Who's Ashido?

Ashido is an old character I made on Furcadia because I was bored and felt cynical. He's a thin scrawny guy who doesn't eat cause he's lazy, doesn't bathe because he hates water, and is infested with fleas and parasites. He's got wings but since he takes such bad care of them they're kind of broken and almost all the feathers fell out. He's a big gaming nerd, completely socially crippled, and gay.

Anyway, I didn't think he'd become a long-term character or anything but somehow he stuck around. His name comes from one of my favorite Tetris clones of all time, Acid Tetris. I was a huge weeb at the time, as you've probably gathered. If you look Acid Tetris up on Google, you can probably find it. The soundtrack for it is amazing.

Anyway, I ended up getting attached to him and when I had to think of another domain name aside from zarla, his name seemed short and memorable enough and here we are! Look I know this page is pretty pointless but I needed something else to make a page for so there'd be fourfive blocks on the left because threefour blocks looks kind of paltry. I should probably make an actually interesting page for the blocks at some point, but why do that when I can sit and do nothing instead? These are the real questions.

Dang it now that I think about it, I should split off Flash videos and the Doodads into separate pages from the index and use them for the blocks, that makes way more sense.