Go here for details on how to install and use these.

Cyrus here models both the ripped up jeans and the one-sleeve-torn shirt. Classy. His eyes and hair can be found on the other pages. Male adults only for both of these.
Ripped Jeans - Download
Shirt with one wacky sleeve - Download

Here's Toad modeling both the Toad hair and this classy vest. This vest was designed for the Toad hair, because you can never have enough Mario characters. I gave Toad's normal blue vest a gold trim because it looked boring otherwise. I'm not sure how to make it less transparent though...open to suggestions. Male adults only.
Strange blue vest - Download

This is kinda like...a hospital gown. But not really. Served my purposes tho, so. Meh. Hair and skin and eyes can be found elsewhere on the site. Female adults only.
Weird grey shift thing - Download

These black cargos have yellow pockets (fer reasons I can't remember) and flames, FLAMES BURNING UP THE LEGS. For Tsukiyo (her skin is on the skintone page), or for rebellious Sims who like shocking their parents with strangely yellow pockets.
The shirt proclaims a love fer NIKO, the artist from Dance Dance Revolution Disney Rave (and other mixes) who did the song Night of Fire. This is intended ta go with those cargos mentioned above, but if yer Sim just loves Night of Fire, then this is da shirt fer them! Female teens only.
NIKO shirt - Download
Black cargos - Download

This vest is based on Toadsworth's, altho it has sleeves. There are no sleeveless things fer Elders that I could find that could work, so yer stuck with sleeves and you'll like it, ho. Moustache in the hair section.
The white pants go with Toadsworth's vest, tho if I suppose ya wanna act out that one scene from The Final Sacrifice where Rowsdower runs around in the mud with pure white jeans this is yer style. Elder males only.
Toadsworth's vest - Download
White pants - Download

These rags are intended fer Michelle and Gabriella, tho I suppose if ya like ta stare lecherously at yer sims as they walk around in practically nothin this is right up yer alley. Little tiny wings on da back! Skin and hair and eyes found on the other pages. Female adults only.
Rags with wings - Download

Hahahaha this is obvious, isn't it? Luigi's clothes! Fer those who want ta do terrible things ta Luigi. I mean, make a Luigi Sim. I didn't say anything. Adult males only.
Luigi outfit - Download

Can't have Luigi without Mario, right? Adult males only.
Mario outfit - Download

This dress is as close as I could get ta Lady Lima's outfit in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. I woulda liked bell-sleeves if nothin else, I know how hard hoods are, but oh well. Beanpeople skintone on the skintone page. Elder females only.
Lady Lima's dress - Download

This goes with da Gekkani stuff mentioned on other pages. A shirt with a moonlit sky with shadows and clouds and stuff. Normal jeans tho. Gekkani shares a skintone with Tsukiyo on the skin page. Male teens only.
Moon shirt - Download

Modeled after Devi D.'s shirt in da second issue of I Feel Sick. Purple hair in the hair section. Female adults only.
Devi shirt - Download

But what is Devi without Tenna? Modeled after Tenna's outfit in Issue 2 as well, which, if it wasn't obvious by now, is da only one I have with me at da moment. Female adults only.
Tenna's Shirt - Download
Tenna's Pants - Download

I said I'd do it and I finally did. IT'S JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC OH BOY. What? His shirt? Hahahahahaaaa. Yeah. ENJOY. No I won't change it.
Potatojuice is da name of a Melnorme remix from Star Control II, which I highly recommend you all play RIGHT NOW.
also plz ignore parrot and eyepatch, was feeling piratey
Adult males only.
JTHM outfit - Download

I was in a huge Final Fantasy VIII mood. Here we have Zell Dincht's shirt, because I love Zell and want to have his hyperactive little loud babies. I picture Zell-Sim not doing well in school. Note the gloves! I can't believe I put so much effort into MAKING HIS SHOES ACCURATE. Mix and match with the tattoo on the skintones page. Male teenagers only.
Zell's Shirt - Download
Zell's Shorts - Download

With Zell must come Irvine, because that cowboy has stolen my heart done gone. I got as close as I could get to Irvine's outfit with da presets, but those boots were outta my control. Somehow I don't think Irvine would mind too much tho. He seems laid-back enough. Males only, preferably ones with light skintone or else it will look reeeeeeally weird.
Irvine's outfit - Download Teenager Version
Irvine's outfit - Download Adult Version

I was watching old cartoons and da urge came over me. Freakazoid! Surprisingly not too difficult ta pull off. Fitting for formal occasions. Blue skin in the skintone section. Males only.
Freakazoid outfit - Download

Well, anyway, Zorn and Thorn's ingame outfits are completely impossible ta make. Seriously. Soooo I decided ta go with one of da designs from one of my extensive self-indulgent AUs. College-Zorn and Thorn! Simple enough and at least possible, if nothin else. Males only.
College-Zorn outfit - Download

Aaaand College-Thorn. I want Jester hats DARN IT. They gotta make em eventually. You can find their facepaint in the skintone section. Males only.
College-Thorn outfit - Download

This outfit was designed specifically for Amarant Coral from Final Fantasy IX. Why? Because I love Amarant, firstly, but mostly cause there was a preset hairstyle that I thought would work perfectly fer him, and that gave me da essential push ta make this. Man, Amarant wears so many belts. What's with that. You can find his skintone on the skins page. Males only.
Amarant outfit - Download

Sierrathon inspires me. Here we have Roger Wilco, star of the Space Quest series! That doofy janitor has stolen my heart, but mostly his simplistic clothes design made it easy ta make a skin for him. I based it off his SQ6 design since that one seemed da most straight-forward and had da most easily findable detail considering that was one of his most detailed character models (it's hard ta get outfit detail from a 16-bit sprite). Males only.
Roger Wilco outfit - Download

A quick and simple change fer one of my original characters. Scriabin JUST ISN'T THE SAME WITHOUT HIS MEANINGLESS BOX SHIRT. Males only.
White box shirt - Download

I LOVE YOU DAHLIA GILLESPIE. I LOVE YOU. Dahlia Gillespie from Silent Hill, the original PSX game. I love you so much Dahlia. Elder females only. So awesome she'll will blow your eyes out.
Dahlia Gillespie's outfit - Download

Redone top with jacket so it's all white and stylish. ALL DISCO-Y. Yes. Combine with the white pants for magic. Adults females only.
White discotype jacket - Download

Big Boss! A la Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Missing a few details here and there like his knee patch or that knife on his leg but otherwise pretty darn close I'd say. SHUT UP. Adult males only.
Anyway, this uses an unlocked career outfit, which you can get here.
Big Boss's outfit - Download

Black sweater recolor and a more subdued, grayish camo recolor. For your Sorrow Sims. Or emo soldiers. Or if you just want a black sweater with no decals on it. HERE YOU GO. Adult males only.
Black Sweater - Download
The Sorrow's camo pants - Download

If you ever wanted a perverted alien to run around molesting your humans. Admiral ZEX's outfit! Yes I have a problem. Two version depending on which you prefer, one that's a skintight one piece and one that's two separate pieces. You decide what fits your ZEX! Adult males only.
ZEX's top - Download
ZEX's pants - Download
ZEX's outfit as a onepiece - Download

Damon Gant, here to RAPE EVERYONE I mean, clap his hands and look at your Sims in a scary way. It's for Elders at the moment, since Gant IS fairly old, but I'm going to look through some other younger clothes to move it too since Gant IS fairly buff. We'll see in a bit. For now, just for Elders.
Damon Gant's outfit - Download

Yanni Yogi, that lovable old man who shoots people. IF PUSHED FAR ENOUGH ANYWAY. Oh Yanni.<3
For male adult Elders, obviously.
Yanni Yogi's outfit - Download