only.
Purple pigtails - Download

Yet another original character! Or as close as I could come. Intended fer Violet, but I guess if ya need more green haired Sims ta go with Gabriella up there... Female only.
Green pigtails - Download

Hehehe. Freakazoid, Freakazoid! Everyone needs more lightning bolts in their hair. Males only.
Lightning mohawk - Download

More Grey Madness! A silver streak. Males only.
Black/silver hair - Download

A recolor of DJ-Mur3's pulled back hair mesh for males, found here. A light kind of blond. FOR THE SORROW. But you can find other uses for it I suppose.
Remember, you'll need DJ-Mur3's mesh for this to work.
Light blond hair recolor - Download

A recolor of the unlocked female afro here. BRIGHT BLUE AFROS ARE BEAUTIFUL.
Remember to get the mesh.
Blue afro - Download

A recolor of the dreadlocks specifically to match a certain skin tone and head tentacles of a certain alien race. MIX AND MATCH AS YOU LIKE.
Green dreads - Download

Shorter green hair! Does this match your ZEX better? YOU DECIDE.
Green short hair - Download

And yet another green hair style. I COULD NOT DECIDE. perhaps you can.
Greener short hair - Download

HO HO HO! Damon Gant at your service! White and grey striped hair and beard. Who ever knew that the Flock of Seagulls hair from the College expansion pack would have a use?
By the way, you'll probably need the College Expansion for this to work. The hair I mean. The Beard should be fine.
Striped hair - Download
Striped beard - download