Day of the Tentacle

Made by LucasArts, released in 1993

Die, Kumquats!

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2006! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

Oh no, artists. And their arty music!

Ned/Jed sounds like a foppish artist type. Haha. Here's a clip for him.


So, know where this is going yet?

I love Hoagie.


Hee hee.

how he says this

I wish I had chosen the Future here cause that has a really silly line attached to it, but oh well. NEXT TIME.

Alright, now it's time to tweak the artists.


I'm actually a little ahead of myself here. It's too bad cause I shoulda gone and let you see what happens if I don't do this but oh well.

Hee hee.

How he says this


Haha, that pose.

Hee hee hee.


Random note - Jed works much faster than Ned. They also sound exactly alike, as you probably guessed.

MEANWHILE, IN THE PRESENT that's Nurse Edna there, we haven't run into her just yet.

Anyway, up to the attic! That cat batting around the mouse is adorable. I put together a gif just for you.


This red paint will be very useful.

Now how to get that squeaky mouse toy? I HAVE TO GET IT, IT'S OBVIOUSLY IMPORTANT.

Why not, Ned's not here.


Hee hee, the sound effects for this part are great.


I always felt kinda bad after taking it cause the cat just sits there staring into space afterwards.

Aha, the roof!

The chimney is a great shortcut. Have some wine, Tommy.

Where Laverne will take it.

At this point I remembered that I needed to GIVE THE PLANS TO RED so went and did that.

Oil I got, the gold's in the room with the Constitution. Know where the vinegar is gonna come from yet?

One down!


Hee hee

Haha, Washington just carries an axe around.


And voila, we have Laverne! WHEE! When I was playing it strangely locked up at this point, so I left it on for an hour while I did other stuff cause I didn't want ta have to do everything all over again (I stupidly had not saved). An hour later it came back just like normal. Very strange!

Next up...hmm. I'm not sure. Maybe Bernard or Laverne. I guess we'll see when I do it!

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