~Information on Ashido.com~

Ash.com is basically the center hub for all of my internet shenanigans. I've been dorking around the internet for some ten+ years or so and I've done a lot of stuff along the way. Most of which is chronicled somewhere on these pages since I tend to put things up and then completely forget about them.

Basically, the jist of it is that ash.com (and drdowasure.com) basically cover about ten+ years of my life, creatively. SO THE WRITING/ART QUALITY IS GOING TO VARY SEEMINGLY RANDOMLY AND WITHOUT WARNING DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING AT since I never date anything. For example, the MGS shrine is fairly recent compared to... I don't know, the Ascot shrine on the MSP or Any Regrets. Some art/fic will thus be completely terrible and some will be... I guess less terrible. IT'D HELP IF I DATED THINGS MORE OFTEN BUT I DON'T SO


and with those two paragraphs, the bar on the left balances out. Aaah.

Oh, that reminds me. If you want to contact me about something or another, I can be reached at Astronia@aol.com, usually.