~*Zelgadis Doll*~
Zelly-candy, hee hee.

The chimera with the inferiority complex. Who DOESN'T want him? Zelgadis, from Slayers, has now been made into doll form and CAN be yours for the price of absolutely nothing.
Zel's skin is stiff to the touch (velour), but he can still bend and move. The rock on his skin is done with leather, to achieve that rocky look. His hair is soft, but somewhat stiff, and his clothes are done in a very soft kind of material. His hands and feet are weighted down, so he doesn't flop very much.
Zelgadis dolls don't like attention (or at least, they won't admit it) and prefer to have their hoods and masks on at all times. They will let people hold them, but will resent it the entire time until they trust you.
Don't abuse or mistreat your Zelgadis doll, or they'll lose their trust. And they do that REALLY quickly.
Zelgadis is an angsty doll, which means he's not a good choice to put with other angsty dolls, as they might angst themselves to death.
Don't mock him about how he looks.
Don't put a Xellos doll anywhere near him, it gives him coronaries. If you somehow find an Amelia doll (cause we sure as heck aren't making one, she can die for all we care) don't put it near him either.
Zelgadis wants to be human. If you can find a way, he'll be yours forever.
Never use him as an anchor.
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~*Ascot Doll*~

The ultra-cute, kind of angsty, small child monster summoner is now available at the Doll Shoppe for a unlimited amount of time!
Yes, Ascot, the monster summoner child known in Magic Knights Rayearth, is now here! He's extremely soft and feels really nice, and his hat is floppy and hollow. Underneath his bangs are big, pretty green eyes (unremovable) and his robe is made from an extremely pleasant and soft material. Ascot is just MADE for hugging, people! And believe me, he'll love it.
Don't be alarmed if monsters randomely begin to visit you.
Ascot may be clingy and you may find him in your bags when you didn't expect it. He's funny that way.
Don't tease him about his height.
Don't talk about Umi unless you want him to blush stupid.
Do NOT kill his monsters.
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~*Angemon Doll*~

Ever feel like ya need an angel ta watch over ya, ta make sure nothin bad happens? Someone ta be there when yer sad or lonely, and make sure nothin can ever hurt ya? Well, don't we all, but now someone CAN be there! Angemon, in doll form, is here to be YOUR personal angel!
Angemon, from the Digimon series, comes complete with six fully bendable and posable wings! These can be folded against his back when not in use, or propped out dramatically! The wires inside are pliable enough so as not ta jab, altho it is recommended that ya keep his wings folded if yer gonna sleep with him.
Angemon comes with his own staff, which can be removed if you want it to be. He's able to take several different poses, and the decorations around him (like the blue ribbon and the like) are not removable.
Angemon does best with other good-natured or just good in general dolls. He doesn't get along well with other evil dolls, although depressed dolls can be his forte. He loves child dolls and will take care of them readily.
Do not pull on his wings or hair.
Angemon dolls can sit for days on unopened cans of mushroom soup! Try it, it's fun!
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~*Kojiro Doll*~

That ever-so-popular character from Pokémon is now here, ta complete all those thousands of shrines to him! COOOOL!
Kojiro is made of the softest, and I mean SOFTEST fabrics, and can bend in almost any way possible! He comes complete with a little felt rose in his mouth. Ya can't remove that. His hair, boots, and gloves are made of silk, and da rest of his body is made of soft fuzzy goodness. He begs fer hugs. He DIES fer hugs. Hug him now. HUG HIM!
Kojiro dolls also respond to being called James and get along well with almost any other kind of doll. Fer some reason, however, Kojiro dolls seem ta always end up in abusive relationships, usually as da submissive partner. Be sure ta keep an eye on yer Kojiro so that he doesn't get in TOO deep.
Yer Kojiro doll will dress in drag. A lot. No, ya can't stop it. He'll find it. And he'll love it.
This doll laughs a lot in this demented, but terribly cute fashion.
This doll loves ta wear dresses and sing and dance and froof. Oh, this doll will froof. It froofs GOOD.
Don't be surprised if yer Kojiro doll is found da next morning next to a dead Pikachu doll.
Don't put Kojiro with Ash dolls.
Kojiro will go well with Musashi-dolls, but these relationships can be abusive, so be careful.
Be careful of random explosions or horrible swathes of destruction caused by bad luck.
This doll is unlucky. Almost NOTHING it plans will work.
Seeing Kojiro pilot large Pikachu-catching robots is not uncommon. Don't be alarmed, they're usually disposed of by the above.
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~*Vash Doll*~

Oh, he's popular alright. Popular enough...ta OWN!
Vash as a doll comes complete with his trademark red coat, glasses, and boots. His arm can indeed unfold inta a gun, but this takes a bit of effort. Ever own a Transformer? That's how much effort.
Vash comes with a small replica of his gun, although it can't fire and is made of fabric. His hands are designed ta be able ta hold it too, so you can have mock firefights with him! Watch him tuck and roll! It's fun!
Don't be alarmed if things explode in his vicinity. Or get destroyed in various, gruesome ways.
Vash won't hurt anyone. He'll try ta his utmost ta never hurt anyone. This means he'll usually get along with other dolls, except overtly surly and mean ones who try and start fights.
Vash is an incorrigible lech. Watch yer female dolls, ladies.
Vash will wander. A lot. Ya may find him in yer sandbox. If ya have one. If ya don't, he'll make one. He's like that.
Vash goes randomly crazy and chibi. That's why this doll is so special! All da wiggly arm action, da fearsome dodgeball-head, it's all here in DOLL FORM! Even da silly voice!
Vash may look empty and sad sometimes. Care fer him, that's all he really needs. Care fer him and keep him somewhere safe. Preferably away from mobs.
Vash will rescue others in trouble, and will even sacrifice his own well-bein in order ta try and help others. He draws da line at killing and dying though. He makes a great last-minute savior fer hostage dolls.
Vash's get along great with Wolfwood's. LOVE AND PEACE! RABU AND PIISU!
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~*Wolfwood Doll*~
Nick D, BABY

Wolfwood comes complete with his cross, lacking it's normal white wrapping however, and it's completely functional. In terms of it opens and closes, not hold tons of small weapons or become a rocket launcher. BUT IT OPENS AND CLOSES! ISN'T THAT COOL? It also glows in da dark. Ooooo, in da dark.
Wolfwood comes in his typical priestly (sorta) attire and he has a felt cigarrete. He's also really gangly. Even fer a doll. GANGLE! He's soft, so ya can sleep with him (NOT THAT WAY PERVS.) He also comes with his portable confessional! PAY IN DA SLOT, SUCKAS!
Wolfwood loves children dolls. Loves em. If yer gonna get a bunch of kid dolls, get him too. He'll watch em and make sure nothin happens.
Wolfwood loves ta give long, impressive, deeply meaningful monologues. We're not responsible fer what happens if ya don't pay attention.
Wolfwood is an incorrigible lech. Watch yer female dolls, ladies.
Wolfwood likes motorcycles. A lot. Ya may find him attemptin dangerous stunts off yer stairway banister.
Wolfwood has a lotta skill with his cross. Don't get him mad.
Wolfwood's are kinda cynical. They don't respond ta affection right away. They will tho, in their own special way.
Unlike Vash dolls, Wolfwood dolls CAN hold their liquor.
Don't get him near a Midvalley the Hornfreak doll.
Wolfwood gets along wonderfully with Vash dolls and Millie dolls.
Don't ever underestimate Wolfwood.
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~*Vrumugun Doll*~
Vrum vrum vrum vrum

It's da REAL Vrumugun this time! Honest! Own him and see!
Yes, our obscure Slayers character now has his own doll! Vrumugun's cloak is made of wool and cannot be removed. His hood can be though. We REALLY don't recommend doing that. His hair is yarn. Limp, limp yarn. HAW. He has no ruby in his head. THAT'S IMPORTANT. His robes underneath are also made of wool. His skin tho is felt. Felty felty felty. He's really nice fer huggin, tho fer all da good it'll do ya. His sandals can't be removed and neither can his little belt thingy.
Do not put Vrumugun with an Eris doll. EVER. EVER EVER.
Vrumugun's get along will with Zangulus', as ya may have guessed. They're extremely quiet, withdrawn, and emotionless. Put this doll with, say, a Zelgadis and a Magus, and ya've got a veritable non-conversation goin on with eye twitches and momentary blinks!
It's not a good idea ta put Vrumugun with Lina, Gourry, or Amelia, considerin there's prolly still some residual bad feelins there, altho it wasn't really da real Vrummy responsible, but hey, what are ya gonna do.
They're cold. Cold dollies they are. Ya may find em in yer freezer. Starin at ya with their DEAD EYES!
Ya can hug em. They flop around as good as any. Thing is, they either don't care or don't show it. So it's kinda silly. Ya REALLY hafta work at it.
They show little ta no emotion. Except around Zangulus. Or near death. Only one of those is really advisable, and it's da one that doesn't include chanting.
Do not make fun of Vrumugun's tonsure (LOOK IT UP, PUNK).
Don't laugh when he casts spells, lest ya find yerself on da recievin end of an amusingly monotone "Freeze Arrow."
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~*Zangulus Doll*~

It's that mysterious man who married Martina and has way too many m's in his openin! It's ZANGULUS! IN DOLL FORM!
Zangulus' ensemble here is made with a lot of wool and felt and stuff, so he's also quite nice fer huggin and da like. His hat isn't removable. Don't try. His hair is made out of that same bizarre shiny stuff. What is that stuff? No one knows. His boots and gloves are made with leather, and he comes complete with his own mini-replica of da Howling Sword! Fortunately fer yer house, it doesn't throw shockwaves. Da hair over his eye is permanent and cannot ever be moved, and da ponytail down his back is tied PERMANENTLY. MWA HA HA!
Don't put Zangulus with Gourry dolls, unless ya want ta stay up all nights listenin ta da sounds of battle. Screams and da like (take that any way ya want, yaoi fans out there.)...
Zangulus dolls get along great with Vrumugun dolls. Real ones. Not kopii's.
Zangulus dolls are silly. They can jump, facefault, and do all sorts of wacky hijinks! Like jump in a river! Oh yeah, don't live near any rivers.
Zangulus' dolls often wear amusing masks.
Don't mess with da hat.
Don't mess with da hair.
Don't mess with da sword.
Zangulus is really a loner doll, or so he says. He gets along well (cept Gourry) with other swordsman types and, altho he's more talkative then most, most stoic, silent types as well. His random silliness can frustrate them however, but at least Zang can protect himself. Heh heh.
Zangulus' dolls have a unique relationship with Martina's. Put em tagether, give em a whirl, and watch da hilarity ensue! MWA HA HA HA!
Don't be surprised if random shrines ta Zoamelgustar show up.
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~*Xellos Doll*~
Sore wa...eh, ya know da rest.

Da trickster priest mazoku is here, and now ya can pretend ya can control him!
Xellos is made of slippery stuff. TAKE IT AS YOU WIIIIIILLLL like satin and stuff. His hair's all shiny and pretty. It's that weird hair stuff! What is that anyway? His cloak is all shiny and stuff. He's shiny in general. All that shines is not a mazoku. God, I don't know what on earth I'm talking about anymore.
Xellos loves all dolls. Angry, depressed, hyper, generally ambivalent. He loves em all. None of em love him back tho. Keep that in mind. And if yer doll was crazy before, Xel is not gonna help.
Xellos is a master of mind games. This means with ya. We're not responsible fer any potential heart-attacks or other mental damage ya recieve from tryin ta own this doll. I mean, we throw him in a box, send him, and then hope ta god he decides ta stay in there until it arrives at yer site. At that point it's outta our hands. Good luck. AND GOODNIGHT TO ALL OUR SHIPS AT SEA
It is NOT a good idea ta put Zelgadis with Xellos. Ruptured brain vessels will result. Then other things. Not a good idea. Unless ya like that kinda thing. Still. Same thing with Vrumugun only less brain hemorraghing.
Xellos dollies flirt. Unnecessarily and unrealistically. With anything that moves, but particularly other dolls that hate them. Really, this is like a Jenova equivalant ta screwin with yer other dolls brains, only Xellos is subtle. Sometimes.
Xellos dolls can be hugged. It's risky tho. Fer many reasons, so many they cannot be listed here as da sheer amount would blow up yer monitor. Ya can try tho.
If Xellos opens his eyes RUN. RUN FER YER LIVES.
Don't mess with his staff or his hair.
Sacrifices are common.
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~*Gary/Shigeru Doll*~

Gary was here, Ash is a LOSER. Cause he's not a nice doll. Like Gary is now. Or Shigeru, as he will be called from here on.
Shigeru is made of pretty tough stuff. His hair cannot come out of those spikes (it's bendable tho, so ya won't say, impale yer fragile eyeballs on em in yer sleep) and his necklace can't be removed. Altho it looks like it can, it can't. Don't try.
Shigero dolls don't get along well with others unless their worshipping sycophant dolls. His arrogance and pride will screw him over. But that's why we (read:me) love him.
Put Shigeru with Satoshi and let da good times roll. Mwa ha ha ha.
Shigeru dolls have lots and lots and lots of Pokémon. Lots. WHOLE LOTS. Accomadate this.
Shigeru sometimes dresses up like Indiana Jones. It's a phase.
Don't mention Prof. Oak, unless ya want yer ear talked off.
Don't insult him.
Don't insult his Pokémon.
If ya wanna see him blush, mention Mewtwo and Satoshi pickin him up at da gym. It's great. KNOCK HIM OFF THAT HIGH HORSE HAW
Hairspray will be required.
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~*Satoshi Doll*~

Yes, it's Ash from Pokémon. Or Satoshi, which is what I'll call him from now on. Yes. Satoshi comes with six Pokéballs, which are not actual Pokéballs but painted marble type things. They don't open ta reveal ridiculously overpowered Pokémon that can BREAK THE RULES OF DA POKéMON GAME REGULARLY. Friggin Satoshi. His hat is removable, as is his coat. And prolly da rest of his clothes. But I'll leave that ta apparently every single other person on Pokémon, including anthro Pikachus. Apparently I missed da "Satoshi=Sexy" memo.
Satoshi's hair is all set in those spike things. It will never ever be straight ever. EVER.
Pikachu does not come with Satoshi, because I wish that yellow rat would DIE. Therefore, no Pika. Weep. WEEP. YOU PIKA LOVER YOU WEEP FOR HUMANITY. Yer never gonna be a Bishop at this rate.
Satoshi dolls make incredibly bad decisions. Regularly. They're incredibly naive and gullable and stubborn. They also have da devil's luck. If ya ever wanted ta have ALL da starters fer whatever reason, Satoshi is yer doll ta get. Not ta mention that his presence somehow makes yer Pokémon way more powerful. What's with that? Ash pheromones of beat-down? Da world may never know.
Satoshi also loves ta sacrifice his love fer ridiculous causes. however, this never ever REALLY kills him, so be prepared - yer Satoshi is gonna be around fer a LONG time. And I mean a LONG time. However, he does have good music. In Japanese, anyway. American music will make you embarrassed ta be watching him.
Satoshi never really catches anything. They fall inta his lap. What's with that? Grr. Satoshi also attracts other peeps that follow him around fer weird reasons. Tadah! He also wins a lot fer no good reason. He's not terrifically good at battling.
Do not put Satoshi with Kojiro. Not a good idea. Someone will lose their Pikachu. BUT WAIT THEY ALREADY DID! SEE, I TOLD YOU! YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME!
Satoshi is sooooo naive, that if say, Shigeru wrote "Satoshi loves Shigeru" on his forehead, HE'LL BUY IT! God, I love doujinshi.
Satoshi and Shigeru is a whirlwind of fun. Love or hate? IT'S UP TO YOU! Can you press B to save the earth?
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