~Final Fantasy VII~

~*Red XIII Doll*~
Red XIII, Nanaki, whatever

For those of us who love the animal in each of us, here comes Red XIII, da PLUSH!
Yes, one of the most neglected and yet, lovable chars in Final Fantasy has finally gotten the respect and awknowledgment he deserves in this lovable doll.
Red XIII is made of soft, fuzzy material that's almost warm to the touch, and his mane is made of yarn. The bangles around his paws are irremovable and made of soft, shiny plastic so nothing can poke you. His tail is NOT on fire, but only appears to be through cunning blends of soft, fuzzy fabric. His legs are floppy, so they can flop comfortably over yours, and he's soft and easy to hug. He holds warmth very easily and can be a welcome comfort those lonely nights.
Red XIII dolls are good for loving and appreciate being taken everywhere possible. They love attention, because secretly they're only children, but don't tell them that!
Don't be alarmed if you suddenly have more then one Red XIII doll, they multiply with no reason or explanation!
Red XIII loves earth day. Take it out with you to plant a tree!
Do not treat Red XIII doll in a condescending way.
Do not pat it on the nose.
Do not destroy the earth if you ever plan on owning this doll.
Red XIII dolls love hair clips.
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~*Zack Doll*~

One of the most minor and forgotten characters is now available to own!
Zack is soft all over, even his spiky hair and personality. He can be hugged for hours and not even get upset. Zack does well with Cloud or Sephiroth dolls, but can be fine by himself and can be essential in cheering up other depressed dolls. Zack is almost always very cheery, outgoing, and optimistic, so he's a good counter-balance. A wise choice for any doll collector!
Don't put Zack in mako. Really. We're serious about this.
Don't put Zack near Hojo. We're ALSO serious about this.
Zack may disappear for a few weeks with other dolls (::coughCloudcough::). If this happens, don't be alarmed. He's cheering it up, aheh heh.
Don't pull it's hair or make fun of other dolls in front of it.
Zack is very protective and won't let you hurt other dolls (but why would you want to?). He will defend others with his life.
Zack has a penchant for dying. However, if you're careful and don't get him near Midgar, he should be fine.
If he turns into a hedgehog randomely, that's normal. He'll go back in a few days.
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~*Rufus Doll*~
President of Shin-Ra

The cause of millions of people's suffering is now here, cuter then ever!
Rufus is an independent doll that can take care of itself and more often then not locks itself in high places and looks down on people. Rufus likes having weaker dolls to feel superior too. Also, Dark Nation will come with Rufus, whether you like it or not, and attempting to seperate them is useless. Both of them are very soft, even Dark Nation, and can be hugged if they let you. If you're lucky.
Rufus likes big guns. Very big guns. Keep all guns locked around this doll or we're not responsible for what'll happen.
Rufus loves having Turks to boss around, so if you're planning on getting him, plan on getting some Turk dolls as well.
Rufus may attempt to intimidate you to gain power. That's normal.
Rufus may inexplicably jump on a helicopter and fly away. It's suggested you make a note of which direction he's headed and follow him. It's usually north. He generally won't come back, so you're going to have to go get him.
Do not tease Rufus.
Don't lock Rufus somewhere against his will.
Do not tease Dark Nation.
Do NOT touch Rufus' hair. We are REALLY serious about this one.
Don't bring Diamond Weapon anywhere NEAR him.
Rufus may go on missions (or so he claims) with the Turks. In this case, he WILL be back, it'll just take a while, so be patient.
Rufus isn't good at showing affection. After a while though, he will warm up to you.
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~*Cloud Doll*~
Cloud boy!

The unpredictable psychotic stoic who has severe personality problems is now here, and available ta own!
Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII has had his share of bizarre mental problems, which are all kept with the utmost care in this doll form! Leave him with a Zack doll, and watch the personalities imitate for days! Leave him with an Aeris doll and watch him angst! Leave him with a Sephiroth doll and watch him go insane! Leave him with a Tifa doll and watch him go stoic! The possibilites are endless!
The Cloud doll is soft, but it's hair is hard and can't be bent. It can be a hazard, so be careful. Don't try and rebend his hair.
Cloud comes with spike bracelets and such, which are not as sharp as they appear. Don't try and remove them, though.
Cloud's have habits of disappearing and rolling about on the ceiling and giving people black materia and becoming puppets and so on and so forth, so be careful with your Cloud, he could do some weeeeeird stuff while yer not lookin.
Feel free ta dress him in drag.
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~*Sephiroth Doll*~
Veni veni venias, ne me mori facias!

Through da glowing flames of Nibelheim comes...A SEPHIROTH DOLL! I actually threw it. Don't be alarmed.
Sephiroth's hair is like Kuja's hair in its weird hairlike hairness. He's actually rather stiff and hard ta hug or touch. He's not really soft. He comes complete with Masamune, fully functional! Fer a sword mad of plastic. His armor is plastic too.
Sephiroth likes Jenova dolls. He will do whatever they say fer some reason. Altho he likes ta remove her head, but that doesn't really seem ta bother her. Fer some reason.
Don't put Sephiroth with Cloud dolls, or else Cloud'll go crazy. Real crazy. Crazy roll on da ceiling black materia glarglar crazy.
Sephiroth doesn't like Aeris dolls. We're not responsible fer what happens ta yer Aeris dolls while yer away.
Sephiroth is a strict no nonsense kind of doll. Jokes fall really flat. Don't put him with overly gregarious dolls or hyperactive dolls cause he'll get very annoyed very quickly. And when Sephiroth gets upset, people DIE!
Sephiroth dolls can teleport. Or so it seems. And hover. And do other things they really shouldn't be able ta do. Cause they're Seph dolls.
Don't anger Sephiroth.
Don't tease Sephiroth, especially about his hair.
Sephiroth dolls tend towards da dramatic, so ya may find them fallin in slow motion from da ceiling, or staring at ya intensely fer sheer minutes on end. MINUTES!
Sephiroth sets towns on fire when he gets upset. Be aware of this.
Sephiroth doesn't tolerate weak dolls, or crazy dolls, or generally any other kind of doll. Sephiroth is a lone doll. Lone, lone doll.
Sephiroth dolls are really, really bad at returning affection. They just kinda be stiff if ya hug em. It's unknown whether or not they eventually warm up, cause Sephiroth dolls have been known ta impale or set people on fire who keep tryin. Cause they're Seph dolls.
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~*Cait Sith/Reeve Doll*~

That lovable exec from Shinra is now here, available ta be owned and be strangely submissive and quiet.
Our Reeve doll has been infused partly with his Cait Sith persona, therefore has aspects of both his outgoing and inward self! He, in fact, has taken on da majority of Cait Sith's personality, thus explainin why he bears more resemblance ta Cait then ta Reeve. HOWEVER, Reeve is still there, and liable ta freak da heck outta ya with random mood swings!
Our Reeve has ears made of felt and a fluffy little tail. Aww. His paws are also weighted, so they don't flop about injuring people. His cape and crown are permanently attached and cannot be removed, and his goatee is stitched on.
Reeve dolls care a lot about their little subjects. Which can be anyone. They take on huge projects, often against yer will. Good thing is tho they'll even do yer taxes.
Reeve gets along with pretty much everyone in da FF team, even da members of da Turks. However, Scarlet, Heidegger, Palmer, and in some degree Hojo all freak him out a bit. It's not recommended ta put him with those dolls. However, Reeve gets along REALLY nicely with almost every other doll. He tries folks, he tries.
Reeve dolls will work themselves ta death. Watch out fer that.
Any moogle dolls ya have will disappear, only ta reappear as a giant stiched "frankenmoogle" that Reeve can ride. This isn't reversable, but hey, always plenty more moogles, right?
Reeve dolls can randomely change speech patterns, topics, names, and any other kind of trait ya can think of. Be careful when dealin with this, they're terrible sensitive.
Reeve dolls really need someone ta love and accept them fer who they are, and change their litterbox everyday. Not that they actually need one, but it's da SENTIMENT of it all! DA SENTIMENT!
Reeve's are pretty oblivious ta anythin that's really goin on around em.
They can, however, give very motivational speeches.
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~*Cid Doll*~

He flies ships! He smokes! He throws dynamite! Is there any way not ta adopt him?
Cid here is made of soft felt and his hair is so soft. Like soft things. He has a little cig in his mouth ya can't remove. His goggles are made of leather, with little plastic lenses, and his clothes are made of clothes materials...I don't know, cotton or something? Normal clothes. Yeah. His pockets are empty though, you little thieves.
Cid gets along reasonably well with others, but not really. It depends. He doesn't get along with all hyper ones, just some...not all angsty ones, just some...not all crazy ones, just some...he's a picky doll. Yup.
Cid dolls do get along well with Vincent, Shera, and Cloud dolls. Zack dolls drive him nuts, cause Zack likes to tease. THAT HEDGEHOG LOVES IT I TELLS YOU LOVES IT.
All yer toy airplanes or other flying machines will disappear. If ya don't have any, Cid will disassemble things around yer house and make himself some Don't be alarmed, just watch yer head.
Cid dolls needs attention. A lot of it. Don't ignore him.
Cid dolls usuallu need "me" time. Give it to them.
Don't make him angry.
Don't try ta take his cig.
Don't mix him with ANY Shinra dolls. Rufus particularly. Reeve is okay, and Reno to some extent, but really, it's dicey.
He gets cold easy. Hug him real close at night!
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~*Vincent Doll*~
Angsty demon raven shadow graveyard

It's that angsty man! That angsty red man! VINCENT VAN GOTHY! Well, no not really.
Our Vincent doll is made of real nice materials. He's pretty. He's durable too, so he'll make it through whatever ya wanna put him through. His cloak is real thick, and his hair is all soft and pretty and stuff. His claw is made of metal, and we don't suggest touching it. Seriously.
Vincent ANGSTS. CONSTANTLY. Be prepared. If dolls aren't depressed before they meet him, they WILL be afterward. He loves ta drag em down inadvartently. Wait, that makes no sense.
Vincent dolls get along with Cid, Cloud, and basically da main part from FFVII, even Reeve. Turks are edgy. I'd experiment, but not too much.
Vincent dolls can fly! Tappa tappa swooo hee hee hee
They will often randomely disappear fer periods of time, perhaps ta write goth poetry. They'll be back, usually at completely weird times.
Actually, don't put him with any of his limit breaks.
Vincent needs hugs. And love. Luuuuuv. Give it to him. But don't be surprised if he scurries away into a corner or something.
Vincent dolls are great at making up weird poetic speeches at da drop of a hat.
They like da dark. And coffins. Lotsa coffins.
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~*Lucrecia Doll*~

It's that woman! Who...kinda...ruined...things fer everyone. Uh...GET HER NOW.
Lucrecia's got like, poofy hair. And a labcoat. That doesn't really come off. At least, not ta my knowledge. Glasses are irremovable. Um...yeah.
Do NOT put Lucrecia with Vincent. JUST NO. Lucrecia's, however, love ta be with Hojo's. It's not recommended ya do that, cause thigns will then burst out of yer Lucrecia doll's stomach and go running around burning things with their silver hair all aflutter, and ya prolly don't want that.
Don't put Lucreca with Jenova either. But that should be a given. Don't put her with Vin's limit breaks either.
Lucrecia...um...I guess...ya could put her with Seph or something. That'd be awkward.
Um...Lucrecia...uh...darn it. Why on earth did we make a doll fer such a minor character? What da heck.
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