Go here for details on how to install and use these.

These purple/blue eyes go with the purple-white hair. They're pupil-less. Yup. Cause Cyrus is like dat.
Purple/Blue pupiless eyes - Download

Despite the fact this is called yelloweyes, it's actually red eyes. Because I'm a tard.
Red eyes - Download

And despite this being called redeye, this is actually yellow. HURRAY.
Yellow eyes - Download

These very creepy eyes feature a slitted catlike pupil with blue, purple, and red mixed in the iris. Intimidating and yet, classy! YOUR SIM WILL BE THE BELLE OF THE BALL.
Blue/Purple/Red Cat eyes - Download

Pink eyes, fer albinos and those who have had THEIR EYES BURNED AWAY BY THE SUN.
Pink eyes - Download

Purpley made especially fer Irvine Kinneas. I'm actually not sure if his eyes are really purple tho. That could just be fanon. But I like da idea of him with purple eyes. SHUT UP.
Purple eyes - Download

More crazy stuff for teh funkmeister. Brown with silver and cat pupils!
Brown/silver cat eyes - Download

I wasn't sure where ta put this so HERE IT GOES. A simple recolor of the right eyepatch mesh found here so it looks more 3-D and stuff.
Make sure you get the mesh.
Recolored Eyepatch - Download