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The Doll Shoppe
~For the finest in pointless pixel adoption things from five years ago oh god, so long ago, so so long ago~

Wow I really need to clean this place up, it's a mess.

Anyway, believe it or not, back in the olden days of the internet, little pixel creatures were a big thing. You collected them and put them on your website and it made you feel ~fancy~. I wanted in on that and so began making little Dolls that someone could adopt and put on their website. I even took requests for a while.

I can't even remember the last time I drew one of these, so most of these little dolls are hugely dated. I could probably do much better ones now. Ones that were... you know, transparent. Like they should have been. Or not terrible looking.

But eh.

Anyway, I'll leave the rest of this alone for now. It'll be a historical record of a different time on the internet! That's my excuse. HAVE FUN READING STUFF I WROTE FROM A MILLION YEARS AGO YESSSSS

Classics | Limited Edition | Requests

Final Fantasy VII - Red XIII, Rufus, Zack
Cloud, Sephiroth, Reeve, Cid, Vincent,
Final Fantasy IX - Amarant, Kuja
Zorn and Thorn
Final Fantasy VIII - Irvine, Zell
Final Fantasy III / VI - Kefka, Cyan
Slayers - Zelgadis, Vrumugun, Zangulus
The Road to El Dorado - Tulio, Miguel
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac - Nny,
Bunny-hair Nny, Edgar
Little Shop of Horrors - AudreyxSeymour
Silent Hill 2 - Eddie, Pyramid Head
Magic Knight Rayearth - Ascot
Digimon - Angemon
Final Fantasy Tactics - Mustadio
Trigun - Vash, Wolfwood
Legend of Mana - Elazul
Secret of Mana - Sprite
Pokémon - Kojiro/James, Shigeru/Gary,
Chrono Trigger - Magus
Metroid - Samus Aran
Super Mario Bros. - Luigi
Earthbound - Ness, Jeff, Paula, Poo
Box of Moonlight - Bucky, Al
Pikmin - Olimar

~Limited Edition~
Final Fantasy VII - Dragon-Cid, Chaos, Galian Beast, Death Gigas, Hellmasker, Demon-Vincent
Tseng, Rude, Reno, Elena, CidxVincent, Prof. Hojo, Jenova
The Road to El Dorado - TulioxMiguel
Box of Moonlight - Bucky/Al
Pokémon - SatoshixShigeru

Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing), Kento (Ronin Warriors?), Supreme Kai (Dragonball Z), Phibrizzo (Slayers), Zidane (Final Fantasy IX), Thomas (Genso Suikoden III), Diablo (Diablo II), Popuri (Harvest Moon), Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Nynaeve (Wheel of Time), Shuichi (Gravitation), Kaguya (Planet Ladder), Knives (Trigun), Saria (Zelda 64), Mr. Saturn (Earthbound), Jou Kido (Digimon), Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo!), Nightcrawler (X-Men), Kai (Beyblade), Otogi (???), Hikaru (Hikaru no Go), Grim (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy), Sting, HarukaxMichiru (Sailor Moon), LenaxJulia (TaTu), MattxTai (Digimon), Link (Zelda)
Seifer, Fujin and Raijin, Selphie (Final Fantasy VIII)
Miroku, Inu Yasha, SangoxMiroku, Inu YashaxKagome, Sesshoumaru, Demon Inu Yasha (Inu Yasha)
Nall, Leo (Lunar II)
Bill, Meowth (Pokémon)
Dilandau, Van Fanel (Escaflowne)
Tifa, Barret, Red XIII in his Sailor Suit, Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII)
Tristan, Yugi, Rex, Weevil, Bakura, Joey, Mako Tsunami, Esper Roba, Dark Magician, Female Dark Magician, Malik Ishtar, BakuraxMalik (Yu-gi-oh!)
Fuuma, Kamui (X 1999)
Sora, Kairi, Riku, Dark Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
Misao, Kenshin (Kenshin)
Tsukasa, Kite (dot hack)
Rikku, Lulu (Final Fantasy IX)

Well, now that that's over with, shall I direct yer attention ta our latest edition?

~*Olimar Doll*~

See? SEE? Ya never thought I'd make one did ya? DID YA? Darn longears, tryin ta take Easter away from Jesus.
Olimar is made out of...god, what's that stuff called? Let's just call it a polymer fer now. Polymers are made from chains and NO THIS IS NOT SCIENCE 101 SHUT UP BRAIN yes Olimar is made of plastic. His little helmet is too. Ya can't take it off cause he'd DIE.
Olimar dolls make great family men. They're ideal fer little kid dolls or lonely dolls.
Olimar dolls are also semi-scientists at heart. They love ta look at stuff. And name it things. Pikpik.
Olimar dolls are accompanied by a growing number of Pikmin dolls. Say goodbye ta yer backyard. Pikmin will grow there. In doll form. YES ITS POSSIBLE SHUT UP flapjacks
Olimar dolls are very resourceful and don't give up easily. That's right. THEY WILL GO HOME. They also have a whistle. I'd recommend getting used ta that. Yer gonna be hearing it a lot.
Olimar dolls don't talk much. But they do make journal entries on a regular basis. No, you can't read it. Ya soul raper.
Adopt one today!

~*AudreyxSeymour Doll*~

Yes, it's Seymour Krelborn and Audrey...I dunno if she ever had a last name, from Little Shop of Horrors. God I love that movie. Anyway, both of them are made of soft things. Soft things. Felt. Seymour's shirt is rayon. I think that's a fabric. Audrey's wearing a nice dress. Ya can take off her little semi-jacket if ya want tho. Seymour's glasses are not removable and are made of plastic. Overall, they're very soft. And so very cute
Seymour and Audrey are totally inseparable. They're married, ya know! They're an incredible passive couple though. I wouldn't put them with mean, domineering dolls. That wouldn't be a good idea. They're both such adorable wusses.
Audrey dolls often get into trouble with abusive boyfriends, but never fear! Seymour will eventually save the day! They often break inta song. Adorable songs.
Audrey and Seymour dolls don't want much. They want a lower middle-class life. Give em a dollhouse and they'll be happy ferever. God they're cute. Seymour's a lovable nerd who is easily bossed around. Make sure ta keep that in mind when lettin em play with da other dolls. PLAY NICE CHILDREN
Puttin em with Audrey II would be a bad idea. All that killing ya know. Not good.
Audrey has a nice voice. Get used ta random song numbers. It'll happen. They'd prolly go best with little kid dolls or other less then assertive dolls.
Oh yeah, no limitation on em cause they're cute and I'm lazy.
Adopt them today!

~*Audrey II Doll*~

Yes, it's that big green mother from outer space. Put into a real plastic pot, Audrey II makes a great addition ta any window sill. What a strange and unusual plant in yer window there! A fascinating plant indeed. Made of rubber. Wait, no. Made of um...frick, what was that stuff called? PHEASANTS. Wait, no. Uh...made of...uh...I dunno. Felt or something. Something planty looking. Tooie's tentacles are weighed down by beans. BEANS.
You will do as Audrey II commands.
Audrey II has weird powers. It can make things happen. By being a strange and unusual plant. Did I mention that it drinks blood? Vamp plant. BUNNICULA vs. AUDREY II - THIS TIME ITS PERSONAL
Audrey II's are great at manipulating others. Don't put em with push-over dolls or other wussy types. They can take over their BRAINS
I wonder who would win in a tentacle fight. Audrey II or Jenova.
Audrey II may, at some point, eat you. Just a warning.
Audrey II has a nice singing voice. But has a dirty mouth. Ooo, bad plant. ::bridge breaks::
Adopt one today!

~*Pyramid Head Doll*~

Da epitome of terror and guilt embodified in an oddly geometric form is now available ta own! Or be owned by. Wait, that's not really a question. Pyramid Head WILL own you.
Our Pyramid Head doll is made out of a tough, scratchy fabric. Denim maybe. Yes, that's right. Fleshy colored denim. Yeah, that exists now. Shut up. His head is made of plastic. Hard, mean plastic that'll poke ya in da eye as soon as look at ya. SHUT UP I DON'T HAVE TO BE COHERENT. This would prevent someone from sleepin with Pyramid Head cause it would hurt. That and Pyramid Head does not cuddle. HE IS NOT A COMMITMENT MAN!
Da great knife is made of plastic. It is, in fact, removable. Watch out fer James dolls in this case. They tend ta steal it.
Our Pyramid Head even comes with a blood-stained apron (REAL BLOOD NOT PIGS BLOOD OR COUGH SYRUP...I mean. Corn syrup. Yes, that's it.) and flipper hands. Hawhawhaw. And a tattoo on his shoulder. Of what I don't know. JAMES? ::look::
So it's a bad idea ta get a Pyramid Head doll with any other dolls. Cause Pyramid Head dolls tend ta rape and kill other dolls. That's right. SPH indeed. Pyramid Head rapes and pillages through dolls. Ya may wanna get him a Zwak doll ta try and get him distracted. IT WON'T WORK THOUGH PYRAMID HEAD HAS A LOT OF SEXUAL ANGST TO VENT
There can be two. Even if ya order one. They tend ta work in teams. Sometimes. And occasionally stab themselves in da throat.
Pyramid Head dolls like ta stare at you. With their non-existant eyes. Oh, they can see ya. By da way, that's not a helmet. Ya can't remove it. Pyramid Head sees all. He even watches ya have SEX. Or wanna have sex. Then he rapes you. As a good Pyramid Head should.
Putting Pyramid Head with other evil dolls is not a good idea. I dunno who would win. Pyramid Head versus Jenova? Xellos? Kefka? DA MIND BOGGLES. Yeah, don't do that. Dadada.
Occasionally, Pyramid Head will run off and do sexual things to a quirky techno beat. Fukuro is a normal stage fer any Pyramid Head. Shhh.
Never put Pyramid Head with a James doll. Or else HORRIBLE THINGS will happen. Like...twister. Or spankings. I DIDN'T MAKE THAT UP SHUT UP
Other Silent Hill dolls equal wacky raping fun. Pull da string on his back fer authentic humping action!
Adopt one today!

~*Eddie Dombrowski Doll*~
Do ya James huh DO YA

Do ya know what it does ta ya, James? Not owning this doll? TERRIBLE THINGS.
Eddie is made of soft stuff. Yes. He's made of felt and fuzzy angora stuff. THAT'S RIGHT EDDIE IS SOFT AND LOVABLE. His hat is made of denim though. His hair is yarn and his shorts are...what's that material called...darn it. I'll just go with velour. Yes. His socks are made of cotton. He's big and poofy and fat with stuffing and pizza. Wait no, just stuffing. Yes. You WANT to hug Eddie. YOU MUST HUG EDDIE NOW. Gun not included.
Anyway, Eddie dolls are afraid of being hurt. That's right. They're useless too. But aren't all dolls? They also tend ta be clumsy, gentle quiet, and get paranoid over time. Love yer Eddie doll lest it pop a cap in you.
Eddie's get along well with James dolls. At least, until James does something stupid like...ask if he's crazy or something. Bad move there, James.
Eddie gets sick. Don't shove a dead body in a freezer around Eddie. Not a good idea. Chop it up and later make it stew. WHO HAS MY TOE BONE? ::coins::
Eddie shoots other dolls sometimes. So ya know...be prepared. Have a sewing kit handy or something.
Eddie gets along with Laura dolls too. Tho it's not da best relationship on earth, Eddie doesn't try ta kill her or anything. Good Eddie. Have a pizza.
Eddie doesn't like dogs. Or football. Keep that inta account. Or something.
Also, Eddie doesn't like big slabs of meat hanging from hooks. Make sure ta take care of that before adoption.
Never ever make fun of yer Eddie doll. Ever.
Make sure ta give yer Eddie love everyday. OR YOU WILL DIE.

Adopt one today!

Next In Line Fer da Doll Shoppe - Admiral ZEX
Complete with his own little human doll!

The Doll Shoppe is not responsible for any injuries, emotional trauma of being seperated from the doll for more then a few seconds, or the irresistible urge to make a real one of these results in you impaling your finger on a sewing machine.


"This must be one of those 'you' things." ~ My Brother on The Doll Shoppe